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Kaylynn Hebert studied at Drexel University, USA, with average GPA 3.37 out of 4.0.

Motivating Employee During the Crisis: Challenges and Directions

Company of Case Study: Dubai Real Estate Corporation, Wasl Properties Using the DREC and Wasl properties case, the company must resolve problems arising from noncompliance with all company policies being implemented (Robbins and Judge, 2007). The research of WASL and DREC is grounded on identifying possible internal conflicts and instituting policies to prevent escalation of […]

Multi-National Corporations Definition

Besides international trade, FDI by multinational corporations is a great force that is driving globalization of “the world economy” (Eun & Resnick, 2007). According to the report presented by the UN, there are more than six hundred thousand multinational corporations across the world with more than a half a million foreign affiliates (Eun & Resnick, […]

Corporate Governance Laws and Approaches

Corporate governance comprises a series of laws and legal approaches that are employed in directing and controlling corporations. It focuses on the external and internal components of a corporate entity and is intended to achieve the objectives of supervising the activities of managers and directors for the purpose of minimizing or eliminating risks. Country governance […]

China’s Aid and Investment in Africa: Towards Achieving the Millennium Development Goals

Introduction Background Information 2015 is an important year on the calendar of 193 nations in the world and about 23 international organizations. According to the United Nations (2010:72), 2015 is the year that the signatories to the Millennium Development Goal (herein referred to as MDGs) should have attained the policies set out in the agreement. […]

The Internal and External Factors of Resistance to Change

Change is an inevitable aspect of personal and organizational development. Employees resist change because of various internal and external factors. Internal factors that cause resistance to change include weak leadership, poor communication, insufficient training, lack of incentives to motivate employees, lack of understanding, and inefficient job designs (Anderson, 2011). External factors that induce resistance to […]

Germany’s Secret Gamble

The video, WWI Germany’s Secret Gambles, analyzes the way Germany turned to covert operations, which included sabotage, espionage, biological weapons and secret communications to win the First World War. The video evaluates the measures and strategies, which Germany adopted to undermine the authority of the British Empire. For example, the film analyzes the outcomes of […]

Verser Company Overview

Background Verser is an Australian based information technology service delivery company. It was established in 2003, under the name Macquarie Technology services. During its early years of operation in the IT industry, Verser provided IT services to the Macquarie Group exclusively. After a series of transformations in its business processes, Macquarie Technology Services changed into […]

Concept of Bond Duration

Question: Explain the concept of duration and then comment on the statement, “it is possible that a bond with a shorter maturity than another bond may actually have a longer duration and be more price sensitive to interest rate changes. Explain why a bond with a shorter maturity than another bond could have a longer […]

Desires in Human Mating

Of all the issues which remain just as important for the modern world as they used to be centuries ago, the mechanisms of human mating remains by far the most mysterious. No matter how many theories have been developed to explain the numerous ways in which people are attracted to the opposite sex, the main […]

ArcelorMattal Company Analysis

The Company’s Organizational Structure and the Integration that It Fits ArcelorMattal is a renowned steel producing corporation that started its operation in 2006. The corporation’s evolution was through a takeover and strategic merger between Arcelor and Mittal steel companies. The company has recorded a tremendous growth since its inception. Its growth and exemplary performance are […]

Dorothy Edwards Leadership Styles

Leadership is very important in every organization in that leaders have the ability to define the destiny of an organization as it strives to achieve success. The issue of leadership has gained popularity among academics and organizations over the last couple of years. It is important to understand the model of leadership applied by various […]

SLP internal analysis and SWOT Analysis

Introduction Resource Based View is a modern day management tool that is used in crafting company’s strategy using the available resources and distinctive capabilities. One of the ways of achieving this is the use of Economic Values Added (EVA) or the Economic Rent (Connely, 2010). The EVA is gotten by subtracting the firm’s Net Operating […]

The racial discrimination among employers

Although open racism in America and other European nations is almost extinct, the vice still exists among some employers. A critical study on the employment criteria between the African-Americans and the Whites draws some observable disparities. The disparities prove difficult to measure because the researchers are not employers. Probably the employment criterion is far beyond […]

Stakeholders of an Organization and their Importance

The stakeholders of an organization include various groups of either people who affect the business directly or indirectly. They are categorized into four major groups as users, contributors, governance, and influencers. Users are those people who will be final consumers of the business goods or services; they are part of the business beneficiaries for instance […]

Managing Diversity at Workplace

Outline Workforce diversity should be treated as a business initiative and not a human resource or personnel department function. There is a strong business case for diversity in the workplace. The 21st century enterprises have a felt need to value, and leverage diversity. It is top agenda item for successful CEOs. It is commonly accepted […]

Critique of Jay E. Adams book How to Help People Change and Telling Yourself the Truth by William Backus

Jay E. Adams, in his book How to Help People Change illustrates four Biblical approaches to counseling (Adams, 1986). The four steps mentioned in the book do not only present new ideas in the field of counseling, but also introduce new measures to be observed at different stages of counseling. Citing second Timothy, 3:14-16, the […]

Tests and Measurements

Introduction For several decades many people relied on myths and traditions in order to understand how language came about and the factors that influenced the speech process. Some people also became more curious to know more about the nature of language and how it came about. It was out of this curiosity that many scientists […]

Geothermal Project in Eden

Introduction The increasing global population has mounted a lot of pressure on natural resources to expand and sustain economic development. The energy sector is a notable industry that has contributed immensely to the growing pressure for natural resources (Bargh, 2012). Consequently, many economies have tried to adopt sustainable ways of maintaining energy production. One such […]

Benefits of Tourism

Tourism is the “sum of activities and relationships between various parties, which arises from the travel and stay of non-residents of a certain location to new locations, as long as the movement does not involve an earning activity or permanent residency” (Robinson, Heitmann & Dieke 220). Domestic and international tourism are the two main categories […]

Conflict between Aristotle and Copernicus

Science can be regarded as an everlasting research of every aspect of the universe. People have been working out various theories since pre-historic times. It may seem that there can be only one truth, so only one theory has the right to exist. However, Kuhn (1970) explains the abundance of various theories by the peculiarity […]

Use of Animals in Biological Testing

The use of animals in laboratory testing is very beneficial to the animals as well as human beings. There is perceived to be a lot of similarities between the physiological mechanism of some animals and that of man. For instance, the physiology of guinea pig is considered to be 98% similar to that of human […]