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Case Study Research of SHRM (workforce planning) of Ramsay Health Care

Background information on the problem The problem of ageing workforce is becoming a critical issue of management in Australia. Most organizations in Australia are getting overwhelmed by the issue of a rise in the number of ageing employees. Approximately a third of Ramsay Health Care employees are over 50 years. This denotes the likelihood of […]

Economic factors that affect Tourism

Introduction Tourism is an essential element of economic growth and development of any given country in the contemporary world. A majority of developing countries rely heavily on tourism for government’s revenue. Tourism sector ranks as the leading sector in the creation of jobs, source of foreign exchange, and cultural development in many developing countries. There […]

Country Risk Analysis: Thailand

Executive Summary The paper looks at the external business environment situation of five emerging countries from Asia and then picks Thailand to analyze its risk. Further, the paper analyzes the automobile manufacturing and sales industry in Thailand and the prospects of a new firm introducing a locally manufactured car model in the country for the […]

Theories of Rent and Urban Economics

Introduction Modern urban areas can be defined and critically discussed from various perspectives. Diverse theories that define urban development do exist. The purpose of this study is to examine the various theories employed in urban economics and how the theories affect urban development in the United Kingdom. The approach used evaluates how policies that characterize […]

Corporate Sustainability Management: Toyota Australia

Toyota Motor Corporation in Australia orients in its activities to the sustainable practices in order to overcome sustainability issues associated with the environmental protection and usage of resources. To protect the environment and community’s interests, Toyota should focus on implementing strategies developed to improve the technologies of the car production in relation to vehicle design, […]

Third Grade Reading Study Books

Abstract In the local school districts, the 3rd grade students undertake the Wisconsin knowledge and concepts exams, whose main purpose is to test what these students know when it comes to key academic areas. The exams involve testing their reading skills and math through the constructed response, which requires them to give short answers to […]

Projectification in Strategic Business Management

Initial roots of project management application trace into the sectors of manufacturing, military and construction (Brown, 2007, p.1). Project management evolved as a tactical instrument to assist the carrying out of individual projects and programs, such as construction of new building facility, execute new hardware or software initiatives (Wessels, 2007, p.1). Formal frameworks for project […]

Economies of Asia: Consumption, Supply and Demand

East Asian economies have experienced paramount growth over the last decades with the rise of globalization. The liberalization of economies in Asia had paved the way for tourism to flourish which fueled the growth of Asian economies. Three specific industry sectors worth mentioning in this paper showcase the changes brought about by globalization to East […]

Harley-Davidson Motor Company Marketing Plan

Background Marketing is an important exercise in both services and goods industry; it ensures that target customers access goods and services a company manufactures. Marketing involves processes that determine the kind of products or/and services of interest to customer then the company knows exactly what to manufacture or trade in. Other than advising a company […]

Revitalization Religious Movements

According to Anthony Wallace, revitalization is the action of individuals coming together to combine their efforts with the aim of developing a new culture. This means that people decide to leave their old culture and apply all necessary knowledge and efforts within their reach to come up with a new culture. This involves changing their […]

Using a “Daily Motivational Quiz” to Increase Student Preparation, Attendance, and Participation

Summary of the Paper Evidently, the provided paper discerns the use of daily motivational quiz to increase the participation, attendance, and preparation of students. It is noted that freshmen and sophomore students who hardly pursue accounting majors (as a career choice) later in their education programs embrace introductory accounting lessons. These are, however, not highly […]

Smart Business Networks

A smart business network is one that can create better results than its competitors can. In today’s business markets, competition has heightened and therefore any business with survival goals has to be more efficient and effective in its operations. The attributes of a smart business network include strategic positioning, speed access to market information, excellent […]


Introduction A learning experience can be considered effective if it results in the acquisition of new knowledge or developing of new perceptions by a person. In the recent past, I visited three museums that represent various ethnic groups. These museums are; the Wing Luke Museum, The Burke museum, and the Cambodian Cultural Museum. I followed […]

Organization Culture for Boeing

Abstract Organization culture is defined through the application of various aspects of the firm including rules, leadership, organization structure as well as the daily activities that determine the work processes. In most cases, organization cultures are perceived as the processes that guide and determine the behavior of employees as well as other stakeholders within the […]

Descartes Goes to Hollywood

Samantha Holland’s article addresses the ‘cyborg’ element in modern contemporary films and the philosophy surrounding cyborgs. Holland’s article focuses on Rene Descartes’ philosophy when analyzing the use of ‘half human-half machine’ characters in films. Samantha Holland addresses various angles of the mind-body philosophy in this article including personal identity, dualism of beings, gender, and technology. […]

The Impacts of E-learning and Academic Performance of learners

Abstract The research proposal is based on the study topic The Impacts of E-learning and Academic Performance of Learners. This area has attracted numerous scholars and learning institutions. A research question to support this study has been developed to underpin the significance of the research. The research question emphasizes the impact of e-sources on the […]

Market report for Dubal

Introduction The US is renowned for its rich democratic space, strong consumer power, and business astuteness. However, its economic downturn and high cost of business may impede success there. A company needs to look into the external and internal factors that will affect it when it enters the international market. The purpose of the report […]

Integration of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Similarities between the criteria of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 Integrating ISO 9001 with ISO14001 encompasses linking quality management with environmental management. Reflectively, the two certification of quality have similar advantages in saving of costs and improving effectiveness and efficiency in management of business entity. As a matter of fact, ISO 14001 demands […]

The Article “Against Gay Marriage” by William J. Bennett

Introduction The article ‘Against gay marriage’ was written by William J. Bennett. He has served in various leadership positions including a position as chairperson of the National Endowment for the humanities. He has produced various write-ups concerning cultural issues in America. These include books and articles. His thesis is that gay marriage should not be […]

Greco-Roman World

Introduction The Greco-Roman world can be defined as the geographical area around the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. It is referred to as Greco-Roman because of the language, culture, religion and government influence of the Greeks and Romans. Sexual attraction between people, erotic experiences, and responses are all forms of human sexuality. Human sexuality […]

The Debate Between Augustine and Pelagius

Predestination The debate between Augustine and Pelagius with regards to Predestination Predestination according to Augustine is based on the belief that God is the ruler who can control people and make their actions according to personal will. In other words, God is the creator of the human destinies, he chooses who deserves salvation and who […]

Kidscity in Melbourne, Australia

Need for Kidscity Kidcity is not a simple entertaining center, it is a unique edutainment where children can work and get salary. Many students have problems with profession choice as they do not know what responsibilities each occupation comprises. It is important to entertain children with something. It is also important to understand that the […]