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Global Poverty Studies and their Importance

Poverty is a burning issue nowadays because it exists not only in separate countries or regions but throughout the world. Even in rich countries, such as the United States and Great Britain, poverty causes serious problems, like alcohol and drug abuse, violence, premature morbidity, and stress. All these factors influence the society and the economy […]

Hiring an Effective Staffing Manager

Abstract This paper examines the attributes needed to hire an effective staffing manager, compares human resource planning for a large international bank and for a local police department as well as evaluates the processes behind recruitment effectiveness. Through globalization and the process of outsourcing and offshoring, employee teams are no longer isolated to merely being […]

Business Ethics Policies and Practices

Ethics has diverse definitions depending on the field in which it is applied. From a general perspective, ethics encompasses well-established standards of wrong and right acts that humankind should avoid and do. The standards include instances of honesty, societal benefits, fairness, and particular virtues. Moreover, ethics revolves around the development of the above standards in […]

Media in the society

Introduction Media is a communication network through which news, theatre, education and messages are dispersed. It comprises of distribution mediums such as, magazines, television, posters, cell phone, facsimile, and the internet (Fox & Ramos 2011, p.125). Media events are developed from the media and are considered to be motions that are created for publicity purposes. […]

Alara Spring/Summer Collection Analysis

Executive Summary The fashion industry is versatile, ever evolving, and full of potential. Although various other companies occupy the fashion industry, its dynamism makes it accommodative of others as long as the newcomers bring something new to the table. Alara is one such company that brings innovative and dynamic designs that offer a fresh set […]

Relevance of Resource-Based View to Human Resource Management

Introduction In a highly competitive economic environment, typified by such phenomena as the globalization of markets, shifting workforce demographics, changing customer preferences and increasing product-market differentiation, people and the way they are managed as a source of competitive advantage becomes of much significance to the organization, in part due to the fact that many other […]

The Case of Hernando Washington’s Trial

The article written by Lisa McIntyre discusses the case of Hernando Washington who was convicted of rape and murder. The author looks at the actions of this individual from a sociological perspective. Moreover, she discusses the work of defense attorneys who are often blamed for protecting people who are supposedly guilty of serious crime such […]

Heriot-Watt University Blue-print Strategy

Introduction Heriot-Watt University is a university in Scotland based in Edinburgh. The university takes pride in offering practical solutions both to day global challenges as well as providing appropriate education to many students. The society is highly committed in digging deep into the challenges facing the society, assessing them and structuring appropriate programmes to tackle […]

Business Ethics – Home Depot

Robert Nardelli used an authoritative leadership style throughout his tenure at Home Depot. His style of leadership was also described by others as an imperial one. In spite of his authoritative nature, Home Depot regained its stable financial position after a period of five years . This implied that his leadership style was excellent even […]

Religion in the Modern World

Introduction Religion is a set of cultural and belief system and practices that relate humanity to spirituality and are relative to sacred things (Heilman 25). It is a common term used to elect all concepts regarding the belief in the so called the god(s) or goddess as well as other divine beings concerns. Religion has […]

Key Variables and Therapeutic Factors

Group process refers to actions that are specific to groups. Such actions are a result of emotional construction. As far as group process is concerned, the main variable is cohesion because it is discussed widely in many clinical and therapeutic studies. However, there is a big difference regarding operational and conceptual definition of the variable. […]

The German Way of War

Germany is a small country with limited resources but well geographically positioned in Europe. It took part in conquering many countries in North Africa in the First World War. Although Germany appeared small in terms of size, population, and financial status, it won in many wars. The Prussian-German way of winning wars amazed many people. […]

Apple Computer Inc. – History and Goals

Apple Computer Inc. currently referred to as Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation based in the U.S., which designs electronics like personal computers, computer software, and distributes them for sale. Macintosh computers, iPhone, iPad, and iPod are the commonly known hardware products produced by the company. Its software includes aperture, Mac OS X operating system, […]

