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Jazmin Vinson studied at The University of Alabama, USA, with average GPA 3.65 out of 4.0.

Geology of Palouse Falls

Introduction The Palouse Falls is found southeast of Washington, US, on the Palouse River as it enters Snake River. Although a series of falls were formed along the river, the Palouse Falls is today the only one surviving, dropping water through a distance of an estimated 200 feet. The waterfall is a breathtaking site visited […]

Case Study for Banyan Tree Hotel and Resort

Executive Summary The hotel industry has been on an economic rise for the previous decade because of several factors such as better marketing strategies, well trained personnel, excellent communication skills among the industry stakeholders, tailor made packages for various tourists, together with global increase in the rate of tourism. The Banyan Holdings limited was a […]

Metaphor of Organization as Organism

Introduction Before the metaphor of organization as organism was introduced, organizations were viewed as machines. This metaphor of organizations as machines laid the foundation upon which organizations sought for more effective ways of responding to their external environment. The lack of flexibility that many bureaucratic organizations experienced forced organizational theorists to look for a different […]

Birthed in the Same Year

Introduction In the early 1920s, American people were struggling to come into terms with various gender, cultural, and social norms that hindered success of some of members of the society. For instance, during this time, American women were fighting for their own sovereignty from male domineering. The climax for this fight was reached in 1926 […]

Breast Cancer Incidence and Ethnicity

Introduction Breast cancer cases have shown an increasing trend over the last few decades. It is a disease that is common to women. However, some men have developed breast cancer but the rates of incidence of the disease are very low compared with that exhibited in women. In the US, breast cancer has been one […]