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Management in Technology

Abstract In any established technology company, there are unique ways of managing current affairs and changing trends in the field of technology. In this sense, there are only two basic focus of any technology-based corporation in management. These are managing processes and people. Management of emerging technology firms must be different from managing well-established technology […]

Tourism Industry in Amsterdam

Executive Summary The tourism industry in Amsterdam has become important for the economic development of the city. It attracts millions of people who may have different lifestyles, interests, and values. It is characterized by extreme competitiveness among businesses. The growth of this economic sector can be attributed to the cultural heritage of Amsterdam and entertainment […]

Product Design and Modernism

The principles of modernism affected many areas of human activities, including product design. It is necessary to focus on the following important distinctions of this style, namely: the absence of ornamental elements and minimalism; pure geometrical forms; the use of new materials; the suitability of the modernist designs for mass production (Greenhalph 1990). At the […]

Impact of Free News on Print Media and Readers’ Preferences

Executive Summary The print news industry has been the mainstream news provide among elite communities mostly in developed countries until the emergence of free news media which seems to have taken center stage among the young people and slowly finding its way to the older generation. Generation Y is fulfilling their surveillance needs in the […]

Using the Three Risks Strategy to Analyze Legal Risks in Human Resource Management

Compliance and litigation are common aspects of human resource management. In the article “Will Your Workers Sue You?: State-by-State Risks and Strategic Responses”, Posthuma (2012) presents some of the legal dilemmas that frequently occur in workplaces. The article touches on legal cases and lawsuits that directly involve human resource management. In this paper, the author […]

Online Shopping Platform for La Donna Boutique

Subject of Course Project The subject of this course project is an online shopping platform for La Donna boutique. The boutique has no online marketing services. I will carry out investigations on this course project and my findings will provide solutions and create opportunities for La Donna boutique on using online services. Business problem statement […]

Cash Management Practices & Short-Term Investment Strategies

Abstract This paper explores the various cash management practices and short-term investment strategies undertaken by public organisations. It will discuss first cash management practices and then various short term investment strategies. I chose to base my study on Microsoft Corporation. Practices & Short-Term Investment Strategies According to Gibbons (1998), cash management refers to the techniques […]

Learning Styles and Pedagogy

Introduction As an individual within the teaching profession, I realise how it is often important to examine myself to determine the effectiveness of my performance. It is an aspect of critical reflection that questions my actual performance, thereby helping me in finding answers to some of the most pressing questions. The critical reflection helps in […]

Social Perspectives in Population Health

Introduction The current problems facing population or public health are increasingly being attributed to human behaviour. At an individual level, there have been notable problems that have arisen with regards to developing effective models to deal with health promotion programs that encourage healthy living and nutritional lifestyles. At the society level, there have been notable […]

Middle East Territory

In Asian history, maps of the Middle East were drawn during the Eternal Eastern Question era (Bacharach, 1984). Geographically, Middle East refers to the region between the Southeastern Asia and Northeastern Africa. The use of the term, in reference to the Persian countries, was first used by a US naval by the name Mahan during […]

Website for a Guitar Shop

The business environment has transformed considerably since the introduction of web technologies. Electronic commerce (E-commerce) refers to the process of buying and selling of products, services of information via the internet. It is a fast growing facet of the internet that has changed the focus of businesses from manufacturing to customization in order to meet […]

External Labour Market Factors

Executive summary The healthcare report analyses the external labour market factors that would impact the human resource planning in the near future. The Australia’s healthcare sector is currently being faced with high workforce shortages. The demand for the healthcare services has continued to increase as the number of the healthcare providers (supply) continue to decrease. […]

Implementing Leadership Change

Introduction Leadership refers to an active activity undertaken by someone whose position on a vertical, and usually formal, hierarchy provides the individuals with the resources to lead. Such individuals exhibit and have some degree of mandate over other individuals within any given organization, on certain issues that affect the routine running of the organization. They […]

Ethnic Nationalism among People

Admittedly, there is quite a specific division between people. Even the modern globalized world is still divided into insiders and outsiders. Some researchers claim that ethnic nationalism is one of the major reasons for conflicts. For instance, Huntington (1993) and Leiken (2005) point out that ethnic nationalism has led to international conflicts in many cases. […]

Research proposal on open innovation or discontinuous innovation

Background Innovations have sometimes been considered as routine parts of organisational operations. In this regard, new product developments or shifts in company functions are often done systematically and will result in better performance of what the company has been doing before. However, once in a while, a company may make a revolutionary discovery that could […]

Hedging political risk in China

Introduction Variations in communication styles and cultural differences have always hindered successful operations of businesses at international markets. As such, it becomes vital for multinational corporations to consider these two major aspects for better management of international business. Furthermore, the assessment of economic and political risks in the host country is also vital. Culture has […]

Organizational Communication Skills Training Program

Selection of Training Program Criteria for the selected program In the contemporary world, organizations face many upheavals as they aspire to achieve their objectives the main one being to maximize profits and revenues. Therefore, all aspects of the organization should be in harmony with this objective. Among the most outstanding aspect that impairs organizations from […]

The Messiah and Messianic Prophesy in Jewish and Christian Thought

Introduction In Hebrews, the word messiah refers to ‘anointed one’ or someone sent on divine mission with reference Jewish perspective. Particularly, biblical presentation of Messiah revolves around someone ‘holy and righteous’, sent to redeem human nature from sin. In this regard, Christians believe on the Old Testament prophesy about the birth of ‘a Messiah’, who […]

Property and Capital Markets

Introduction Abacus Funds Management Limited Abacus Funds Management Limited Company was formed in 1996 as a subsidiary of Godfrey Pembroke Limited (Australian security exchange, 2010, p. 4). Its main objective was to ensure that high value clients are well sourced and packaged for good property based investment opportunities (Australian security exchange, 2010, p. 7). In […]

Management Theories

Background Most management theories and literature tend to present managing as if it is a technical and rational activity. For example, management is presented as a discipline that involves the calm, careful and well considered tasks of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Such a view certainly helps us to understand some of the tasks managers […]