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Leonel Daniels studied at Case Western Reserve University, USA, with average GPA 3.16 out of 4.0.

Personal Emergency and Disaster Plan

Natural, accidental and intentional disaster threats While some disasters are natural, some are accidental such as fires while others are man-made. Since disasters, irrespective of their cause are prone to occurring, planning to how to deal with their effects is imperative. My disaster preparedness plan will focus on tornadoes as natural disasters, fires as accidental […]

Systematic Evaluation of the Process of Delivering Change within the Fire Rescue Service

Introduction All institutions are experiencing various forms of transformation (Hayes 2010). Most of these transformation programs emanate from management trends such as company process engineering, culture change, capacity building and total excellence (Argyris & Schön 1974). Transformation programs are determined by the requirement of an organization to reposition in the face of changing aggressive demands […]

The Social Life of Information

This essay presents a review of the book ‘The Social Life of Information,’ by J Brown and Paul Duguid. People expect numerous changes to take place in their lives due to advancements in technology and the advent of information age. The manner in which human beings perform their activities has changed significantly due to technology. […]

McKesson Global Strategy

Introduction The growth of McKesson Corporation in the pharmaceutical sector has been phenomenal. The growth and prosperity is associated with the management approach employed at McKesson. This report presents findings from a research on the firm’s strategies and operations. The aim of the research was to understand how McKesson responds to challenges and opportunities in […]

Sustainability of Trade Relationship Between EU and China

Globalisation has opened up channels for different countries to join hands in a bid to strengthen their business ties. China is one of such countries. Upon joining world trade organisation (WTO), China became the EU’s largest trading partner in goods and fourth trading partner in terms of services. Although frustration in the bilateral trade relationship […]

Marketing Plan for an Elderly Home

The General Business Situation The market analysis presented is for a health care organization, Elderly Kin’s Home, which will offer full-time care services to the elderly population in Kings County. In the past, families used to take elderly relatives to their homes to recuperate and receive home-based care. However, over the recent past, due to […]

“The Tragedy” by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) made outstanding contributions to artwork. He always tried to leave hidden images in his paintings and mainly used collages in his works of art. “The Tragedy” is a three-dimension piece of artwork created using oil and wood to represent image. An impression of three people at a beach on the sea creates […]

Unitary and Pluralism

Introduction The following essay will look into the two main perspectives of industrial relations that is the unitary and pluralism. The essay will also delve into the recent adaptations of these approaches which are the human resource adaptation and the neo institutionalism, and what these approaches advocate. The final aspect of this essay will look […]

Classroom Observation Theory

Classroom observation is one of the most important quantitative methods used in giving instructions and measuring behavior of learners. As the term suggests, learners observe behaviors and events which are then recorded. According to de Abreu and Interpeler (2015), observation facilitates effective understanding and articulation of classroom behaviors and therefore creates a platform for collecting […]

Job Satisfaction Significance

Introduction Definitions and a short discussion Job satisfaction is a significant part of social well-being (Cakmur 1). An evaluation of job quality offers a good interpreter of future labor-market performance. As such, job satisfaction influences employees’ decisions with respect to working hours, job selection, and turnover (Han 84). Three of the definitions used in the […]

Education Discussion

The kind of professionalism that educators have is a lot different from other professions because educators are supposed to appeal to different addressees i.e. administrators, learners, parents and fellow educators. Therefore for a professional educator to be successful and command a classroom, he/she should demonstrate various aspects of professionalism. First, to become a professional educator […]

Maritime Transportation Security Act

The U.S. Maritime Security is made up of a variety of laws, regulations, different agencies that bear the responsibility for ensuring that the ports are safe and that the cargo goes in and out securely. Since the 11th September, the National Congress has created and passed an array of laws that relate to the maritime […]

Knowledge in Organizational Management

Organizational situations that requiring professional assistance In the day to day running of organizations, a number of issues do prop up requiring organizations to take necessary, appropriate and applicable steps in order to solve the issues effectively and completely. Issues that come up may originate from individuals, groups in the organization or the interaction of […]

Strategic Management: Toyota Japan

Introduction Toyota is one of the most popular companies in the automobile industry. This company started from a very humble beginning, but due to strategic planning, it has managed to achieve its organizational goals. Japan is the company’s headquarter, and this being its parent branch it has played a major role in inspiring the establishment […]

Market-Based versus Bank-Based Financial Systems

Introduction Debate between policy makers and economists has been witnessed over the century. The relative issue being debated appertains to the ensuing pros of market-based as opposed to the bank based financial systems. By the end of nineteenth century, most German economists persistently asserted that their financial system which was entirely bank-centered evidently assisted in […]

Substance Abuse: Adolescent Issues and Interventions

Abstract This paper has been aimed at discussing the problem of substance abuse among adolescents. In particular, it focuses on the factors that lead to dependence on drugs on alcohol, for instance, peer-pressure, low self-esteem, family problems, experiences of sexual abuse, and so forth. The proposed interventions include the following measures: 1) regular communication with […]

World War II

Summary of the articles Article 1: Heinrich Himmler Speech to the SS This article is a speech presentation by Heinrich Himmler, an army leader and a commander of the Schetzstaffel also known as the “SS” group of Nazi Germany. This particular speech was a motivational talk made to the members of the group to empower […]

Factors considered while choosing the right staff

Introduction In any given company, there are some techniques that are usually employed by the employers during the selection of the right personnel. Several factors are usually put into consideration during the selection of the employees. Given the difference in needs in each organization, the factors considered while selecting the workers vary widely in each. […]

“Creating and Appropriating Value using new Game Strategies”

This paper is based on an article titled “Creating and Appropriating Value using new Game Strategies”, found in Allan Afuah’s book titled “Strategic Innovation: New Game Strategies for Competitive Advantage.” The main objectives of the article include increasing the reader’s understanding of the critical determinants of value creation and appropriation, analyzing how much value each […]

Private and Charter Schools

The Role of States in Enhancing Performance of Charter Schools In the United States of America, states play an integral role in enhancing the performance of charter schools as well as promoting their financial integrity via an array of actions such as assisting authorizers in addition to overseeing their operations. Besides, 28 of the 39 […]

Proposal for a Mental Health Project

Background Young people who ‘age out’ of foster care are often forced to leave the same place they had known as home and step into an uncertain environment. The security that often comes with the foster care is no longer available since such young people are expected to live autonomously. Without proper help (e.g. through […]

Evolution of the Incidents Command System

During the 1970s, the southern parts of California witnessed massive wildfires which led to the destruction of vast acres of land, loss of lives of people as well as millions of dollars. These disasters were mainly attributed to poor coordination and communication among the various agencies which were charged with the responsibility of responding to […]

Yoga Relaxation Exercises

Stress is part of life and will continue to exist throughout the life of human beings. Human beings have come up with various ways of managing stress and yoga is one of them. Although stress has adverse effects on the health and general well being of human beings, it is argued that stress is not […]