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The Peace Corps Mission and Contribution to the Society

Every day, millions of citizens around the world feel a need to channel their social and moral values through occupation. Some of them choose professions connected with helping people. Others participate in social movements or become members of charitable and nonprofit organizations. Sociologists define this sort of social commitment (altruism) “as behavior that is motivated […]

The Renewable and Non-renewable Electricity Sources

Environmental impact assessments conducted by various research authorities reveal that production of electrical energy is associated with many environmental hazards. In this study, both the renewable and non-renewable sources have been considered. Most of the sources of production of electricity are considered environmentally friendly. However, at one point or another, they contribute to environmental degradation. […]

Company Q’s Current Attitude to Social Responsibility

Introduction Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be described as a practice whereby business entities regulate themselves by ensuring that they adhere to the established laws, ethical standards and international norms (Feltus, Petit, & Dubois, 2009). There have been rising concerns over the ethical and social responsibilities of contemporary firms. CSR is aimed at encouraging firms […]

Emirates NBD Bank Innovative Strategies

Emirates NBD Bank’s Description Emirates NBD Bank was formed in 2007 when the National Bank of Dubai and the Emirates Bank International merged. The bank’s website is The website is a convenient portal from where the bank’s customers from diverse countries (i.e. the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Qatar, the United Kingdom, […]

Keys to Success in Cross-Border Marketing

Background of the Project The emerging technologies have turned the world into a global village, and many firms are struggling to find ways of expanding their global operations. International marketing strategies have become integral parts of strategic management as firms try to understand the nature of the environment in the international markets. The luxury industry […]

Traditional Marketing

In business, marketing refers to the process of linking buyers with sellers. It is a medium through which sellers inform their buyers about the available products. There are mainly two types of marketing namely traditional and relationship marketing. The choice of marketing for an organization depends on various factors such as the size of the […]

Genetic experimentation and development

Introduction Genetic experimentation and development have the prospect of initiating a number of alterations as well as benefits to the human being. In addition, the genetic developments have the ability of creating new living things, prevent emission of toxic wastes as well as provide cure to various ailments. Further, through the utilization of genetic tools, […]

Liquefied Natural Gas Role in Catering the Energy Demands

Abstract As we enter into 21st century, the availability of traditional energy sources like fossil fuels is elongated to the maximum supply factor and inter-associated subjects of ever escalating demand and limited supply have resulted in exerting pressure for increased voice over “ energy security “ as both consumers and producers fight back to control […]

Nestle Coffee

Introduction Nestle Coffee is the company which requires top quality raw material to produce the coffee which may compete with other brands at the international market. The competency at the coffee market is too high, therefore, Nestle manages to remain one of the leaders of the coffee niche. Producing different types of coffee, the company […]

Intermountain healthcare and how do the field of healthcare management deal with the fact that improved quality often reduces revenues?

Having read the article “Performance management at Intermountain healthcare” by Richard M. J. Bohmer and Alexander C. Romney from April 22, 2009, it becomes obvious that no matter which actions are provided improved quality often reduces revenues. There are a lot of different explanations to his fact and the authors of the article tried to […]

Choosing a career

The choice of a career as a surgeon or fish and game warden depends on one’s ambition and hard work. Different career paths require distinct training criteria to make sure that the trainee acquires relevant information to perform the tasks in his/her area of jurisdiction. Remuneration for every career varies, depending on the nature of […]

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in the Work Place

Executive summary This paper analyses emotional intelligence and its applicability at places of work. The introductory part defines emotions and explains what emotional intelligence, and distinguishes it from academic intelligence or intelligent quotient. In the main body, deeper discussions of the tenets of emotional intelligence are explored. The causes and underlying reasons for emotional breakdown […]

The Causes and Impacts of Homelessness

Introduction Homeless families and individuals live without adequate shelters and basic needs. The homeless is a category of people who face severe forms of economic and social conditions. There are hardly any homeless conditions that do not compromise human health or complicate their ability to access basic needs including, food, health, education and financial services. […]

White collar crimes

Introduction White collar crimes are increasingly rampant today and are getting more and more sophisticated each day. These are crimes that are committed by people in respectable occupations in the course of their work. Examples of such crimes are bribery, fraud, forgery, embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, insider trading, computer crime, medical crime, identity theft, counterfeiting, extortion, […]

Marketing Project: McDonald’s

Introduction Marketing is a complex process that involves more than just promotional activities. In the contemporary business world, the need for marketing has significantly increased with increased level of competition. Marketing can be defined as a process of facilitating an exchange of something of value for something needed. This implies that the marketing process is […]