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Jonathon Mccall studied at Old Dominion University, USA, with average GPA 3.63 out of 4.0.

Obama’s Brain Mapping Project

The treatment of diseases affecting the nervous system has remained a monster among many healthcare policy establishments. This has been the case in the US. For long, there has not been an eligible public healthcare policy that has ultimately defined the necessity of an establishment of brain disease treatment program. The very rare of the […]

Social Skill Achievement

Introduction Schools form an essential social environment for children since they give them an opportunity to engage in myriads of activities through self-regulated and harmonious interactions with their teachers and peers (Belsky, et al., 2006). Social skills entangle “a set of competencies that allow an individual to initiate and maintain positive social relationships, peer acceptance, […]

American Express

Introduction American Express Company also called AmEx, which has its name derived from their first initial names and is diversified global financial services company in the world. It has its headquarters in New York City. The following were the founders of American Express Company Henry Wells, William Fargo, john Warren and Butterfield, formed American Express […]

Probability Concepts and Applications

Rationale The utilization of probability concepts is a manner of articulating knowledge or conviction that an incident will happen or has taken place (Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Camm, & Cochran, 2013). Such concepts have been offered a precise mathematical significance in the probability theory, which is employed broadly in fields such as statistics, management, mathematics, and […]

Analysis of the Differences Between Laws and Ethics

Ethics refers to a set of rules or guiding principles that inform and govern people’s conduct in various situations and circumstances. For example, different professions have different codes of ethics that determine how they behave and act. Ethics influence behavior and decisions in various ways. In addition, it can be classified into different groups including […]

Practice Activities in JIT Classes

Introduction There are various principles that are used during practice activities in order to ensure that the activities are effective. These principles include the principle of supporting learning transfer, working from work examples to problems, and application of multimedia to examples. This paper will discuss the three principles in terms of their learning impact, challenges, […]

Corporate Social Responsibility in International Human Resource Strategy

Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to “the integration of stakeholders’ social, environmental and other concerns into a company’s business operations”. CSR initiatives help companies to ensure sustainable growth through practices that promote fairness among their stakeholders. In this context, CSR can be conceptualized as a self-regulating mechanism that enables firms to ensure compliance with […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Technology in Education

Numerous advantages accrue to teachers who utilize technology not only in their teaching but also as a tool to interact with students across space and time. One of the significant advantages of using technology is that it enables teachers to design and implement interactive course materials that could be used to enhance learning experiences that […]

Manliness in Shakespeare’s plays

Introduction The play Macbeth is designed for the purpose of complementing a self proclaimed anti militarist Macbeth (Wells 117). While it is apparent that the play celebrates divine themes such as justice, verity, stableness, temperance, bounty, perseverance, mercy, lowliness, courage, patience, fortitude and devotion, the play shows men defending such virtues not with reluctant resort […]

Consumer Buying Behavior in Car Industries

Consumer behavior Consumer behavior is the critical analysis of how, when, where and why people purchase or not purchase a particular commodity. It brings together the elements of economic, individualism, social status and sociology (Placeholder 5) (Holbrook, 1999). The main aim of consumer behavior is trying to comprehend the purchaser’s decision-making process made by a […]

Football and media in the UAE

Introduction The UAE is made up of seven emirates and Abu Dhabi is the capital. “The rest are Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain” (Central Intelligence Agency, 2011). The region is highly recognized for petroleum, natural gas, metals, tourism and in the recent past, real estate. Sport is considered as one of […]

Managing Technology: Synthes Inc

Introduction Synthes Inc is a Switzerland-based company that specializes in manufacture of innovative equipment, instruments and implants used for surgical treatment of bone disease and trauma (Synthes, 2010). The company has established itself as a market leader and innovating company that specializes in the production and marketing of products for surgical fixation, correction, and regeneration […]

Personalistic and Naturalistic Approach in the History of Psychology

Scientific psychology is historically developed in personalistic and naturalistic approaches. The first theory of scientific psychology emphasizes the contributions and achievements of certain historic figures. Therefore, changes and progress occur due to the goals and charisma of individuals who changed the course of history. For instance, such charismatic personalities as Hitler, Napoleon, and Darwin were […]

International Law is not really law

International law entails principles and rules that govern relations among countries, individuals, and organisations. It also has public international law that deals specifically with rights among different states and various citizens of different states. On the other hand, private international law looks at disputes among private individuals, natural or juridical, which occur among parties of […]

Concepts of Perception as a Root Cause of Communication Problems

Introduction Communication is the process through which people send and receive information or messages. Nevertheless, the message received or sent should have meaning; otherwise, the process would not be effective. In fact, if somebody fails to internalise the meaning of the message, misunderstanding occurs. Consequently, there will be communication breakdown. Thus, in order to understand […]

Ethics in the Media

Introduction Media ethics deals with the ethical standards, practices, and principles of media companies. Some of the media include film, art, theatre, broadcast, and the internet. There are different ethical considerations that should be taken seriously by practitioners, journalists, and analysts. This explains why different corporations and corporations attempt to control and manipulate the media. […]

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation System on subsistence farmers in the Melanesian region Melanesia region comprises Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia and Papua New Guinea. For a long time, Melanesian farmers in the region have practiced subsistence farming as a source of their livelihood. Because of the changing climate, and the region landscape, most farmers use irrigation schemes […]

Nok Culture’s Main Characteristic Features

Introduction Many people tend to take art and design for granted yet it is prevalent in our everyday lives. Art is the use of imagination, an individual’s perception and expression of something special. This can be in form of fine arts such as paintings and sculptures, visual such as television, advertisements and logos, and architecture. […]

Visual Arts in Pre-historic Greek Artworks

Pre-historic Greek artworks have influenced cultures and arts in many countries around the globe, especially in the sculptural and architectural arts. Right from the Roman Empire in the West to the Far East including Japan, ancient Greek artworks are a source of inspiration (O’Kelly 1982, p. 88). The Greek architecture left a lasting impression in […]

The Shoe-in pub

Introduction The shoe-in is a pub whose main purpose is to provide a wide variety of homegrown foods, flavors and alcoholic drinks. In as much as this has to be achieved, the shoe-in pub should be a place where family and friends can relax, have fun and enjoy meals, drinks and the company of each […]

Zac Posen’s Career and Life

Born on October 24,1980 into lower Manhattan society, Zac Posen was born with the gift of artistry from his father Stephen. His mother Susan, was a corporate lawyer at the time. Being interested in fashion design from an early age, he worked towards and was awarded an internship with Nicole Miller while a high school […]