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The Concept of Identity in The other Wes Moore by Wes Moore

A 2010 nonfiction bestseller The Other Wes Moore: One name, two fates, depicts the true story of two namesakes from Baltimore. The two main characters with identical names pursue very different life paths, which are significantly influenced by their background and upbringing. In such a manner, Wes Moore contends that “public servants – the teachers, […]

Students Working Collaboratively vs. Individually

Introduction There has been a debate on whether study techniques have any effect on the performance of students. To find out the truth behind the debate, this research paper focuses on the adoption of individual study versus collaborative study strategies. The premise is that students who study collaboratively perform better relative to those who study […]

“Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A Pedagogy for Learning and Teaching” Article

Content of the Article The article “Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A pedagogy for Learning and Teaching” by Creese Angela and Blackledge Adrian discusses bilingual pedagogy based on the assumptions on Gujarati and Chinese language schools within the United Kingdom by Cummins. The authors are comprehensive in the aspects of language ecology and how complementary […]

Apple: Worldwide Company

For many people, Apple is one of the most popular companies worldwide. Apple’s ability to produce unique and consumer friendly products has propelled it to a global brand. However, Apple’s products face stiff competition from other established multinationals. For that reason, Apple’s product s must be of high quality and affordable prices. This essay provides […]

Children’s Influence on the Tourism Industry

Introduction Families form a significant component of the global tourism industry. Schanzel and Yeoman (2012) assert that families have a significant influence on tourism demand. Nickerson and Jurowski (2000) define family tourism as a form of tourism, which involves the family unit. According to a study conducted by Nickerson and Jurowski (2000), families accounted for […]

Teaching Deaf Children How to Read

Abstract As time goes by, a typical hearing-impaired student demonstrates a mounting gap in language growth, understanding and constructing intricate sentences, and experience hardship in forming ideas as judged against students with standard hearing. In most cases, a hearing-impaired child pretends to comprehend issues thus reducing the learning chances for the student to a bare […]

Emergency Communications Program

Background In recent years, several incidents occurring in the external environment have forced organizations to consider implementing comprehensive emergency communications programs. The lingering uncertainty generated by terrorism, for example, has continued to take a psychological and financial toll on employees and organizations ever since 9/11 (Sellnow, Littlefield, Vidoloff, & Webb, 2009). At PSD Energy Solutions, […]

Polygamy in Islam

Introduction Marriage is one of the important aspects of the Islamic culture. The Islamic law allows Muslim men to practice polygamy, but it does not encourage it. The Islamic rules state that a Muslim man can marry a maximum of four women. Conversely, Muslim women do not have the right to marry several men. Muslim […]

Compare and Contrast the Political Culture of Australia and Saudi Arabia

Political culture represents the multidimensional model of orientation to political activities in a certain community. 1The concept of political culture is essential in explaining political actions and behavior in different nations. This study compares and contrasts the political culture of Saudi Arabia and Australia. Saudi Arabia is the largest state in the Arabian Peninsula, and […]

Management Role in enhancing Sustainability of Organisations

Overview In the era of globalisation, organisations encounter a myriad of challenges, which may influence their sustainability efforts. Sustainability is a key objective of an organisation that wishes to gain a long-term competitive advantage. Since the goal of management in any organisation is to ensure that organisations survive environmental dynamics in the short and the […]

The Cultural Revolution in China

The need to address Mao’s interests in the rivalry with his opponents was disguised in the fight for the preservation of socialism in China through the Cultural Revolution. Mao saw this as an opportunity to make a comeback into power after the immense loss he suffered in the Great Leap Forward (Lu, 2004). He had […]

The Walt Disney Company’s Demographics and Organizational Communication

Demographics of the Company The Walt Disney Company is the most famous entertainment company in the world. The Walt Disney Company’s performance is realized in five segments. These sections include Media Network, Consumer Products, Interactive Media, Parks & Resorts, and Studio Entertainment (Company Overview of the Walt Disney Company, 2015). Walt Disney founded it in […]

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone: Bynum Walker

Joe Turner’s Come and Gone is an America play by August Wilson that chronicles the confrontations and fights of African Americans in the twentieth century. While dealing with the themes of racial discrimination, identity, and migration, the play also focuses on separate characters who are concerned with their searching for self-recognition and connection. The themes […]

Soft Systems Methodology

One of the 21st century’s foremost discursive aspects is the fact that, as time goes on, more and more people realize the essentially relativist significance of the very notion of methodology. This is because, due to the recent breakthroughs in the fields of physics, psychology, cybernetics and sociology, the assumption that the practical application of […]

Managing under uncertainty

Key word when defining decisions A decision is a conscious adoption of an option from specific alternatives. The decision-maker opts for any possible alternative based on a criterion that suite the context. This is a critical element of management since the administrators have to make decisions. There are idioms that are central to defining decision-making. […]

Company Analysis: Hewlett-Packard

Executive Summary Hewlett Packard (HP) has grown steadily to have its presence felt all over the world. Wal-Mart has experienced phenomenal growth since inception due to embracing sound strategic management practices. Most successful organizations make effective strategies as central aim to their operations. For Hewlett Packard, it has established a series of effective and elaborate […]

Business Information System Management

Introduction Cloud computing is one of the innovations of technological advancements in this technological era which is aimed at helping the IT industry a great deal hence helping in its operations (Rhoton, 2009). The traditional way of operation of IT and internet utility involved a person or company in question seeking for their own infrastructure, […]

The Truman Doctrine

Historical background The outcome of the World War II (WWII) led to emergence of two supers power; The United States and Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR). This meant that the two had assumed greater responsibility in world affairs. They both embarked on setting up foundations that would establish them as the new masters of […]

Memory by Analogy

Critical Summary The article discusses Alain Renais’ classical European film titled “Memory by Analogy: Hiroshima, mon amour.” The protagonists in the film, Elle and Lui, are obsessed with memories of traumatic incidences they have respectively undergone during the course of the lifetime (Wood 185). However, upon critical analysis, the author notes that the major focus […]

The EduTot Products Marketing Opportunities

Spain, Ireland, France, Morocco, and Venezuela are the countries we are going to trade with as they have the greatest potential to accept our products. To analyze the environmental factors which impact marketing in each of the mentioned countries, the following information should be considered, population demographics, marketing infrastructure, social and cultural consumption value, economic […]

Inequality and American Democracy

Introduction The Americans are globally famous for their relentless support for democratic governance. Jacobs et al asserts that the ideals of democratically responsive governance are highly cherished by the American people (3). Ironically, the situation is markedly different within the American government even as they actively support democracy in other countries. With the growing inequality […]

Fiscal Policy in Spain

Fiscal policy involves the use of government expenditure and the government revenue collection to influence economy, the state of supply demand, output as well as employment. A fiscal policy influences both the overall demand as well as the overall supply. As opposed to other macroeconomic policies that try to stabilize economy by controlling interest and […]