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Mobily Telecommunications Company

Executive Summary The telecommunications industry in Saudi Arabia has undergone tremendous change over the recent past. This paper focuses on three major stakeholders in the provision of telecommunication services in this region with more emphasis on Mobily Telecommunications Company. The three main companies in operation within this region are Etisalat also called Mobily, the Zain […]

Dolphins Inc. Bakery

Entrepreneurship is an inventive conversion of resources into functional products. It is beyond meager business activities due to its involvement in targeting novel niche markets. Dolphins Inc. Bakery (DIB), as a newly started company, is no exception in this realm due to its undying desire to transform the bakery industry with new health-conscious wheat products. […]

Social and Political Reflection on Korean Films

The historical background The first cinema to exist in Korea was the Tongdaemun motion picture studio, which started its operations in 1903. Thereafter, the Dangsung-sa cinema was opened in 1907 in Seoul and it commenced its operations immediately. Earlier on, before the domestic film industry was formed, the country imported films from America and Europe, […]

USA and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia International Business Transactions

United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia International business transactions Economic transactions The economy of United States of America is currently the third largest in the world with imports and exports estimated to be worth trillions of dollars. As such, the economy plays a critical role in determining the world trade (Dickson […]

Business strategies – Apple Inc

Introduction The business strategies used by Apple Inc. are evident and considerable. They have helped the company to remain competitive in the market and enhance its competitive advantages in the electronics industry. Through the use of “Bowman’s Strategy Clock”, various business and marketing provisions emerge in regard to Apple inc. Bowman’s Strategy Clock refers to […]

Factors to Consider in Teaching Young Language Learners

Introduction. Teaching English: More than Teaching Language Teaching, in general, and teaching the English language, in particular, is a challenging and complex task. It involves numerous stages of the crucial factors’ analysis, identification of the existing methods for managing specific problems and providing learners with the necessary resources. These resources are needed to acquire the […]

Raising Public Awareness And Reputation: A Pr Campaign Proposal For Nef

Executive Summary This is a PR campaign proposal prepared by Pacific PR group to Newlandia Educational Foundation. This campaign is geared towards getting third-party news coverage for NEF. This will in turn raising its profile to the people of Newlandia. To achieve the stated aim, this campaign clearly identified and described systematic sets of PR […]

Change management in The Emirates airlines

Introduction Change management entails transformation of organizations, people or groups from the present to a future desired state. Being an organizational process aimed at improving employees’ attitudes in embracing and accepting total change in their place of work and entire business environment, it involves employees and their daily processes in an organization. Hence, change management […]

Use of External Sources by Students

Academic honesty is expected from students when doing examinations, assignments and other academic discussions. Students are always expected to produce original work unless directed to do otherwise by their instructors (Harvey 132). In order to find solutions to the various problems in their course work, the internet and other external sources are readily available to […]

An Investigation of the Sustainable Benefits of Agency Banking in Kenya

Introduction The third world countries and more so in Africa have experienced rapid growth in the banking sector. Kenya has not been any exception to the tread in other third world countries. The rapid growth of the demand for banking services in Kenya has resulted to an increased consumer base for most banking institutions. Agency […]

UAE Country Profile

Introduction The UAE is one of the most lucrative countries to invest in owing to its favorable economic policies and strong infrastructural framework. Nonetheless, social distinctions may prove difficult for foreigners to handle, if they do not learn about them beforehand. Political and Legal environment in the UAE The UAE consists of seven Emirates that […]