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Into the Wild: Characters, Themes, Personal Opinion

Some people choose unconventional lifestyles to distinguish themselves from others or comprehend the purpose or sense of their existence. Into the Wild, a non-fiction book written by Jon Krakauer narrates a story of such a man named McCandless who quit civilized living and started his wild journey across America. This paper will summarize the plot […]

Culture and Business Practice in Asia

Executive Summary Apollonian Solutions must incorporate the aspect of culture in its operations in order to achieve its objectives. Its basic organizational culture must be adapted to the Eastern Asia’s region where it is based. This region has two significant cultures created by communism and liberalism government systems. Operations in China and North Korea must […]

The Future of Biopsychology

Introduction Biopsychology is a field of psychology that deals with the study of behavior and experiences in reference to genetics, evolution, and bodily processes, particularly the functioning of the nervous system. The biopsychology employs the biological rules and regulations to understand the functioning of the human brain. It is established that human behavior is influenced […]

Corona Beer Company

Trends in the global market beer The global market trends has faced substantial changes over the past three decades with giants like Heineken being edged out by upcoming new brands such as Corona Extra from Grupo Modelo. The two key strategies that clearly alter global beer market are strategic alliances with strategic partners and global […]

Corporate Culture of Southwest Airlines

Company’s financial performance The corporate culture of Southwest airlines is mainly constructed on the basis of attitude, hard work and passion. The company values employees with positive attitudes, hardworking and passionate about their jobs because it is through employee’s performance that a company can create a sustainable competitive advantage in any industry. Southwest therefore optimizes […]

The Art of Frieda Kahlo and Chicano Art

Introduction Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican artist who was known for her self portraits and the intense colors that featured in most of her works. Kahlo was born in 1907 in Coyoacan a small township in Mexico City. She began her painting career after she was involved in a bus accident in 1925 that […]

Neptune Gourmet Seafood Business Planning

Neptune Gourmet Seafood Neptune Gourmet Seafood is ranked as the third-largest seafood manufacturer in North of America. The corporation has earned itself a first-class status among its customers. It has positioned itself as the best sea food producer in the region. Neptune Gourmet Seafood gets in touch with many of its diverse customers through an […]

The CEO-to-Worker Pay-Ratio Disclosure Proposed by SEC

The objective of this research paper will be to explain to CEOs of companies on how to implement the CEO-to-Worker Pay-Ratio Disclosure. Successful implementation of the proposal will boost the elements of transparency, accountability, leadership, and strong standards of governance. As a matter of fact, the proposal will internalize the aspects of proactive management, employee […]

Stories of Change

Introduction Change is a dynamic process that organizations have to undergo each day. Sometimes, change initiatives fail simply because of disconnect between the initiative and the implementation process. This may be in the form of miscommunication, excessive complacency, and permanent bottlenecks in organizations. This paper will explore change errors identified by Kotter in order to […]

Economics: Common Concepts

Opportunity Cost Opportunity cost is a term that is applied in the microeconomic theory where a decision has to be made between two or more choices. An opportunity cost refers to the choice that is forgone when another choice is made. For a choice to qualify as an opportunity cost, the alternatives should be mutually […]

The Screwtape Letters

It is perhaps possible to wonder whether a tempter can control everything we do or not. Better still, could there be some invisible powers that always beleaguer our steps? Lewis attempts to clear all the uncertainties that may be surrounding these twin questions. The instructional correspondence as portrayed in The Screwtape Letters depicts the activities […]

Product and Promotion Plan for the Vectra Company

This research paper explores and identifies business opportunities in existence in India for the VectraCompany based in France. The promotion and product plan show that the Road Pavement Industry can provide many attractive opportunities for Vectra if it enters into the Indian market. The perfect choice for penetration in the Indian market for Vectra would […]

Internal Environment: Growth Strategies

There are many strategies that companies use to enhance organizational growth. Growth is brought about when a company expands its market share either by entering new markets, increasing market share in existing market, creating new products or diversifying the product range. This in theory is known as the Ansoff Matrix which is a marketing tool […]

Strategic Role of Communication in A Cross Cultural Project Team

Research Aim The aim of the research is to discover the significance and extent to which communication in multicultural project teams contributes to project success. Many project teams have had an international outlook with firms carrying out project activities in offshore countries away from the country of origin. That is in addition to working with […]

Business Strategies in Business Management

Introduction Corporations are founded by people as a means of achieving their goals as well as their visions of what the business ought to be. Thereafter, objectives and policies are set and put into practice. Combined, goals, visions and plans constitute strategies set forth to be achieved in the long or short term. Strategic management […]

Exporting Strategies of SME and MNE

Introduction Exporting is a market entry strategy in which a company sells its products to the target country after manufacturing them in another location. SMEs and MNEs must weigh the advantages and disadvantage of this strategy prior to adopting it. Analysis Small and medium enterprises can enjoy a number of advantages if they choose exporting […]

Is the attempt to manage employees’ cultural values and emotions perfectly reasonable or a step too far?

Introduction This paper is aimed at showing that in most cases, the management of employees’ emotions and cultural values is ineffective and unethical even despite the fact that this idea appeals to many business administrators. In order to elaborate this argument, it is first necessary to discuss the concept of organizational culture and explain how […]

Marketing Strategies-Emirates Airline

The Emirates airline has experienced a lot of challenges in its operations, which has resulted in company’s poor financial performance. Several issues in the aviation industry have had a negative impact on the company’s financial results. The difficult economic environment in global aviation market has reduced the amount of revenues earned by airlines. The global […]

Definition of the Hostile and Instrumental Aggression in Society

Aggression can be defined as verbal or physical behavior mainly portrayed to hurt or cause harm to others. Aggression includes intentional harm to others that consists of actions such as slapping, kicking, gossips, insults, lying, destroying of property and threats among others. The goal of aggression is to hurt or cause harm to others. According […]

Sherlock Holmes Can be Classified as a Modern Day Hero.

Heroes are made of extraordinary ingredients. The research focuses on heroes. The research further goes more into depth by discussion the different qualities or characteristics of being a hero. The resources are being questioned in term of the hero’s upbringing. Sherlock Holmes can be classified as a modern day hero. Modern Hero Sherlock Holmes be […]