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Mary Jane Watson studied at Florida Atlantic University, USA, with average GPA 3.24 out of 4.0.

Krishna Das (Jeffrey Kagel)

Introduction Krishna Das is a vocalist from the United States of America. He was born Jeffrey Kagel in 1947. He is famous for compositions and performances in a music genre known as kirtan. He has released eleven albums since he started his music career in 1996. Das is the most famous American singer of the […]

The Lord’s Supper

Introduction The Lord’s Supper was instituted by Jesus Christ before His death on the cross. It is a Christian practice that has been observed for a long time. The history of this practice dates back to the Old Testament days, during the Passover. The Lord’s Supper is one of the Christian doctrines that have been […]

Medical Ethics in Treatment of Animals

The use of animals in research has raised concern among organisations that fight for animal rights. In the recent past, there has been an attempt to use alternative methods such as the Ames test which uses a bacterium. The attempt to replace rodents with such bacteria has not been completely successful (Festing & Wilkinson 2007). […]

Etihad Airways to Collaborate with Maharashtra Government for Economic Growth

Summary The main issue of the article is an establishment of collaborative bonds between Etihad Airways and the government of Maharashtra. The author of the article describes the key meeting between James Hogan, who serves as a Chief Information Operator for the crucial airlines corporation and Devendra Fadnavis. The latter works for the Maharashtra government. […]

Autism and its Effects on Social Interaction

Summary of the Article The article “Social Impairment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” identifies the major challenges facing many people with autism. The authors wanted to examine the social problems and difficulties encountered by individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The level of “social impairment for individuals with ASD varies significantly from one person […]

Odd and Even Pricing

Introduction Firms are established with the goal of maximizing the level of their profitability. However, the attainment of this goal might be subject to diverse macro environmental changes. For example, the intensity of competition may shrink a firm’s profitability potential. Additionally, changes in the economic environment may affect the consumers’ purchasing power. Despite these market […]

Market Based Management

Introduction Market based management (MBM) is a comprehensive philosophy to business administration (Gable & Ellig, 1993). Charles Koch created the idea. MBM incorporates hypothesis and practice and trains corporations to tackle with the hurdles of growth and change. The fundamental nature of market based management idea is developing authentic and reliable value for consumers and […]

Kraft Foods’ Diverse Brand Portfolio

Among the brands, owned by Kraft Foods, one can distinguish low-end products that attract price-sensitive buyers. For instance, one can speak about the snack called Wheat Thins distributed predominantly in North America. It is supposed to meet the needs of customers whose purchasing power can vary significantly. Furthermore, such a brand as Planters can also […]

Ethics in Group Counseling

Abstract Ethical issues are at the heart of the counseling process and practice. This paper discusses the issue of ethics with close consideration of professional practice of counseling and therapy. The paper narrows down to the complexity of ethical issues that counselors face in group settings in comparison to individual therapy. It further discusses the […]

Marketing communication – Sizzling International Ltd

Introduction This is a marketing communication brief for ‘Marcomms Suppliers/Service Providers’ on a brand new product that aims at competing with the market leaders in the world of bathing soaps and detergents. Apart from highlighting the benefits that are certain to be realized through every bit of this strategic intervention, the brief is based on […]

Governance: Research And Analysis

Abstract The paper explores the kind of governance that is practiced in most of the institutions of higher learning. A more critical look is given to Whitman College, a small college of liberal art and sciences found in the United States. A brief history of the college is first presented followed by the statement the […]

Strategic human resource practices

Introduction Strategic human resource practices refer to an approach of managing human resource activities in a way that is in line with the organization’s strategy. It ensures that human capital policies and practices are designed and implemented in away that they eventually contribute to the efforts of an organization of achieving its objectives (Baird & […]

The Personal Conflict Resolution

Every day people interact with the other persons in the context of their usual daily activity or at the workplaces. The character of communication between different individuals can be positive or negative depending on the effectiveness of their interaction in reaching the goals which can satisfy or not both persons. Thus, when it is difficult […]

United States and the Asia-Pacific Region Countries Relationships

The Cold War dominated the world right from the 1940s up to around 1990s. During this period, various countries that were allied to either the United States or to the Soviet Union engaged in protracted battles or military aggressions with one another. Although the two powerful countries never really engaged in a large-scale fight, the […]

Effects of Music in Advertising

Music has been recognized as a powerful stimulus affecting people’s mood and even health since times immemorial. Realizing the potential of using the music elements in advertizing for affecting the consumers’ perception and purchasing behavior, marketers use music in supermarkets and as a background feature in commercials. The findings of the latest empirical studies have […]

Guess Jeans

Abstract Guess Inc. is a leading American apparel company specialized in clothes, watches, perfumes, jewelry, and other fashion accessories. Within the last three decades, the company has faced numerous challenges and lawsuits arising from its unethical business practices. This discussion identifies the use of toxic chemicals, sweetshop labor practices, and controversial advertisements as the major […]

Education and Leadership Role Modeling

Summary Although the application of desired leadership and employee management qualities in the endeavor to achieve an organization’s set goals may sound an easy undertaking, this is one of the primary nightmares facing most leaders (Harris, 2010, Para 1). According to research findings obtained by Development Dimensions International (DDI), Deloitte Consulting and other organizations, most […]

‘Start-up Zeo’ – Personal Sleep Monitor Device

Introduction ‘Start-up Zeo’ is an organization established in Massachusetts that deals with manufacturing personal sleep monitor device. The device has capability of consolidating data from brain in the process of sleeping. It is new in the market and designed in form of a sleeping coach, hence the product requires breakthrough within the market. Development of […]

Proper Gun Control

Introduction Guns are the most widely used weapons today. The fact that they both cause and prevent violent crimes brings about a serious debate on how to properly regulate their ownership. It is notable that most violent crimes, especially in more developed countries, are committed using firearms. Gun control involves laws and policies aimed at […]