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Oral Care Protocol and Feedback Systems and Nursing Compliance in Performing Oral Care

Critically ill people, who may be unconscious or sedated while they are treated in intensive care units, are often provided with breathing assistance devices. The use of these medical ventilators may result in some complications, first in such as ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), which is a potentially severe state for all categories of patients. The outcomes […]

Benchmarking Description on Apple iphone 4s vs. BlackBerry, Android and Samsung Galaxy

The BlackBerry OS is the most difficult smartphone technology to crack and this gives it competitive advantage over the iPhone 4s. Its data security system makes the BlackBerry smartphone the most ideal mobile operating system for enterprise use. The BlackBerry 7 OS is more user friendly when it comes to enterprise needs since it is […]

RMB in China

Is RMB trading at fair value? One of the subjects that have continued to raise a discussion is if the Chinese Yuan has been trading at its fair value. In 2007, China’s GDP was estimated to be over 10%, which was considered as its peak. The current-account surplus during the same year provided a strong […]

“The Link between Fire Research and Process Safety: An Evolution from Specific Needs to General Concern” by Cadena & Munoz

Brief Introduction The article “The Link between Fire Research and Process Safety: An Evolution from Specific Needs to General Concern” identifies the gap between Fire Safety Engineering and Performance-based Risk Analysis (PRA). Risk Analysis is “a powerful field that makes it easier for engineers to improve their dynamic systems” (Cadena & Munoz, 2013, p. 2). […]

Division of Labor

Introduction Employees are considered to be the most important asset in an organization. They provide the labor necessary for achieving the organizational goals and objectives. The manner in which labor is provided by the workers differs from organization to organization. For many large organizations workers provide specialized labor in the process known as division of […]

Custom Chip case: Management

Introduction Custom Chip, Inc. is a manufacturing company that specializes in components and custom chips that are used in satellite transmitters, radars and radio frequency apparatus. The company was established in 1977 and has been flourishing swiftly ever since. Frank Questin, one of the managers at Custom Chip under the Product engineering department is facing […]

Applied Business Ethics: Moral dilemmas

Introduction In the business environment, there are series of moral dilemmas that often arise in the process of running or managing a situation. Reflectively, the moral dilemmas may be experienced in the balancing, management, or accounting departments of a company. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly review an ethical dilemma in a company and […]

Learning the Spoken Language

Education is a one of the fast evolving spheres of knowledge in the world. Ever since the ancient times there have been multiple educators who practiced and promoted different approaches to teaching and learning. These days, language learning practice is undergoing a variety of changes and innovations. However, the theory of it is based on […]

Workplace Conflict: Article Summary

Workplace conflict particularly interpersonal conflict (IC) is a major form of workplace mistreatment that causes many negative workplace outcomes such as negative emotions, reduced job satisfaction, and low organizational commitment among others. According to Sliter et al. (2011, p.424), IC is linked to different effects relative to its source. Therefore, Sliter and his colleagues present […]

The cultural context and ethics of prevention of drug abuse

Prevention of drug abuse is a critical provision among the youths and minority groups. There are prevention techniques outlined in the suggested article that can be related perfectly to the subject of culture and prevention covered in the text. Youths and other vulnerable communities have been victims to drug abuse and other related vices. Consequently, […]

Reintegration of Women Combat Veterans

Introduction Women have never enjoyed their freedoms in society due to barriers put in place by men (Oaxaca 10). Feminist theorists consider ways in which physical differences between men and women are used to show that women should be allocated inferior and degrading activities such as motherhood and secretary. Moreover, women are subjected to stereotypes, […]

Challenges Inherent in Repositioning a Fast Food Chain

Introduction Repositioning is considered to be a very important process for any business because it involves a number of significant elements from the marketing sphere. The basics of repositioning touch upon such steps like product identity, its possible changes, relatives among the competing products, and evaluation of the opinions from the target market. A careful […]

Hotel and Hospitality Management: A Case study of Hotel Beau Rivage Weggis, Switzerland

Executive Summary The current report explores restaurant and hotel management activities carried out at the Hotel Beau Rivage Weggis, Switzerland. In the report below, the writer has endeavoured to use placement experience gained while at the Hotel Beau Rivage Weggis, classroom knowledge, and available literature related to management practices in the hotel and hospitality industry. […]

Leadership and Supervising Influence in Human Services

Introduction Leadership is the ability to steer people toward achieving goals. Leadership is a strategic position, and according to advanced leadership models, leaders can perform different roles. Leaders can perform the functions of management, mediation and even mentorship roles. These roles are clearly visible when leaders are managing programs or projects in the organization. Supervisory […]

SMP Iceberg Vodka

Introduction The basis of this report is to analyze the general marketing strategy of the business organization. The report also outlines the fundamental steps for the application of strategic marketing. The external and internal threats are also analysed. A comprehensive analysis of the basic market factors is important. This report acknowledges this significance and analyses […]

Nike “The Sweat Shop Debate”

Nike, a leading brand name in athletics shoes and other apparels, has been facing serious legal, cultural, and ethical challenges in its overseas establishments. Although its marketing slogan “Just Do It” has continually become recognized in popular cultures, with the company making billions of dollars, its operations have become a target for critics especially human […]

Comparison Between Two Organisations

Abstract Business firms are faced with different legal, social and economic issues in industries they operate in. These issues influence the way a business firm performs in a particular industry. Every business firm needs to put in place effective business strategies to ensure its operations run smoothly without any disruptions. A business firm also needs […]

Outbreak Democratic Institutions

Understanding Behavior in Human Relations and Performance The study of human relations and performance in the ‘‘No Place Like Home Company’’ is very important in the sense that it helps the management to understand the different types of personalities that exist in that organization. In essence, such understanding would make it possible to effectively manage […]