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Marcus U. studied at New Mexico State University, USA, with average GPA 3.43 out of 4.0.

Radiation Dose Reduction Strategies in Cardiac CT Angiography

Introduction With great advancements in technology especially in the field of medicine, computed tomography (CT) has developed to become a very important clinical tool (Smith-Bindman et al. 2009). The use of CT examinations has also substantially increased. In the U.S., for example, the number increased from 3 million from the 80s to about 70 million […]

An Analysis of a Real Fraud

Bernard Madoff, popularly known as Bernie, took the art of fraud to new heights after he defrauded investors off money in excess of sixty five billion dollars. This single scheme is one of the biggest frauds in the American history (Lenzner, 2008). Madoff was an investor and a business consultant when he created his fraudulent […]

The Effect of Drug X on Self-Reports of Anxiety in a Sample of Undergraduate Psychology Majors

Introduction Anxiety forms part of an individual’s body mechanisms in which it communicates that something or an act is wrong and hence, there is need to undertake corrective measures (Aleksovski, 2009). This sign has been categorised as one of the essential human survival tactics as it ensures individual wellbeing. An anxious individual can describe the […]

The Situated Cognition in Online Education

Introduction Numerous theories try to explain how to integrate pedagogical support in online education to enhance understanding. One of such theories is the situated cognition theory. The theory holds that knowledge and actions are inseparable (Bredo, 2000). It claims that people acquire knowledge by participating in certain activities or by interacting with numerous real life […]

Major Global Corporation: Toyota

Introduction Operations management deals with all the aspects of goods and services production. Operations management involves supervision, design and if necessary redesigning of business processes with the sole aim of achieving efficiency with minimal resources while meeting the requirements of customers. Management and direction of a firm or organization’s physical functions forms the core concern […]

Analysis of Japan’s Energy Policy

The Energy and Environmental Council of Japan (2012) points out that, the oil price shock that was experienced in 1973 had a fundamental impact, as far as the energy policies of many countries is concerned. According to The Energy and Environmental Council of Japan (2012), this event resulted in many countries reconsidering their energy policies, […]

European Union Free Movement Directives and Regulations

Abstract Freedom of movement among the citizens of the European Union has taken a progressive and historical process. This began with workers in the steel and coal industry and progressed to the freedom of movement of all persons including ordinary citizens. This study is mainly concerned with the anti-discriminatory clause of the freedom of movement […]

Analysis of the Film “The Iron Lady 2011”

The purpose of this paper is to examine the historical accuracy and academic worthiness of the 2011 film “The Iron Lady”, a British-American movie that attempts to portray the life and political career of Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving and only female prime minister of the United Kingdom. First, the paper develops a brief but […]

The Importance of Education during Early Childhood

Introduction In pre-school children life, parents play an integral role in influencing children’s learning experiences and knowledge grasps. This arises from interactive segments among parents and children. For this reason, many parents opt to participate in mothers and toddlers groups, childcare arrangements, babysitting activities, and other events that increase interactive sessions between toddlers and parents. […]

Talent Management Strategies and Measures

Introduction The modern business environment is facing enormous changes and constant challenges that result from human resource errors and production failures. Given the increasing demand for exemplary services by consumers, managers are continuously looking for new talents in the labour market to replace incompetent workforce and fill vacant positions (Kehinde, 2012). While the increasing need […]

New Product Development: Stew Leonard’s

Introduction Since its inception in 1969, Stew Leonard’s has positioned itself optimally in the United States’ grocery store industry by offering diverse food products. The firm has established four supermarkets, which are located in New York and Connecticut. The firm’s product portfolio is comprised of dairy products, meat, wine, and juice. In addition, the firm […]

Teachers’ attitudes towards the use of technology in teaching and learning

Attitude The availability of technology equipment in schools does not provide assurance that teachers will use them effectively. The teacher is critical in determining how technology is used in a classroom. As a result, teachers must possess the right attitude towards technology and its application in teaching and learning. Yusuf and Balogun noted that scholars […]

Troika Dialog

Troika Dialog is a principle asset corporation that was founded in nineteen ninety one and has been operating in CIS market. The center lines of trade for Troika Dialog comprise of; private investments and funding, investment banking, resources markets, unconventional investments as well as asset management. Troika Dialog works with customers from worldwide companies, administration […]

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Sexuality in the Hispanic Culture

Cultural Overview Hispanic Americans (also known as Latinos) are individuals of Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexico, South or Central America, or other Spanish cultures regardless of their race (Foster, 1999). Despite, the differences in terms of nationalities, LGBT Hispanics have many values in common as reflected in their spirituality, altruism, and family values. Regardless of the […]

‘Double Suicide’ – By Shinoda Masahiro

Introduction Movies, akin to any other form of art, have been part of our lives since first black and white movie appeared on the big screen. The Chinese and Japanese actors have been strongly engaged in acting for a long time, with their movies carrying important facets of social, cultural, political and even economic concepts […]

Brazil Offset Program

The term offset is an English word that is used to mean compensate or the act of counterbalancing. Offsetting is used in various fields depending on the different scenarios. For instance, it can be used in the business world when a person settles a debt. In this report however, offsetting will be discussed in the […]

Is universal healthcare a right?

Universal healthcare Support for universal healthcare is based on the argument that health insurance for all increase access to healthcare. With universal care, patients will comply better with treatment regime and, overall, the cost of providing care to the economy will be lower. According to international human rights treaties, such as Article 25 of the […]

Introduced Species and Biodiversity

Introduction Biodiversity refers to the sum total of species, ecosystems and genes in a certain location. The term encompasses all spheres of biological systems such as the genetic or molecular sphere, the population sphere, the species, ecosystem and organ spheres, as well. Conversely, an introduced species is one that exists in an area outside of […]

Ethical and Moral Theory in Christian Worldview

Introduction In Christianity life, doing good at all times is an obligation that is expected of all its followers. Jesus Christ who is regarded as the founder of Christianity told his disciples to go all over the world and spread the gospel. After his death, his disciples started preaching as their leader had told them […]

Concept of Fallacy Spotting in Philosophy

Introduction Despite the fact that people accept their existence and usage in the day-to-day life, there has been no agreed definition for the term fallacy. Different people come up with different definitions depending on the applicability of the term and the nature of the situation in which the term is being used. However, some elements […]

Book Review: Freaks, Geeks, And Cool Kids-American teenagers, schools, and the culture of consumption

Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids is a book by Murray Milner that explains teenagers’ behaviors in American high schools. The author of the book turns the readers’ attention to how teenagers’ lives are organized in secondary schools across America. In addition, the book addresses how these formations shape these teenagers’ lives. In this book, Milner […]

B2B and B2C marketing

Introduction B2B marketing refers to a set up where goods and/or services are sold from one corporation to another while B2C is a case where commodities are sold from a business to the consumer. There exist deep running differences between these two forms of marketing, as much as they both involve selling commodities or services. […]