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Kamren Baxter studied at Baylor University, USA, with average GPA 3.77 out of 4.0.

Ethical Issues in Supervision of Postgraduate Research Students

Introduction High quality postgraduate education is integral to the creation of an even more highly skilled workforce that will enable the country to maintain its competitive edge in an increasingly competitive world. Research is the cornerstone of most postgraduate studies and the supervisory relationship between the doctoral student and supervisor is crucial to the success […]

Gun Violence in USA

Introduction Several debates have been raised on the efficiency of the existing gun control laws in the United States. The Newtown school shooting incident evolved the gun violence debate causing a public uproar to review the gun control laws currently in enforcement in the United States. While it is a personal responsibility to treat human […]

Success of China Economy

Introduction There has been a phenomenal growth of the Chinese economy over the last decade. The exceptional growth in China has been forecasted to continue in most of the sectors. The main problem faced by China is the lack of mobility of resources from one place to where they are needed. China’s GDP in 2000 […]

Pre-Raphaelite Artists

Introduction The pre-Raphaelite was an association of English artists who included poets and painters. It was launched in 1848 by William Holman hunt, Dante Gabriel rosette together with john Everett Millais. Later the founders initiated William Michaels, James Collinson, Thomas Woolner and Fredric Stephens into the group so as to establish a seven member union. […]

Risk Control Systems and Performance

Critical control systems Critical risk control systems are essential in various infrastructures notably those in the energy sector. Due to the increased integration in enterprise systems in modern settings, there is an increased need for the establishment of inherently secure risk control systems which are designed and implemented in such a way that they minimize […]

Support Services for Radiotherapy Patients

Introduction When patients are diagnosed with cancer, they are more often than not put under radiotherapy as one form of treatment. However, this does not mean that all patients with cancer are put under radiotherapy. There are those that are put under other forms of treatment such as chemotherapy. There are also other patients suffering […]

Pros and Cons of System Project Standards

Introduction: Project Management Standards Quality assurance is among one of the most essential steps in creating any kind of products or services. In order to make the process of quality assessment simpler and make sure that the products created by the organisation in question, as well as the services suggested by it to the target […]

Recovering Energy from Waste

Background Waste management is one of the fundamental issues that are raising concern among the policy makers within the Victorian State in Australia. According to Parkinson (2007, p. 85), the amount of waste materials produced by households and companies in Australia has been consistently on the rise over the past few decades due to the […]

Luxury Travel Services

Executive Summary A detailed marketing plan for creating awareness about Travel Attache’s luxury travel services in Dubai has been presented in this report. The company will provide an integrated luxury travel package that includes accommodation, travel, entertainment, and tour guide services. The main distinctive feature of the package is that personalized services will be provided […]

Pluralism and Neo-Liberalism on a Contemporary Workplace

This essay seeks to assess and clearly discus certain aspects within industrial relation context. Importantly, it looks at the challenges to pluralism frame on industrial relation while also addressing neo-liberalism concept on a contemporary workplace. The latter is considered from the perspective of how it affects the political, social, and economic environment at large. From […]

Brand Extension Strategy

Introduction A product marks the starting point for the marketing program of a target market. The marketer uses the product to draw attention of consumers and acquisitions. A marketer makes decisions to present the best offer to his or her customers through branding strategy. Most markets have become increasingly competitive and brand image, name, loyalty, […]

Atom Shockwave Case Study

Case Overview Atom Film was the first entertainment company to distribute a short-format entertainment including short films and animations to a large consumer audience primarily through the internet and television. In 2000, Atom Film’s innovative and quality film content was in great demand among the audience, making it a company of choice for most online […]

Southwest Airline’s External Environment

Operating Environment Firm’s Competitive Position Southwest Airline industry faces rigid and highly unpredictable competition on the part of other airline services, including AirTran. The key competitive factors involve cost structure and pricing, frequent flyer schedules and programs, and customer satisfaction (Morningstar Document Research 19). Additionally, the company also competes with other types of transports that […]

Organisational Structure and Value Chain

Introduction Strategic management represents the initiative that is taken by top management on behalf of its shareholders (owners) regarding its performance and resource allocation. It entails plans that are made to ensure that the company achieves its set objectives and goals. Once in a while, a scorecard is used to evaluate business performance and ensure […]

Family communication

Introduction Family communication necessitates the expression of one’s feelings about someone else or something through both verbal and non-verbal communication among family members. Effective family communication is central in the creation of healthy families and strengthens the bonds of love among family members. Communication within family members helps in early detection of family differences among […]

Baudrillard’s Notion of Hyperrealism and Simulation in “Inglourious Basterds”

Baudrillard is a French philosopher who advanced the notion of Hyperrealism and simulation. His concept, in regard to simulation, involves creation of real things through models, which are mythological, and which are not connected in anyway or have no reality concerning their origin. It is through these models that our perception of the definition of […]

New Product Development Process

It is very important for any company with an intention of developing a new product to ensure that all competing goals are well balanced. New product development should follow a systematic process and organizations should therefore be able to adapt to new opportunities for sustainable development. The process of developing a new product should be […]

The Hiring Process as One of the Hardest in Most Companies

Introduction Management entails all processes involved in gearing an organization into achieving its set goals. This includes the management of all resources related to the business. Managers play a key role in guiding the organization towards meeting the organization’s objectives. An organization could be a learning institution, banks or any entity with an outlined leadership […]

Indiana University Bloomington Natural Disaster Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Introduction Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) community is prone to several natural disasters. However, in this region, no disaster stands out as a Tornado disaster. Since IUB is located in Indiana, it runs the risk of being hit by a tornado. History shows that, Indiana has witnessed some of the worst tornados in America (the occurrence […]