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Kiara Fowler studied at Princeton University, USA, with average GPA 3.64 out of 4.0.

Handling a Depressed Youth

Research indicates that depressed teens are more likely to commit suicide compared to those that do not experience depression (King, Strunk & Sorter, 2011). It also shows that cases of suicide are few during the early stages of an individual’s development, but increase as youths approach adulthood (King, Strunk & Sorter, 2011). According to Erford […]

Rite Aid Corporation

During the 2010s, Rite Aid Corporation, as one of the leading pharmacy retailers in the USA, suffers from the significant economic pressure and intensified competition within the industry. The observed financial losses of the company support the idea that Rite Aid Corporation needs the revision of the current managerial and economic strategies implemented and followed […]

Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies of McDonalds

Corporation that operates internationally – MacDonald’s McDonalds has spread widely all over the world through the many chains of restaurants it has. It owns the biggest fast food restaurant chain globally. Millions of customers go to McDonald’s hence increasing its sales revenue. In the US, it tops compared to other restaurants followed by Burger King […]

Euro Disney

Introduction Euro Disney chose variety of appealing themes to its parks and other business entities, the choice encompasses variety of tastes and interests. Disney market opportunity in Europe is considered ripe because of the vast population present, favorable per capita spending and long vacation periods. The complex extension of Disney requires wise choice of markets […]

Problem of Homelessness

Introduction According to the estimates conducted in 2006 in Canada, about 157,000 people face homelessness (Trypuc and Robinson, 2009). However, the problem becomes more complicated because the rates of homeless people increase over years. Thehomelessness growth is explained by a different composition of the Canadian community in terms of urban renewal, labor market, and availability […]

The change strategy

Recent researches have confirmed that change is an important factor that an organization cannot afford to ignore if it expects to succeed in the current competitive market. Developing a change strategy that works is one of the most important factors that would determine success or failure of a firm in the market (Reiß, 2012). In […]

Kids Market Consulting: Marketing Attractivenes

Introduction Marketing is an important function in an organization. It involves communicating to consumers with the aim of convincing them to buy a given product or service provided by the organization. The major objective of marketing is to attract customers in the organization. It is important to note that marketing can be regarded to as […]

The Auto Industry

The twentieth century was the period in US history when Americans discovered their passion for cars. In the words of a historian, “The development of the motor vehicle revolutionized American systems of production and patterns of consumption … in 2000 the nation had more motor vehicles than licensed drivers” (Rubenstein, 2001, p.1). It was Henry […]

Porter Airlines

Executive Summary Porter Airlines is a new entrant in the Canadian airline industry. The airline uses Toronto City Center Airport (TCCA) as the hub of its operations. During the early years of its existence, Air Canada was Porter’s major competitor. Porter is the first airline to push Air Canada out of the market. Air Canada […]

Enron: Failure and Scandal

The effective organization management which is based on the principles of the successful leadership, trust, and corporate ethics is one of the main conditions for the company’s progress. The world of business is challengeable and the leaders and managers’ task is to provide the effective decision-making process which can contribute to overcoming the issues and […]

Saudi Arabian Tourism

Introduction The tourism sector plays a significant role in the economic development of any country. Saudi Arabia is a unique tourism destination especially for the Muslim world. This is more so because the country holds the site of pilgrimage for the Muslims, unique Islamic attributes, as well as special traditions (SCTA 2012). In the recent […]

Dallas international airport (DFW)

Introduction The aim of this study is to develop and estimate a model of Dallas international airport size and changes in size so as to get the overview of how this airport has grown over time. Dallas international airport is in US and is located in the state of Texas. It’s served by many foreign […]

Behaviourism and Piaget’s Educational Theories

Introduction Learning is, essentially a change in behaviour and understanding. Various learning theories attempt to explain how people and animals learn. Right from the time of Aristotle, various philosophers and theoreticians aimed at defining it. As a result, a number of schools of thoughts emerged. Behaviourism and the cognitive theory of Piaget are chief among […]

Comparative Analysis of Operations Management Strategies at Merck & Co. and Pfizer Inc.

Executive summary With the advent of innovative technologies and recent shifts in the consumers’ culture, more and more companies realize the importance of effective operations management. Due to the present day realities of intense competition in the pharmaceutical arena, the leading companies cannot afford to put emphasis on only one aspect of quality improvement. Underestimating […]

Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together

Book Review “Alone Together” is a book that was written in 2011 exploring the sociological and technological aspects that have become part of human lives. The author of this book Sherry Turkle has also written other books that explore the relationship between human beings and computers in a modern-world setting. Turkle’s body of work includes […]

Three crucial factors of marketing

Marketing is a social process, whereby individuals or organizations have to recognize, and satisfy the customers’ needs profitably. There are three crucial factors of marketing such as money, market and minutes. These are referred to as 3Ms of marketing. As Nintendo, plans to launch its new hi-fi product the financial plan that would cater for […]

Family Studies: Is the American family in a state of decline or just changing?

Introduction For many years debate has been ongoing over the conditions and prospects of the American family. This means that many Americans are worried about the state of affairs in the family. This has seen many questions raised concerning the American family. The focus of this paper is to look at one of these questions […]

The souls of the black folk

In his book, The Souls of the Black Folk, WEB Du Bois is examining the situation the Africans, who were American citizens, faced after the historic American Revolution war. These people were slaves before and had become American citizens after being freed from slavery by President Abraham Lincoln. The whites looked down upon these black […]

Kenya’s Economic Growth

Current status of the economy Economic growth provides a clear benchmark for economy ranking. It indicates the level at which wealth in a country increases over a given period. The level of increase in output of services and goods is used as a measure of economic growth. This is determined by the gross domestic product […]