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The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

The Grapes of Wrath, written by John Steinbeck in 1939, is a fascinating, vital, and truthful story giving a wide range of impressions to readers. The book is about the problems that American farmers faced during the Great Depression. The author describes people living in poor conditions and forced to abandon their homes to go […]

Scouts Canada Membership

Case Analysis Since its inception, Scouts Canada enjoyed massive membership as well as support from various institutions. It was among the first organizations to advise people on importance of conserving the environment. It was a vibrant organization which attracted many people especially the youth. This was depicted by the high number of members who joined […]

Vertical Integration in Pfizer Organization

Introduction The term vertical integration describes a process of reducing the hazards that may befall the company with regards to quality problems, cutting off of important material supplies and increase of cost. It deals with all the control measures that require implementation throughout the production process of the firm. Several benefits accrue to a firm […]

Therapists Vicarious Trauma

Introduction Literature concerning professionals working with traumatized clients or patients is enormous. The interaction between the professional and clients takes place on daily basis where the professional may be affected by the client’s problem through exposure to the problem. Vicarious traumatization (VT) was first identified in early 1990s through an extensive research done by McCann […]

Mobile Systems Uses and Impact on Business

Introduction With increased technology, computational proficiency guarantees businesses with a rare capacity to redesign and offer an insight into principles of integration and control especially with mobile systems (Abbass & Akram, 2010). The knowledge of mobile systems seeks to give businesses more corporate ambience of technological intelligence somewhat reminiscent to human resource computation. Mobile systems […]

Development of Teaching Study

Alignment The development of education system is based on the way stakeholders adjust to fit into the standards set by experts from both local and federal governments. In this case, the concepts of curriculum alignment are applied. Alignment in terms of education refers to the extent to which the component of education including curricula, instruction, […]

Weekly Journal: Public Administration

Introduction Public administration focuses on the functioning of public service and its relations with people. Numerous theorists analyzed different facets of public administration and contributed greatly to the development of the discipline. Thus, Wilson, Goodnow, Addams and Taylor are some of the most influential theorists who made a profound contribution to the development of the […]

Presidential and Congressional Decision Making

Introduction Democracy gives individuals and institutions the power to make decisions for the public. There is no way the views of all citizens can be addressed in national forums unless they have representatives. Most nations have three powerful arms of government that include the executive, congress and judiciary (Shulman 2006). This essay presents an evaluation […]

Feminist Political Change

Male dominance has been witnessed in a number of states globally, with the states doing little to change the situation (Grewal, 9). For example, in the United States, there have been social, political, and cultural forces controlling various women’s activities. Indeed, this is not new in the wave of feminist politics (Grewal, 11); for example, […]

Media Convergence and Newspaper Publication

Media convergence is more than the coming together of media platforms (Dominick, 2009). Media convergence can also be understood in the context of collaboration. For example, the Internet does not undermine the capability of news bureaus. But on the contrary the successful integration of Information Technology and conventional forms of mass media communication can produce […]

Sociological Theories

Introduction Sociological theories have immensely contributed to the development of the sociology discipline by explaining various sociological processes. These postulates observe various sociological phenomena from varied viewpoints which may either be similar or different. This paper seeks to explore selected scholars and their insights into sociological concepts. Marxism Marxism propagates the idea that societies advance […]

Partial Democracy and Governance Assessment in Egypt

Since the revolution that took place in 1954, Egypt has had three presidents namely: Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak. Hosni Mubarak became the president in Egypt after president Sadat was eliminated by the leaders of the Islamic Jihad group, who viciously differed with his policies. Before becoming the president in Egypt, Mubarak […]

Conditions That Can Give Rise to the Use of Power or Political Behavior in Organization

Organizational politics is viewed as a common approach to acquire power through dubious means other than virtue or merit. Organizational politics is a natural phenomenon resulting from the fact that people perceive things differently and act differently. This multifariousness creates a tension that must be resolved through political means. In some other sense, it could […]

Motivation: The Need to Achieve

Psychologists’ view on origin of motivation Motivation in sports fluctuates from time and from individual to individual. Its unpredictability has seen many mediocre sportsmen turn into champions and heroes while great sportsmen turn into mediocre villains. The complexity of motivation has led to several psychologists coming up with various explanations on the source of motivation. […]

Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Effects

Introduction Scientists have attributed greenhouse effect or global warming as a significant factor, which is causing climate change and threatening the existence of humanity and other forms of life. Scientist argue that, greenhouse effect occurs when greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), chlorofluorocarbons, methane, and water vapor accumulate in the atmosphere and shield the […]

Portfolio Assessment

Introduction There are many ways of assessing and evaluating ELL students. However, in a multicultural setting, students’ performance based assessment has been successfully achieved through portfolio assessment mode. Portfolio assessment is an authentic student reflection under appropriately a, especially in high schools. A teacher develops portfolio assessment based on his/her interest. Portfolio assessment has five […]

Environmental Psychology as a Field within Psychology

Article Summary Over the years, environmental psychology has been referred to as a unique and specialized field in psychology, which entails the scientific study of interactions and transactions involving people and their environment. Here, the environment takes the form of built and natural human surroundings, nature, and natural resources. Additionally, environmental psychology focuses on the […]

Leadership: Role, Benefits, and Limitations

Leadership is practices that influence other parties in completion of managerial aims and targets by directing the organization to become coherent and cohesive. For example, the mayoral role in a town is leadership, whereby he takes the responsibility of guiding the people to support the laid down policies for the development of the town. Leadership […]

Leading Culture and Organizational Change at the Royal Conservatory of the Music

The music industry has been in existence for a long time with the respective managing authorities putting up measures to improve the industry. The commitments by the founding personnel have transformed the industry into a successful venture that has changed lives of many people. For instance, it has created jobs and encouraged many people. Music […]

The Outcomes of Catastrophes for Psychological Wellbeing

Synopsis of Kar’s Article Natural disasters are in high prevalence in developing countries due to various reasons. The catastrophes have diverse impacts to the lives of people such as deaths and untold sufferings. Several reasons causes calamities such as lack of proper warning systems, unpreparedness during emergencies, inappropriate response to any disaster and lack of […]

How can societal marketing concept be used to influence children to eat a healthier diet

The rate of overweight and obesity preference among Australian children is alarming. The rates of childhood obesity in the country become one of the highest among the developed nations. We have also seen a large increase in the number of overweight and obese children in the country. The number of overweight and obese children has […]

Distinction between automatic and controlled processing

Introduction Controlled processes can be described as those attention processes that require an individual to draw upon central cognitive resources or rather the controlled attention. This processing therefore demands attention capacity, serialized in nature, effortful and open to conscious control (Dennis, 2010, p.1). Automatic attention on the other hand does not require one to draw […]

Camera phone debate

Introduction Advancement in technology has brought about revolution in telecommunication industry. This has led to increased use of camera phones and digital cameras in the United States. Estimates show that nearly half of American families have cameras. Moreover, they also show that nearly 40% of the families have camera phones. This shows that people have […]

Analysis of ‘Dust of Snow’

Robert Frost is a renowned poet who tries to change people’s mindsets through his numerous works of poetry. His poem ‘Dust of snow ‘ is brief but conveys the poet’s message coherently. The poem shows how human judgment on specific issues can be misleading. There are certain animals, things or objects that people associate with […]

Leadership and Ethics Theory – An Economic Perspective on Leadership

Leadership relates to generation of acceptable and successful solutions and/or outcomes in environments or circumstances that are difficult or seem to have no solutions. If leadership is not in place, there is a feeling of inferiority or intimidation to face and tackle challenges. Although many books have been written in this field, there is still […]