Integrated Marketing Communications

Communication effort as a way of marketing a particular brand makes use Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) (Smith &Taylor, 2004). Through this concept, the relationship between the customer and the brand is greatly enhanced. The communication efforts employed here are primarily meant to foster a warm customer relationship so that a particular brand can be consumed […]


Medicalization is a process where problems affecting human beings are diagnosed medically and treated using medical prescriptions. Therefore medicalization of deviance involves introducing medical treatment to correct deviant behaviors. This however applies to certain behaviors that are non-normative in appearance and therefore receive the condemnation of the society. Examples of such behaviors include male chauvinism, […]

Oil and Gas Drilling Industry

Introduction This essay presents an overview of the Oil and Gas drilling industry. Some of the peculiar aspects of this industry are the price unpredictability of oil. The industry grows in a cyclical way and is largely oligopolistic. The industry is money and labor intensive thus only companies or individuals with access to huge capital […]

Contemporary Art in China

Introduction The development of contemporary art in China is a result of intellectual, cultural, economic political and social factors. The growth and acceptance of contemporary art in China has not taken place overnight. Rather, it has taken decades of struggle for freedom, execution of artists, and manipulation of art associations by the communist government. However, […]

Emerging Markets (EMs)

Emerging markets are countries with thriving economies such as China and India. Today, there is middle class in emerging markets, which has created target markets for firms (Ernst & Young 2). The large numbers of middle class in emerging markets with disposable incomes provide huge markets for firms. This is suitable for investments because EMs […]

Book Review: Awfully Devoted Women

Book Review Preliminary Cameron Duder’s Awfully Devoted Women: Lesbian Lives in Canada 1900-65 stands out as a must-read masterpiece that centers on the sexual relationships that existed before 1965 in Canada. Before 1965, lesbianism was secretive despite the failure to account for the many episodes of same-sex relationship that existed among the middle-class women, upper […]

Turbo Charged Engines

Abstract Advancements in the creation of vehicle components with the inclusion of modern technology has played a critical role towards the development of advanced hardware components that many manufactures have used to fashion internal combustion engines adhering to drivability, improved fuel economy and stricter emission regulations. A turbocharger is an invention of Alfred Buchi (1879-1959), […]

Jackson Pollock: Portrait and a dream

Description of the artwork “Portrait and a dream” is an artwork created by Jackson Pollock in 1953. It is categorized under the works by modern abstract expressionists. The medium the artist used to do the painting is canvas, while the material used is oil. Its size and dimensions are 148.59 x 342.26 cm. The subject […]

“Dibs” Reaction Paper

Dibs in Search of Self represents a true story about a young boy who managed to overcome psychological problem through play therapy. Teachers are reluctant to engage Dibs in the study because of his reserved and indifferent attitude to studying. However, a series of therapy sessions help the boy overcome the difficulties and understand his […]

Ghost’s Fear

The mention of the word ghost scares many people. Mention it and people will be at the verge of breaking their bones as they escape from something that they have not even seen. Ghosts can be defined as the spirits of the dead people that are said to appear to human beings (Ibsen 17). Today, […]

Ethics in Action

Ethics plays an important role in our decision-making process, be it individually or collectively in an organizational context. Ethics deals with knowing what is wrong and what is right. Thus, it involves analyzing ethical decisions, beliefs, and actors inline with different activities. Recognizing the risks of poor decision-making can prevent ethical issues that arise in […]

Maurice Ravel’ “Bolero”

Maurice Ravel is one of the most significant composers of the twentieth century. He created numerous fabulous works which have inspired many people of art. Of course, Bolero is one of his most famous works. Interestingly, this one-movement orchestral piece is often seen as simplistic (Zank 41). Some even claim that this notoriety prevented many […]


Executive Summary The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) are the two largest exchanges in North America. These two attract not only the most prominent exchange traders in the United States of American but also have the most number of equities in the country. It is […]

American West, 1860-1900

Introduction As the American civil war was ending in 1980, the focus turned to the west. There was later a confirmation in the same year indicating that there was a shift of the frontier. This hence raised questions pertaining to the manner in which this frontier was settled in approximately 25 years. With the development […]