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Management Prospective-HSBC Holdings PLC

Executive Summary This report entails an analysis of HSBC Holdings, which operates in the banking industry. The firm has established a network of banks in different parts of the world. The report is organised into a number of parts. The first part outlines the company’s profile. A brief background analysis of the company is illustrated […]

Generic strategy by GlaxoSmithKline plc

Companies use different generic approaches to achieve their growth and profit making objectives (Ormanidhi & Stringa, 2008). The generic strategies adopted by a firm define the position the firm takes in remaining relevant in the market. Every business concentrates on doing profitable business and outdoing its competitors. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plc is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer […]

Ethical Implications of Data Mining By Government Institutions

Introduction Data mining can be defined as the process of extracting useful information from the large amount of data stored in databases. With the rapid development in computer and information technologies, large databases are used to gather, store and retrieve data (Vaidya & Clifton 2004). Data mining systems exploit these data sources for the purposes […]

British Airways Story

Background British Airways (BA), which is a multinational firm and holds a key position in the flight services industry has been thriving with the success of the organizational change process. There has been a continuous effort by BA administration to establish change within the organizational system (Cawsey et al., 2011, pp.17). The challenges are there, […]

Informative Analysis: BMW Group

Company history The BMW Group has positioned itself amongst the 10 largest car manufactures globally The BMW Group was established in 1917 and has managed to position itself amongst the 10 largest car manufacturers globally. Initially, the firm’s core operations entailed designing and production of aircraft engines. Over the past few years, the firm has […]

Explanation of Nuremberg Defense

Nuremberg Defense Murdough (2010) explains that the Nuremberg Defense is a means by which individuals pass on the culpability (i.e. the responsibility) of a particular act to their superiors under the concept of them merely “following orders” (Murdough, 2010). This particular terminology developed as a direct result of the Nazi war crimes trials that were […]

SABIC Practitioner Corporate Award

Objectives This paper seeks to achieve the following objectives: Appreciate the notion of working capital and evaluate issues that are associated with the monetary feasibility of a company Appraise the risks that SABIC/B&W may encounter in the present position Recommend answers to problems that relate to: Supplier associations Power and management Cost management Working capital […]

Spinner Pet Sitters

The current report presents a balanced scorecard for Spinner Pet Sitters. Based on the balanced scorecard and the company’s performance, the report also provides recommendations for Shelly to improve its performance in the coming years. Balanced Scorecard for Spinner Pet Sitters A balanced scorecard is a strategic management tool, which is used to align a […]

Murdered Women of Ciudad Juarez Mexico

Introduction There are various forms of human conflicts. The causes of these human conflicts vary. They include gender, tribal, and racial conflicts. Conflict between genders is a key theme in literature. However, gender violence concerning females during the time of war or other circumstances of dispute and conflict is a matter of utmost importance. Naturally, […]

Technological Applications in Industrial Pollution Prevention

Paper Topic The topic of pollution prevention in manufacturing industries using technology is familiar. It is notable that I have a critical understanding of the topic in relation to the emergence of technology and different methods used to minimize waste emission. I also understand that pollution prevention emerged from the need to protect the environment […]

Leadership: Virgin Group

Introduction Virgin Group is a company that is known in the world because of its presence in different markets such as mobile services, radio, music and air travel. The company’s tactics of leadership and management are known all over and have greatly contributed to its success and efficiency. It is widely known that any successful […]


Overview The onset of the 21st century saw the inception of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company. The motorcycle manufacturing firm started off its operations in Wisconsin, United States of America (Harley-Davidson, 2006). Although it had a small beginning, Harley-Davidson has grown to be a renowned global market leader in the manufacture and sell of heavy duty […]

Rounding With Mixed Decimals

Students need to learn rounding with mixed decimals to the nearest tenth. This essay describes the process of teaching rounding mixed decimals to the closest tenth. In addition, I have identified examples that are likely to prove difficult for students. The concept of rounding mixed decimals is learnt in elementary school this lesson is therefore […]

An ethical issue of OptiMotors

Introduction The paper involves an analysis of a case study in which the CEO is faced with a crucial decision to make. It is only through incorporation of all stakeholders’ perspectives that one can reach a tenable position as will be illustrated. Seeing According to the acronym S-T-A-R, a business leader ought to be a […]

Has The Concept Of ‘Partnering’ Succeeded Or Failed In The Australian Construction Industry?

Introduction The concept of partnering emerged within the Japanese construction industry. Partnering refers to creation of an owner-contractor relationship which promotes achievement of mutual beneficial goals. It involves an agreement in principle to share the risks involved in completing the project, to establish and promote a beneficial partnership environment (Staveren, 2006, p. 237). The commitment […]

Mercury International Limited

Introduction Mercury International Limited is a global company that engages in the design and marketing of sports and fitness products with its history dating back to 1974. The products include apparel, footwear and accessories. Mercury is the established brand name for the company which serves the product lines of Boost, Sweatless Apparel and Trailstep. Mercury […]

The Methods to Improve Communication in the Supply Chain

To guarantee the adequate and even higher profits for all the members of the supply chain, it is necessary to reduce the possible negative consequences of the ineffective communication within the definite supply chain. Moreover, the reduction of the overall costs also depends on the effective changes in approaches to producing, delivering, and storing goods […]

The Use of Modern Innovations in the Production of Commodities

The main problem raised includes that of the use of machinery and modern innovations in the production of commodities (Marx, 1906). The author strives to bring out an argument that is crucial in identify and clarifying whether the use of machinery has, in any way, helped in improving working conditions. According to the author, the […]

Tourism Industry and what way to travel is better

Impact of Transportation on the Tourism Industry The Chicago convention that contains the basic rules for civil aviation signed by Franklin Roosevelt in December 1944 emphasized that the future development of air transport will create good relationship between nations and people around the world. Air transport has become the foundation of the entire global society […]

Psychology: Parents’ Decisions on Having the Second Child

Introduction This paper is a review of a research article by Markus Jokela: “Characteristics of the First Child Predict the Parents’ Probability of Having Another Child” Developmental Psychology, 46(4), pp. 915-926. The review has been lucidly done with significant points taken into account. Focus of the Research The author of the article, Jokela (2010) sets […]

The March from Wejh to Akaba: Lawrence on the Move in the Arab Revolt

Lawrence on the Move in the Arab Revolt In The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Thomas Edward Lawrence’s autobiographical account of his Middle Eastern activities during the First World War, Chapters 41 to 58 are bracketed by two important events in the Arab insurgency against the Ottoman Empire; the Hejaz war around Wejh, and the conflict […]

Training Muscles of the Abdominal Wall to Optimize their Function

According to Fredrick Hatfield, the abdominal wall is made up of four muscles. These include internal oblique muscles, external oblique muscles, transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis (Hatfield, 2010). However, other muscles exist for example the spinal erectae and muscles in the pelvic girdle. Each of these muscles has a specific function and uses specific forms […]