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Landon Bowers studied at Kennesaw State University, USA, with average GPA 3.44 out of 4.0.

Religious and Cultural Conflicts in Syria

Before the ongoing Syrian uprising that has surprised the whole world due to the government’s brutality and interests from various world powers, the country’s administrative system was suppressive and indifferent to the sufferings of the majority. The country declared its independence in 1946 and held elections, but the overthrow of the government in 1949 brought […]

Gluttony in the Merchant of Four Seasons

According to Francine Prose, gluttony often disguises itself in different forms, like the need to get a little more, the desire to have something more delicious, or the temptation to have a snack between the meals. In the film, ‘The Merchant of Four Seasons,’ Hans, a fruit vender, is invited by an attractive married woman […]

Buddhism in a Post- Han China

Introduction Buddhism is one of the religions, which has played an important role in the history of China. This religion, which spread to China from Central Asia, moved from being an insignificant religion to enjoying widespread acceptance by many Chinese. However, the influence of Buddhism was because of the collapse of the Han dynasty in […]

Time Value of Money

Introduction According to Kuhlemeyer (2004), time value of money means that money at hand today is worth more than the same amount at a future date. It is the amount by which money will grow to in the future. In simpler terms, it is the net increase or decrease in the amount of money. He […]

Feasting and Power in Southeast Asia

Introduction Feasting is a common practice in most societies in the world. The practice has persisted over time and space. It is common in contemporary society as it was common in traditional societies. The practice serves various purposes. For example, people feast to celebrate weddings, initiation, and such other events. The practice brings people together. […]

The Way of Geisha Dance

The way of Geisha dance demonstrates to us the importance of maiko in the traditional Japanese culture. The difficult times that the character goes through serve to prepare her for the tedious maiko training. Maiko entertains people from all cadres. This, at the same time brings to us the rich Japanese culture. The whole process […]

Distribution Channels and Digital Marketing

Introduction The luxury segment of the fashion industry is one of the most profitable industries. Many companies are involved in the development of luxury items. The marketing strategies employed in each of the companies in the industry determine their success and competitiveness. Digital marketing is among the factors that affect the competitiveness and success of […]

Bisphenol-A Should be Banned

Introduction Bisphenol-A (BPA) is one of the industrial chemicals that have raised a lot of debate among scientists and the media on its safety on human beings. Whereas the chemical is almost ubiquitous, its presence in food canning and feeding bottles has been the most substantial area of interest. This has compelled scientists in the […]

Michael Jordan’s Shoes

Introduction The chaos and violence that is common for the release of Michael Jordan’s tennis shoes have raised massive debate in the society. The issue is becoming controversial because it seems there is no acceptable solution to the problem that is causing massive damages and injuries, especially among the youth. The sneakers are very appealing […]

Why Don’t People Help in a Crisis?

The death of Kitty Genovese was one of the horrendous acts have that ever happened in the history of crime. The heinous crime witnessed one of the human incapability in offering help to others in an emergency situation. Of all the Genovese neighbors, no one came to help her when she was attacked. Surprisingly, it […]

PepsiCo Inc. International Business Strategy

Introduction Increasing effects of globalization and the rising international business competition have prompted businessmen, organizations and corporations to rethink their global business strategy. International business strategies have become very important in the wake of increasing globalization, as well as, internationalization of established local companies as they attempt to increase their values in the market. Corporations […]

Labour/Industrial Relations between USA and India

This comparative study is organised in the context of an explanation plan by Wal-Mart as it intends to expand its business to India. This report covers a comparative study of the industrial and labour relation between United States of America and India. The report is expected to give better results, because it will help planning […]

Telemarketing Scams against the Elderly

Introduction Telemarketing can be defined as a method that utilizes direct marketing techniques where marketing and sales persons persuade prospective consumers to buy goods and services from their companies or organizations. Telemarketing is usually done through physical or face to face negotiation, web conferencing or even via the phone but the use of telephone is […]

Media Art Film studies: Avant Garde

In 1911, Italian writer Ricciotto Canudo who is deemed the first theorist of film considered cinema as “the Seventh Art”. He had the understanding that film incorporated the distinctive elements of both the spatial arts and temporal arts (architecture, sculpture, painting on one side and music and dance on another). He later introduced poetry to […]

