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“African Material Culture” by Mary Arnoldi, Chris Ruud Geary, and Kris Hardin

African Material Culture is a book written by Mary Arnoldi, Chris Ruud Geary, and Kris Hardin. The book gives the reader stimulating as well as fascinating revelations into the numerous arenas of material culture. The term “material culture” is at most times used by archeologists when referring to concrete things as well as artifacts left […]

Culture and Innovations in Organisations

Introduction Organisational culture is a set of rules and priorities which help the company meet its mission and vision, complete tasks, satisfy customers’ needs, and create its image. Depending on the country the company performs into, the principles of the organisational culture may differ. The innovation in organisation change may vary because of the peculiarities […]

Assessing Teacher Effectiveness: How Can We Predict Who Will Be of High

Abstract This research proposal is going to con duct a study aimed at developing reliable and valid ways of assessing teachers’ effectiveness. This study is influenced by the fact that currently effective methods of assessing teacher performance are still missing in the United States. Most states are using classroom observations and test scores, which are […]

Class Tardiness: A Survey of Elementary Schools

Introduction Education has proven to be the most essential background to numerous individuals across the globe. Success of several global greatest achievers has always affiliated with substantial educational background. Given its renowned importance in shaping the lives of individuals, education from a worldwide perspective has become one of the essentials in human social and economic […]

Qantas Airways Limited Analysis

Executive Summary Market analysis is a vital concept for any business organisations to be able to assess the market needs and based on what is at hand, respond to the needs. Before making a market analysis, it is good to look at a company’s background in order to ascertain how current operations were motivated by […]

Environment of Kuwait

I am writing to you concerning the burning environmental issue, namely the pollution of the desert areas with the domestic waste. I would also like to suggest the possible waste solutions to improve the existing situation. Historically, desert was devastated to a great extent during the Gulf War and certainly, this fact cannot be written […]

Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Intelligence

Elements of the US Standard Intelligence Producers Cycle Intelligence cycle denotes all the activities that are within the intelligent cycle niche. Usually, these undertakings include processes that guarantee useful decision-making for a given information. As the name suggests, Intelligence Cycle is a set of processes that includes planning, data analysis and evaluation, and integration and […]

Employee Resistance and Change Management

Organisational change calls for new ways of doing things. Besides, it alters the way of thinking. Bovey and Hede allege, “People have trouble developing a vision of what life will look like on the other side of a change. So, they tend to cling to the known rather than to embrace the unknown” (2001, p. […]

World War II Innovations

Introduction The period following the end of World War II was characterized with a great deal of technological development, probably as a consequence of the victories achieved by the Allied forces. The aftermath of World War II set in motion a wave of innovations that proved to be greatly beneficial in improving the living standards […]

Budget for Chronic Kidney Disease

Introduction Treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major challenge for major health care facilities across the world. With the increase in the prevalence rate of CKD the cost of administering the treatment of the diseases is also expected to increase. The paper seeks to develop a budget for a CKD program. The budget […]

Current Values and Ethics in Business

Ethics plays a fundamental role in business. In light of the recent ethical scandals, consumers are starting to pay attention to the ways, in which companies are behaving. Businesses and organizations that do not pursue ethical principles in their relations with markets and customers will have fewer chances to outperform their competitors than the companies, […]

Gender Inequality in Workplace

Introduction Gender inequality refers to discrimination especially in a workplace because of gender difference; in the modern world women tend to be the victims of discrimination as compared to men. Gender is the main reason for inequalities in the workplace; this is because nowadays there is a steady increase in the number of women in […]

Safety Management Plan

Purpose The main purpose of Safety Management Plan (SMP) in any organization is to provide the organization with strategies, measures that permits organizations to be able to consistently identify and manage health and safety risks, and reduce the potential for accidents. The written SMP is important in ensuring that organization comply with the numerous safety […]

Self instructional learning module

Designing an online learning environment Designing an online learning environment requires appropriate and relevant strategies to enhance successful learning. The learning environment must consist of clearly and comprehensively articulated learning objectives as well as the ultimate expectations. Since learning has to be conducted online, it is vital to come up with a website which is […]

Social and Political issues in Moliere’s “Tartuffe” and Voltaire’s “Candide”

Introduction Voltaire’s novel Candide is a satirical narrative, which makes fun of how people thought and reasoned out in the medieval times. Its major character; Candide, strategically and successfully illustrates the events as they unfolded in the then society as well as the situation in the contemporary civilization. The author uses him to highlight the […]

Adult Education for Social Change: The Role of a Grassroots Organization in Canada

Introduction Adult education encompasses the alternative educational curriculum designed for adults who, for one reason or another, dropped out of school before acquiring essential basic skills needed in life. Adult education has profound social benefits and as such, an agent for social change. Adult education is of significant value as a means of addressing social […]

The Sentinel Site for Obesity Prevention

Introduction Obesity is a condition which is characterized by excess body fats in a human body, resulting to multiple health problems. Obesity has in general reduced people’s life expectation and caused deaths worldwide. Such statistics became the reason for the creation of The Sentinel Site for Obesity Prevention. Founded in Australia, it was formed as […]

Quality Systems: Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment

Based in Dubai, the government owned Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment (MBRHE) is a primary industry player in housing development and general financial services (“Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment 2012” par. 2). Despite having been in operation for more than a decade and is very successful in the market, the company has not qualified for […]

Volunteering in leisure sector

Abstract It is an activity that is becoming a common practice by many individuals. Many institutions are also taking the opportunity of volunteers in order to save on costs while realizing their goals. This paper seeks to determine the factors that motivate volunteers in the leisure sector. It also aims at providing some of the […]

Is Jesus Christ God?

Introduction Jesus Christ came into the world 2000 years ago as predicted by the prophets thus fulfilling biblical prophecy and He changed the course of human history in terms of worship. Earlier before Jesus Christ came into the world, religious beliefs had their basis on Mosaic laws and ordinances that required rigorously adherence, but when […]

Arab Women in Media

Introduction Arab women continue to play a crucial role in bringing out positive aspects of Arabic lifestyles in different areas they live. The media plays a crucial role in many Arab societies because it helps highlight different issues that affect people living there. Arab women who are actively involved in the media face various challenges […]

Morality and Moral responsibility as presented in plays by Brecht and Kushner

The issue of morality and moral responsibility is one that usually elicits varied debates depending on the region and situation of the persons involved. In a majority of cases, whenever times of hardship come around, moral values are abandoned as individuals strive to first maintain their survival amidst the adversities. This essay shall analyse the […]