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Journey towards Freedom

Slavery went against the basis of what the American country was founded on; democracy. There were incidences of conflict between the states regarding the slavery issue, prior the civil war. The southern states were for slavery but the northern states opposed slavery. During this time, Africans were brought from Africa to work in the fields […]

The Different Lifestyle Issues that Affect People’s Health

Introduction This essay discusses the different life style issues that affect people’s health. Many diseases and disorders result from lifestyle choices. Through life style changes, individuals can afford a life free from diseases. Physical exercise and proper relaxation have been identified as critical to avoiding stress, obesity and even other complicated conditions like cancer. By […]

Song Dynasty and Two Poems for Analysis

Chinese poetry is one of the most popular literature genres in China. The variety of dynasties, their unique and unpredictable approaches to the representation of their ideas, their unbelievable passion to writing – all this seems to be amazing in the world of Chinese literature. The Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, or Yuan and Ming Dynasty […]