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Lexi House studied at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA, with average GPA 3.23 out of 4.0.

“Ways of Forgetting, Ways of Remembering” Book

The book Ways of Forgetting, Ways of Remembering examines the perceptions of the critical events and moments of the Second World War. It covers the shared history between the Japanese and the Americans after the war. The events of the war would determine future relations between the U.S. and Japan. In chapter 9 of the […]

Spirituality in the Workplace

Introduction General Overview The interest in organizational spirituality partially derives from the necessity to balance organizational performance and to improve the codes of ethics within an organization. Specifically, a growing attention to the workplace spirituality allows people to construct and sustain fundamental values at work and facilitate various management operations and practices. Appeared in the […]

Wegmans Food Markets v. Camden Property Trust

Introduction Climbing the top of the global charts for the most successful companies of the year is not an easy task, yet both Wegmans Food Markets and Camden Property Trust managed to land at the top fifteen. Belonging to different industries yet sharing a range of similarities, the companies can be characterized by a set […]

Outcomes of the Wars of the Roses

Introduction During the 15th century, England witnessed a series of protracted battles as two powerful families engaged each other in a struggle for the English throne. These battles have come to be famously known as the “wars of the roses” due to the differently colored rose symbols adopted by the two belligerent families.. England was […]

Sustainability of Change Management

Change management and leadership principles Change management is an ongoing process in an organization. It results from the dynamic nature of business environment. Managing change is often challenging for top managers. Use of efficient change management and leadership principles make change management successful. First, the management needs to embrace system thinking in an organization. Besides, […]

Artefact Collection and Reflection

Melbourne Cricket Ground The purpose of the project is to study the aspects of the facility audit and the details of the feasibility or design analysis of Melbourne Cricket Ground. Thus, I focused on the elements of the management system of Melbourne Cricket Ground and its marketing strategies in order to conclude about the effectiveness […]

ADCO Company: management strategies

Executive Summary ADCO is a company in the United Arab Emirates that deals in oil and petroleum products. The company operates in an environment that is highly competitive. In addition, the company faces numerous challenges in its operations. There is need for the management to identify all the challenges that are likely to affect the […]

Theoretical Analysis – The World Trade Organization

Background to the study Schaffer & Augsti (2009, p.297) defines the World Trade Organization [WTO] as an intergovernmental organization whose central objective is to assist member countries in conducting international trade. The WTO was established in 1995 and its membership is mainly composed of countries that previous belonged to GATT. The WTO regulates international trade […]

The Clarity of Lake Tahoe

Introduction Lake Tahoe, which is located between the Carson range and Sierra Nevada Mountains, ranks as one of the spectacularly clear and blue alpine lakes in the world. Its clean water enables a substantial amount of sunlight to reach greater depths. During the period ranging between 1968 and 2000, the lake’s clarity declined at an […]

Destination management and destination marketing

Introduction Destination management is the process or ways through which governments or industrial players conserve and improve tourist attractions. This includes not only tourist’s sites but also events. Industrial players include Destination Management companies popularly abbreviated as DMC. Destination Management Companies are companies that possess vast local knowledge, proficiency and resources. They specialize in planning […]

Operant Conditioning

Introduction Skinner brought about the concept of operant conditioning to elaborate the influence of the environment in determining an individual’s behavior. Skinner asserts that a particular behavior is a product of the expected consequence. Most of the time the behavior is a voluntary one but in some instances, operant conditioning can be used to modify […]

Defining Features of Language for Specific Purposes and Changes in Concerns since the 1980s

Introduction Language for Specific Purposes (herein referred to as LSP) can be conceptualised as one of the major branches of applied linguistics (Hyland, 2002). To this end, this sub- branch of applied linguistics has been used as a reference to two major realms in the field. The first area focuses on “…….the needs in education […]

Beer in US

Introduction The following essay analyses the beer industry in the United States. It looks into the beer industry and developing growth mechanisms in the light of globalization, integrated technology and strict industry regulations. The analysis examines the political environmental, social, technological, economical and legal factors that affect the beer industry in the United States. The […]

Management of change at BNP Paribas

A descriptive case study of BNP Paribas BNP Paribas S.A. is a major global banking company that was formed way back in the year 2000 from a merger between Paribas and the Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP). It has two headquarters, a global one based in London and another in Paris. The merger was lauded […]

Leading Innovation and Change Management

An Evaluation of a Successful and Less Successful Innovation / Change of Which You Have Personal Experience, Related to Relevant Theory Clegg, Kornberger, and Pitsis (2005) are sure that it is impossible to predict the outcomes of the change, therefore some projects appear to be successful, other projects turn to be less successful. Having personal […]

Integrated Marketing Communication

Introduction Though many scholars have not agreed with the common definition of integrated marketing communication, majority agree that it is a business process that is audience-driven. It strategically manages the stakeholders’ channels, content, and the results of the brand communication programs (Kliatchko 2008, p.137). Belch and Belch (2006) argue that it is a theory of […]

Traditional litigation

Traditional litigation occurs when the offended person reports the offense to a court. In this phenomenon, only the accused and the plaintiff appear in court where the court or jury makes a verdict in accordance to the evidence presented by the parties (Kubba, 2012). Usually, the court evaluates the rules that apply to the case […]

Miroslava Chavez-Garcia’s book “Negotiating Conquest: Gender and Power in California, 1770s-1880s”

The studies about the womens emancipation, rights, and positions in the history can be found in many academic researches. However, Miroslava Chavez-Garcia’s book “Negotiating Conquest: Gender and Power in California, 1770s-1880s” is known to be one of the most precise researches that covered the dismissed history of so-called “West women”. The study analyzes the methods, […]

Training & Development

Introduction Training and development is an integral part of human resource management. This is mainly because it imparts skills and experience required for higher productivity. Human resource management is responsible for conducting employee training and development. Ideally, it involves applying of principles aimed at recruiting, training, compensating and developing employees in an organization. These are […]

What risks does a bank incur?

Introduction Banks may be exposed to various external and internal risks. Some of them can be explained by lack of safety procedures and poor planning, while others can be attributed to the changes in economic and political environment1. This paper is aimed discussing such issues as the fluctuations of the exchange rate, loan delinquency, default, […]

Working in Internet

Internet is a very effective medium for communication. The introduction of electronic communication has greatly boosted the performances of many businesses nowadays. Despite, the high costs that are associated with establishing electronic infrastructure, electronic communication has proved as a very effective medium that has greatly boosted the performance of organizations as well as business enterprises. […]

Race biases in face recognition

Abstract The objective of determining the amount of face consciousness among people from the same races and those from different races is an interesting field of study. It has been discovered that most people are not able to distinguish the difference between two people who are of different racial backgrounds from theirs. This is even […]