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Krish Sullivan studied at California State University, Sacramento, USA, with average GPA 3.15 out of 4.0.

Significance of Chinese revolution led by Mao Zedong in term of the search for modern China

According to Zhou (1996), Cultural Revolution was introduced in China by Communist Party in the 1960s. The cultural aspect was incorporated into policies of the New Democracy, which was responsible for claims of a new state for legitimacy. However, there were various anomalies identified within the New Democracy. A good example is undertaking land reforms […]

The Workforce Merging: Sandstone University and Redbrick Institute

Introduction A merger is the process of a company combining with another company and totally absorbing the infrastructure, facilities and functions (Bontis 1999, p.434). Amalgamation involves merging between commercial companies, and later forming a common name for the merged companies. Two existing companies are unified to form one fully functional company that carries out all […]

Social Media and Marketing

At least in every decade, an advance technological innovation emerges that significantly transforms the business arena. In all these cases, regardless of the earlier competitive environment, business that understands and carefully incorporate technology win, while those that fail to do so lose. We had the mainframe computing in the 1970s. In the 1980s, the PC […]

Implementing Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in EFL Classrooms

The Internet and modern technologies have changed the nature of learning. Thousands of teachers throughout the world consider computer-aided learning as a kind of dream that will bring only positive outcomes. The implementation of the computer-assisted language learning (CALL) in EFL classrooms can be rather a challenge. Many scientists have conducted researches aiming to investigate […]

Effects of Ageing Population as Driving Force

Introduction One of the great accomplishments of the 20th century is improvement in life expectancy. For instance, demographic figures indicate that life expectancy in America has increased from 45 years in the early 1900s to 75.6 in the year 2004 (Feldstein 23). Nevertheless, improved life expectancy joint with decreasing birth rates is becoming a major […]

Wal-Mart and Amazon Competition

Which approach will be the most successful? Amazon and Wal-Mart are the largest retailers in the world. The two companies have decided to compete with each other in an attempt to provide faster home delivery services to their consumers across the country. Amazon is currently building a distribution network across the United States while Wal-Mart […]

Cost-effectiveness of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy in South Africa

Introduction Recently the basis of utilizing antiretroviral treatment for South African citizens suffering from AIDS has been use of highly active antiretroviral treatment (HAART), which consists of two nucleoside formulations along with either a non nucleoside formulation or a protease inhibitor provided concurrently to persons suffering from Aids on a continuing mainstay. HAART is considered […]

Marketing Research Design and Data collection methods

In the peer reviewed article written by Andy Barker, Clive Nancarrow, and Jason Vir called “Ritzer’s McDonaldization and applied qualitative marketing research”, the researchers examine the benefits gained from applying Ritzer’s thesis of McDonaldization to international qualitative marketing research; the reports follows the frameworks and requirements of an academic research work. When discussing the topic […]

Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Dubai

Executive Summary Dubai has become one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world. It is also characterized by one of the most favorable business environments. Various largest businesses in the world have offices in Dubai. The present paper provides a brief analysis of Dubai in terms of politics, economy and culture. The present […]

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Introduction The term ‘narcissistic’ originated from the story of a man named Narcissus who was obsessed with his own reflection in water. He could not tear himself from the reflection. He ended up dying of languor (Akhtar & Thomson, 1982). This personality disorder is common in the western culture. About 1per cent of the general […]

The Rise of the Macro-Nationalists

Anders Berring Breivik was the man accused of the terrorist attack that took place in Oslo. Through his document that he posted on the website on July 22 hours before the attacks took, we get to learn that he had a fair standard ideology of far right. The document which he named 2030- A European […]

The Second Lebanon War 2006

The Second Lebanon War (2006) is the specific military conflict between the paramilitary organization Hezbollah and the state of Israel associated with the question of the Lebanon’s territories and the states’ control over them. Although there are no controversies about the trigger of the conflict, it is possible to pay attention to the radical opposition […]

Code of Conduct

Introduction This report is written with the purpose of demonstrating the knowledge and understanding of ethics in information systems. For the purpose of this study, the code of conduct for Australian Migration Agents has been analysed for comparison with the Australian Computer Society professional code of conduct. The report begins with a brief overview of […]

Adam Smith’s Ideas

Teleology is a philosophical term that asserts that nature is the underlying and final cause of existence. Teleology plays a role in Adam Smith’s ideas about the wealth of nations. The nature of the ideas can be argued from a teleological point of view. With regards to division of labor, Adam Smith argues that human […]

Opening a Factory in Latin America

Differences in Political Economies Honduras, Chile and Mexico’s economies and political environments contrast sharply. At the outset, Mexico was ranked 50th in terms of economic freedom in early 2013. This reflected substantial improvements in terms of wooing foreign direct investors. It also demonstrates the government’s intention of expanding trade and monetary freedoms. Mexican economy showed […]

The Tools of Analysis in a Corporate Sector

Introduction Tools of analysis in any organization are very important and they supersede the inexperienced managers’ mandate to meet their organizational duties. This is because if these tools are correctly applied by the management, it will be in a position to make the projections for the organization and consequently, the right investment decisions. It is […]

Knowledge as perception or opinion

Socrates was a Greek Athenian philosopher who was known for his contribution to western philosophy. His students, Xenophon and Plato, accounted for most of his work in some of their dialogues and writings. He is credited for his contributions in ethics. In the dialogue, ‘Theaetetus’, Socrates gets into a serious discussion with a student of […]

Written as Spoken Language

Introduction Communication is an important aspect in all living creatures. Other than human beings who have modified communication channels, other animals also have their own way of communicating. For instance, even the little creatures such as ants have their own ways of communicating, which makes them move in a straight line towards something or their […]

Importance of volunteerism

It is so disappointing that many people within our societies do know understand or value the importance of services in the community by volunteering. Serving the society is very important in helping to solve many problems especially those that have been neglected by the government and other social programs. Volunteering to serve the community is […]