Student’s Mathematical Errors

Misconceptions and errors are common in mathematics. Teachers can find it hard to deal with a misconception because it arises when a student misinterprets or misapplies an existing mathematical idea. This is a critical challenge especially when the teacher fails to promote the best learning activities and interactions in the classroom. Teachers should understand that […]

Basis of accounting

Explanation of the accrual basis This is an accounting principle that has numerous applications in the finance sector. This principle forms the basis of recording revenues and expenditure in an entity’s statements. This principle recognizes revenues once they become receivable. Consequently, no monetary transfer is essential for certain revenues to be included in the records. […]

A Critical Review of The Realm of God’s Providence from the Arminian and Calvinist Perspectives

Introduction All religions in the world respect the existence of a divine nature or order of things in the universe. In such an arrangement, humans interact with the Supreme Being that is God.1 In this regard, providence is taken as the manner in which God intervenes in the world. There are certain events and occurrences […]

Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board

Introduction The Hampton-Newport Community Services Board (HNNCSB) offers a broad range of mental well-being and drug abuse services and care for people with mental and developmental disorders (Hampton-Newport News Community Services Board, 2013). These services are available to people of all ages in Hampton and Newport News. The agency’s vision is to create a community […]

Kotter’s 8-Step Approach

Introduction The business sector has undergone tremendous changes due to the emergence of new technologies and the globalization effect. Change management is therefore very essential in ensuring that companies maintain professionalism and a competitive advantage over its competitors. Companies can only become effective through proper planning when implementing organizational change (Silverman, 1996). Internal and external […]

Aldi’s Micro environment

Introduction Aldi is a German Based multinational company that operates in the discounted stores sector. Having started its operations back in the year 1946, the company has grown to the extent that it controls 8078 stores around the world today. The company entered the United Kingdom in 1990 with the opening of a single store. […]

Exotic Species Threat

Islands such as Madagascar, Galapagos, New Zealand, the Hawaiian Archipelago, and Australia, have a large population of widespread and specialized flora and fauna. Islands are geographically isolated, a factor that hinders migration of species from the mainland into the islands. This enables conventional organisms in the isle to grow without being attacked by predators and […]

Starbucks Coffee Company

A. To expand the possibilities within the current market and enter new markets, Starbucks Coffee Company should implement the specific strategy which is oriented to the successful product promotion. According to the recommended strategy, such points and aspects as the brand image, customers’ loyalty, effective advertising with the help of the Web and media resources, […]

Amazon’s Business Model

Introduction encompasses a Fortune 500 multinational electronic commerce company situated in Seattle. It is identified as the world’s largest online retailer, established in 1994 and launched in 1995 by Jeff Bezos, under his regret minimization framework. Its business is not only limited to America, but also spans United Kingdom, India, Germany, Canada, Spain, France, […]

Illinois’ Tax Problems

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn was re-elected with a platform built on higher tax rates. According to many analysts, it was an improbable win because of the prospect of higher taxes. But to the surprise of many pundits, Governor Quinn was ushered into the office for another term. The reaction can be understood if one takes […]

Crisis in the banking system of Korea

Introduction A banking system is an interconnection of many banks that are linked together by a uniform network to conduct the banking business. The banking business was majorly derived from the concept that some individuals in the economy may have excess money while others may be in need of money, therefore banks basically accept deposits […]

Comparison the “130” a Sonnet by Shakespeare and the Christian Poem “Dream of the Rood”

Classic literature is still widely recognized today in academic spheres especially in literature. Most of the artists in Europe during the renaissance period expressed their feelings and attitudes toward what was happening in their society by writing articles, narratives, poems, and plays. William Shakespeare is one of those scholars whose works received a wider audience […]

Gasland Reflection

The USA experiences the enormous growth in natural gas extraction occurring in the country today. Natural gas was very complicated to extract in the past. Now it is possible via the process recognized as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”. The film Gasland is the story of Josh Fox, who lives in a beautiful green forest, close […]