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Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior and Marketing Communications

Introduction In the world of intense globalization enhanced by technology and the internet, multiculturalism in business and organizations is a common occurrence. Consumer behavior is most affected as people have to adjust to different cultures present within and outside the organization. Researchers always state that consumer behavior is never permanent as it changes over time […]

Effective Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and evaluation in relation to receiving the information about students’ academic performance and successes in completing the learning goals and objectives are important to provide the instructor’s with the information and students with opportunities for reflection. As a result, more effective methods for assessing and evaluating students’ performance are discussed with references to the […]

Internet Usability Importance

Internet usability is a very important activity that helps to improve the internet-user interface mainly by utilizing domain names. Internet usability refers to the design and positioning of a website for ease of interaction with the users. Internet usability entails such activities as web site design, human-computer interaction, Web site usability, online brands, and online […]

Environmental Management Tools and Methods

Introduction Various companies and nations are moving towards using renewable and sustainable sources of energy. This can be attributed to the dilapidation of non renewal energy and environmental degradation. An efficient source of energy should ensure environmental engineering, prevention of pollution, environmental conscious design and manufacturing, industrial ecology, as well as sustainable development. An example […]

Explanation of Coaching Style

Introduction My coaching style mirrors the transformational approach, but I am yet to work on some imperfections that minimize my potential. These flaws revolve around all three phases of transformational coaching. Analysis A transformational coach ought to undergo three phases; that is, foundation, learning loop and forwarding-the-action. My problem areas lie in all three sections. […]

Disaster and Emergency Management: The Use of Military During Disaster Response

One of the most peculiar characteristics of today’s living is the fact that, as time goes on; there appears to be more and more incidents of American military being called upon to assist people, affected by natural/man-made disasters in U.S. and abroad. The validity of this suggestion can be well illustrated in regards to the […]

Factors that Influence Literacy Acquisition and Reading Achievement

Abstract Literacy acquisition and learning among young children is an important part of child development milestones. However, the rates at which children acquire literacy vary significantly depending on whether such learning is offered at home or at school for the first time. Although environmental factors can influence learning, parents and close family members play the […]

Legal and Political Factors of Renewable Energy Development

Government policies that support renewable energy development Bolinger & Poter (2010, p.4) argue that there are several barriers such as subsides for conventional forms of energy, financing risks and technology prejudice which hinder the development process of renewable energy. To overcome these barriers the government has put in place various regulations and policies to facilitate […]

Gender and Human Rights

Human of Rights Guaranteed by the Constitution and being inalienable since the birth of an individual, human rights still remain on the global agenda (Hessler 2). The concept of a Human of Rights introduced by Foucault in 1950s, and also referred to as humanity is traditionally defined as a “floating signifier” (Douzinas 4) and is […]

Drug Addictions Counseling: Assessment and Diagnosing

Drug addictions counseling is a challengeable and daunting profession because it requires specific abilities and skills to establish a good rapport with the client. Indeed, individual characteristics and qualities are of particular concern to medical treatment and counseling because they influence significantly the attitude of clients to treatment. There is a false assumption concerning the […]

How Digital Technology Influences Art

Introduction Digital technology has become part of the everyday life in the world. Various sectors such as music industries have faced the problem of responding to the speedy developments in digital technology. In the world of arts, digital technology changes every day especially in media convergence technologies and digitalisation of production. Gündüz (2012, p. 202) […]

Views of Ben Ze’Ev

As explained by Ben-Ze’ev (2000), “envy is that passion which views with malignant dislike the superiority of those who are really entitled to all the superiority they possess” (Ben-Ze’eve, 2000). In fact Ben-Ze’ev (2000) goes on to explain through numerous examples that envy is basically the result of one’s own desire to improve their personal […]


Religion and politics Somalia is at the Horn of Africa where it projects into the Indian Ocean and today it is an incredibly unstable country, beset by extreme violence and lacking central authority in the form of a national government. In fact, chaos, anarchy, and factionalized fighting between warlords have been the normative state of […]

Yayi jia

One look at the Yayi jia ritual wine vessel and it is already apparent that such an object is more inclined for use by the upper class of Chinese society. The reasoning behind such a statement is due to the relatively large size of the object (roughly the same proportions as a man’s chest) and […]

Nutrition information vs. consumer behavior

Introduction Various researches that have been carried out have shown that the presence of nutritional information has direct influence on food consumption choice. For instance the public awareness campaigns about nutritional disease have greatly impacted the consumer behavior. These campaigns are meant to enable the consumers to make the best choice of food and avoid […]

Workplace writing as a factor of everyday professional communication

The article titled what we learn from writing on the job by Lester Faigley and Thomas Miller mainly addresses the importance of having the designers of college curricula take into consideration the importance of inculcating writing skills for the future benefit of their students. The two authors assert that college graduates should be able to […]

“Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen” and “Declaration of the rights of woman and the female citizen”

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen This document was conceptualized by parliament of France during the French Revolution (Anderson, 1908, p.59). The document was categorical that men were born in freedom and deserved equal treatment. The document maintained that the rulers of government had a duty to protect and safeguard these natural […]

Separatist Movement in Chechnya

Chechens are the ethnic minority subordinated to Russia for the last two hundred years. After the fall of the Soviet Union, a movement for independence was launched by the Chechen separatists who aimed to gain independence for their country. As a result, two wars between Chechens and Russia were started and many acts of terrorism […]

Entomophagy as Portrayed by Western Media and Literature

Entomophagy is consumption of insects by humans. Consumption of insects has been practiced by humans for ages. However, different cultures consumed insects for different reasons. In western and European cultures insect consumption is restricted to extreme conditions. In these cultures insects were considered to be repulsive organisms and their consumption was not condoned. In fact […]