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Jaycob H. studied at Kansas State University, USA, with average GPA 3.05 out of 4.0.

The Burger Boy

The case study is about a fast food restaurant experiencing several problems that have affected its productivity. Workers have different responsibilities. However, due to the absence of two employees, some of them are forced to work more. The problems are indicative of the poor working conditions at fast food restaurants. Employees are poorly compensated even […]

Maersk Line

Introduction This paper presents a detailed analysis of the Maersk Line case study. Maersk Line is the world single largest shipping company. Despite its organic growth over the years, the company is grappling with several challenges, which include increasing competition and high fuel costs. In this regard, the analysis will focus on three areas. First, […]

Modern Marketing Techniques or Strategies are Responses to How Consumers Try to Satisfy their Needs and Wants

Introduction The concern that lingers in the minds of a good number of marketing managers in the increasingly competitive market is the extent to which customer demands and needs are changing. Firms keep advancing their marketing techniques and strategies as a way of keeping pace with the contemporary developments in the industry. This results in […]

Graphic Design Concept

Graphic design is a wide concept that mainly involves creativity. It facilitates the design and production of artwork. Like all businesses in an economy, their growth and development is based on stable clientele base. However, from a close look, graphic design products are a bit different from other commercial products. This is due to the […]

Minority and Women Entrepreneurs

Introduction In the bid to enhance collective growth for all industries by encouraging the development of entrepreneurship culture, governments develop policies that ensure equitable access and evaluation of contract bids that are placed by different firms irrespective of their size or ownership. The main criterion for selection of the firm or business enterprise that wins […]

Low Barriers to Entry

Introduction Low barriers to entry determine the strategies that a business must adapt to penetrate a new market. Thus, this analytical treatise explores low barriers to entry for a new comer truck driver in the asset-based supply chain and logistics industry. The audience and their concerns Entry in a market with low barriers requires strategies […]

The Artwork Manicurated by Judi Werthein

Judi Werthein was born in 1967, in New York, Argentina. Werthein work of art includes designing of sneakers and manicure decals. In 2001, she launched a manicurated piece of work in a big Museum where she selected more than ten paintings to act as nail decals. She later employed professional manicurist to help her in […]

The Rise of Fascism

Fascism was a radical dictatorial system of creating nationalism. The fascists tried to create autocratic states through mobilization of communities. Fascism spread quickly in Europe in the 1920s and the 1930s. Fascists replaced all parliamentary regimes with their new systems in countries where their movements succeeded. The major fascist leaders included Benito Mussolini in Italy, […]

The Effect of a Mathematics Methodology Classroom on Self-Efficacy of Pre-service Elementary Teachers

Several teacher education studies have focused on teaching efficacy beliefs (Albayrak, 2011), because teaching efficacy beliefs influence the teacher’s effectiveness, attitude and behavior. The concept of self-efficacy, for instance, has been described by Bandura. Self efficacy, according to Bandura (1997) is the process whereby people develop the ability to organize and accomplish important tasks first. […]

Food and Beverage Development

Introduction The conversion of raw materials for food and other substances is all entailed in the process of Food production. Food Production necessitates gathering the harvests and meat products from the farms and processing them to produce marketable food products. Due to the increase in population the rate of the food consumed has risen. Due […]

China’s Economic Development

Introduction China’s economic development has been recognised or accredited by most studies and economists across the world. In a short period of time, it has improved to become among the biggest economies across the globe and it is expected that by 2030, the Chinese economy may rise above that of the United States (Kambara & […]

Kelda’s SAP Implementation

The SAP vendor provider was the ERP provider of Keda Company as will be seen in the case study. ERP projects are proofed to be expensive and risky considering that they need a lot of money to purchase and to maintain. Keda embarked on an ERP implementation project to solve the short – term and […]

Debate about Real ID in the New Media

Certainly, the urgency of the debate of anonymity versus real ID is on the current agenda because, on the one hand, introducing real names online makes users more responsible for posting comments and photos. On the other hand, disclosing real names can threaten the privacy of the user, causing problems in a real life. Therefore, […]

Personal Responsibility of College Students

Introduction Personal responsibility helps a person to accept the fact that one is totally responsible for the actions he or she does. In most cases, when mistakes are made, human beings tend to point fingers at other people or lay the blame on other individuals instead of accepting their involvement (Brown, 2009). Personal responsibility plays […]

Problem of the Planets

This essay explores on a detailed explanation of the problem of the planets. It will identify the philosophical implications that Plato, the character in the book, has on the problem of the planets and explain what the author, Tarnas, says about the problem of the planets. The essay will thereafter explain the thoughts of the […]