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Training and Development in International Organizations

In the modern world, quickly developing technologies and innovations are an essential part of any successful business. To stay competitive, organizations need not only to invest in cutting-edge equipment but also to engage their employees in lifelong learning to ensure that workers possess the necessary knowledge and practical skills to thrive in the world of […]

Experimental Method Design of Research on the Premature Ejaculation

Expected Outcomes Various forms of sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation can be explained by different factors. It is believed that they can be physiological and psychological (Durand & Barlow, 2009, p. 361). Therefore, different forms of therapy can be of some use patients who have to cope with this disorder (Durand & Barlow, 2009, […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using New Models for Database Management Improving Information Search

Introduction Living in the era of computer technology, the information storage techniques are aimed at easy accessing and utilizing data at an external level. Thereby, library and information science has expanded their studies and has included the analysis of database management. There are different approaches for retrieving and storing information in the database: hierarchical, relational, […]

Pixar Business and Strategy

Introduction Pixar is one of leading companies in the motion picture industry, the success of which is based on the effectiveness of a creativity strategy applied in the company. The motion picture industry can be discussed as rather complex because to be profitable, a company requires the synthesis of focuses on creativity, on technology, and […]

Reflective Essay on Organizational Informatics

Abstract Organizational Informatics is the application of both Information Technology and Computer Science in handling an Organization’s matters. With the new developments in information technology and Computer Science, organizations have recorded increase in the ease of their operation, quick execution of tasks, and reduction in the operational costs. The adoption of informatics in firms may […]

Problems of Reading and Literacy

Abstract The proceeding is a review of ten current articles on reading and literacy. The research paper contains an introduction, review of the articles and a conclusion which summarizes the articles. The paper contains a detailed definition of reading and literacy and how the two interrelate. The ten summarized articles focus on how various factors […]

UAE Insurance Needs

Abu Dhabi motor insurance companies opened a new chapter in their businesses when a plan to access drivers’ information from a single database was announced. Insurance companies usually collect and store the personal information of individuals to whom they provide insurance cover. Accessing drivers’ information before offering them insurance cover will allow companies to decide […]

Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings and Components

Abstract Buildings and components require mechanical and electrical systems to be safe (Janis 2008). An electrical system is a utility that supplies electricity to the required components and equipment within a building. The system is made up of connections of several equipments integrated within the building structure. When there is no electricity from the mains, […]

Leading Positive Change

Introduction The management of any corporation or organization requires an enthusiastic leader with ability and capacity to bring about positive impacts on the organization he/she is leading. The studies have indicated that all the successful global organizations can attribute their progress to their leaders who possess excellent credentials and are of questionable integrity. The script […]

Fiat 500 Failed Project

Reasons for failure Feasibility study is an essential element in project management. Project managers need to carry out comprehensive feasibility study before spending money on projects. Fiat 500 emerged as one of the biggest product flops in 2011 despite its efficiency in fuel consumption. It lied on the sixth among the most flopped products in […]

Service as Theatre

In the current world there are so many service provider companies. These companies have a great similarity to the theatre in the way they execute their services. The quality and manner in which the service is provided to the customer is very important. To ensure customers are satisfied with the services provided, there is a […]

Review of Journal: China’s Floating Population

Despite the economic growth in China, the working conditions both the residents and immigrants have significantly deteriorated. The article called China’s Floating Population provides an extensive and detailed analysis of the consequences of the country’s economic reformation with regard to the historical pre-conditions, current problems, and future perspectives for development1. As a result of the […]

Walmart Company Analysis

Introduction Walmart is a private limited company that operates within the services sector. Since its establishment in 1962, Walmart has been focused on impacting the lives of consumers positively. It is estimated that the firm serves more than 200 million consumers every week through mobile devices, online and through retail outlets. In an effort to […]

Should I Marry a Man who watches porn

Introduction Pornography is the act of portraying matters concerning sex in order to have a sexual excitement or sexual arousal. Pornography takes the various forms of media such as books, videos, films, magazines, postcards, photos, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording and video games. This paper will highlight the major impact of pornography to marriage […]

Theorists and philosophers

Theorists and philosophers have been in existence since time immemorial. Some have successfully led the world abreast by coining very useful philosophies and are renowned to this day and age while some theories have been disputed and challenged over time. Among the famous philosophers and theorists of our generation who will be keenly looked at […]

Reaction on self psychology topics

Self psychology was started by Heinz Kohut at the Chicago University. Self psychology is based on psychoanalysis but its perspective of the relationship between the therapist and the patient is different from that held by the psychoanalysis theory. This is because, in psychoanalysis, the therapist should endure that there is no emotional contact between him/her […]