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The Korean March First Movement

Introduction The year 1919 holds historical significance in Korea since it was in that year that Koreans articulated their aspiration for independence from their colonial masters. On March 1, 1919, Koreans declared their independence and virtually the entire population of the country rose up in what has subsequently become known as the March First Movement. […]

Gilliland-Moore Wines. Legal Advice

Introduction Testing and measurement is an organized advance of collecting information concerning individuals with the aim of recruiting the best and it could be employed to create employment or profession-related judgments regarding applicants. Evaluation is carried out for some particular purpose. Gilliland–Moore wines must ensure that it recruits the most efficient workforce that has the […]

Holy Farm Management

Executive Summary The core business activity of Holy Farm was production and sale of milk and cereals. However, the revenues generated from these activities have since declined. In order to increase revenue, the farm was opened to the public. Members of the public were allowed to visit the farm at a fee. The main attraction […]

A Formal Qualitative Research Interview

Introduction The analysis of the student course evaluation and the students’ complaints concerning the lack of technology in the classroom and their disconnection from the curriculum were associated with the unfortunate trend of the increased rate of students’ dropouts at Green Valley Community College. Allotting money to the professional development trainings for educators and organizing […]

Strengths and Weaknesses of Joint Venture over Licensing as a Foreign Market Entry Mode

Introduction According to Fischer (2003, p. 5), the process of globalization that has been taking place in the recent years is usually intricate and many-sided. There are several economic and non-economic challenges that businesses have to deal with satisfactorily to ensure that their systems continue operating as expected in order to achieve their fiscal objectives. […]

US Intelligence Community

Various agents of globalization, including the internet, mass media, social networks, and technology, mostly shape intelligence processing in foreign policy making in the current international system. On one hand, the emergence of the internet and social networks are praised for enhancing information analysis among foreign policy makers while on the other hand, it is accused […]

Limit Ourselves Voluntarily

Introduction Human activities have led to dramatic environmental changes within the last few decades. If humankind cannot set limits and standards on how to interact with the environment, then catastrophic predicaments in the near future are inevitable. According to Tostevin (116), humanity has taken control of nature by developing a culture that believes in risk-taking […]

Single Parents Raise Kids

According to DeJean, McGeorge, and Stone (2012), findings from majority of the past research studies on the attitudes of the society towards single parents have been negative. The authors note that such negative perceptions are directed more toward single motherhood than single fatherhood. Additionally, it is important to understand such attitudes, as they are likely […]

“Medical Hospitals’, Surgical Centers’, and Clinics’ Vicarious Liability for Acts and Omissions of Doctors, CRNAs, Physician’s Assistants, and Nurses” by Writes, D., & Dent, G.

The article, Medical Hospitals’, Surgical Centers’, and Clinics’ Vicarious Liability for Acts and Omissions of Doctors, CRNAs, Physician’s Assistants, and Nurses, discusses the liability imposed to medical practitioners and healthcare organizations in the United States (Writes & Dent, 2012). The article seeks to determine where legal liability should rest in the event that a patient […]

Organizational Behavior Cases

The Nut Island Problems Paul Levy describes the team of Nut Island sewage treatment plant as that of “every manager’s dream” created through proper recruitment practices (51). The author defines the Nut Island Effect as a “destructive organizational dynamic” of a “vicious spiral” defined by mutual misunderstandings between the team and the managerial staff (Levy […]

Hispanic Americans: roles played in the American society.

The article under consideration dwells upon roles played by Hispanic Americans in the contemporary American society. The author considers major reasons for development of such roles and relationships between the ethnic groups in the USA. Historical factors have played crucial role in the development of this ethnic minority which still has to endure discrimination in […]

Case Study – Cross Culture Communication

The topic chosen for this case study is cross cultural communication (CCC). This occurs in an environment consisting of English speakers and Greek speakers. An interesting thing in this context is the miscommunication aspects due to cultural differences in the realms of non-verbal communication (Gupta, 1998). Personal observation on this issue has revealed the disparities […]

Evaluation of the Care policy of Disabled Children in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2011

Results In Saudi Arabia, three central government arms are responsible for offering various services to the disabled children (Mcvie 2011). The ministry of education is responsible for provision of education to children that live with disabilities (Goodley and Runswick-Cole 2011). It operates the Noor Institute for the Blind, the Amal Institute for the Deaf and […]

Global Marketing

Introduction According to Yucel et al. (2009), global marketing refers to the international marketing activities of a firm in order to sell its brands in foreign countries (p.95). Nonetheless, in spite of the escalating interest in global marketing, there is insufficient information regarding the optimal global marketing strategy and whether it influences the global market […]

Gender and sexuality

Introduction An analysis of the poem “Smoking” by David Levithan reveals that one’s sexual orientation is distinct from one’s gender identity, yet society tends to mix these two concepts together. Cultures define gender identities, and this means that people who choose to interpret their gender unconventionally may be treated differently. It is essential to understand […]

Concept of Transformative Learning in Modern Education

Introduction Transformative Learning is a type of learning that is supposed to innately create understandings for participatory democracy by developing abilities of critical reflection on assumptions taken for granted that support contested viewpoints and participation in dialogue that disregards frictional threats to the values those rights and freedoms are intended to protect. This paper argues […]

Multiple Regression and Correlation Analysis Project

Introduction In the paper, a regression model will be developed to give a linear relationship between gross domestic product (GDP) and foreign direct investment, budget deficit, and money supply for Qatar. Further, correlation matrix will be developed for the variables. Finally, a comprehensive analysis will be carried out on the regression model developed. The data […]

A Critical Investigation of Work-Life Conflict on Employee Performance & Organizational Productive Capacities

Overview The many roles and functions that people bears in life impose tough demands that require adequate time allotment, energy, and commitment for successful completion. Specifically, the demands placed on people by work-related roles have not only dramatically changed in modern times, but continues to exert immeasurable pressure on employees to perform for purposes of […]

Media Change Triggering Social and Cultural Change – Foundations, Thinkers, Ideas

Living in the XXI century means being ready to the most drastic changes within the social, economical of financial sphere within the shortest amounts of time. However, it is important to realize that the change in media also allows for more opportunities for economical, social and cultural development. A fresh look at the changes that […]

Prehistoric Barrows found in the Stonehenge Landscape

Location of Prehistoric Barrows The spectacular prehistoric barrows found within Stonehenge landscape remain important historical sites with a tangible archeological significance to the present world (Chippindale 1994, p.24). To visit the prehistoric site one has to take a train or a bus to easily get to the Stonehenge prehistoric site as seen in figure 1. […]

The gas industry

Introduction This project involved calculation of the annual average data of gas prices in US cities. The data was for years 1982 to 2011. The scatter diagram shows the exact movement of the prices since 1982. Although the prices have fluctuation both upwards and downwards, the clear pattern is that these prices have been on […]

Witchcraft accusations, trials, and hysteria in border regions and rural areas in Western Europe

The sixteenth century was marked by a great number of witch trials in rural areas and border regions of Western Europe. This situation could be observed in England, Scotland, Germany, France, and other countries. To a great extent, this phenomenon can be attributed to the following factors: 1) official recognition of witchcraft and the activities […]

Effects of the Columbia River dams on salmon population

Introduction The building of dams in the Pacific Northwest started later in the 19th century. These early dams were mainly constructed on small rivers or tributaries for the purpose of irrigation. In the first years of the twentieth century, the first hydropower dams were constructed on the tributaries of the Columbia River (National Research Council […]