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Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

The work was written in 1922 in Germany just after the First World War, which brought a lot of trouble to the Germans. After this war, they felt unfairly humiliated and decided to take revenge, which happened a few years later. Hate turned out to be cruel, and in the meantime, a writer like Hesse […]

Management and Strategy Making

Management refers to the organization required in resource allocation in order to attain goals. The task is a complex process involving vast risks, opportunities, along with resources that need to be efficient innovations. Mostly, effective management relies on the timeliness and accuracy of information for decision-making; this is because the process requires quality assessment of […]

Forms and Examples of Information Warfare

Information warfare is the manipulation of information to fulfill a military or political agenda. Gathering information and using it to weaken the opponent is the main reason behind the prevailing use of different types of information warfare tactics. Disinformation and propaganda are the two main forms of information warfare. Most of these forms gained considerable […]

2008 and 2013 Sichuan Earthquakes in China

Introduction This paper explores both 2008 and 2013 Sichuan earthquakes in China. It provides detailed descriptions of how each earthquake occurred, similarities and differences between the two incidences. In addition, it shows social and economic effects of the two earthquakes on people. The Sichuan Earthquake in 2008 On May 12, 2008, a devastating earthquake with […]

Starbucks Corporation in American

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company situated in Washington. It was founded by three scholars at the University of San Francisco who had ambitions of selling high quality coffee beans and equipment (Simon, 2009). During that time the company provided only foodstuffs such as coffee and ready-made sandwiches. It was also involved in entertainment. […]

America’s Workplace Inequality

Introduction American workplace has being undergoing transformations that have characterized the nature, relation, power, and performance of key stakeholders who in this sense constitute the employers, employees, government, and the unions. American workplace exhibits great aspects of heterogeneity, and this has been contributed by presence of diverse groups of people who possess varying skills, knowledge, […]

Australian Transportation Industry

Introduction This report is about the Australian Transportation Industry, which has several transit partners, including Onyx that endeavors to transform transportation in Melbourne. The report is divided into various segments, with detailed information about the technology and how to achieve the intended goal in the transport industry in Australia. Moreover, the status of the industry […]

Biodiversity and Health

Biodiversity is essential for survival of many living organisms on the earth (Duffy 438). Disturbance of the ecosystems on the earth results in many changes, some of which could contribute to human diseases. Pathogens and disease vectors are the major causes of infectious diseases in human beings. Diseases lead to poor health outcomes and unhealthy […]

Business Strategy: ConocoPhillips Alaska

Introduction This part of the project deals with the formulation of a business strategy that would drive ConocoPhillips’ next strategic investments in Alaska. The approach relies on the interpretation of the company’s mission and vision, in addition to the use of internal and external business analysis tools as summaries in the company strategy summation in […]

Reform of Education in California

Context and relevance The demographic changes in the United States transform the cultural landscape of the country. America attracts people who may represent different cultural, ethnic, and religious groups. This trend sets new requirements for educational organizations that need to adopt various strategies to support people who struggle to integrate into the society. It should […]

Islam and Egypt

The Islamic society has deeply rooted beliefs and teachings concerning governance, which have contributed to the recently witnessed uprising in the horns of Africa. For instance, Sayyid Abu’l-A’la Mawdudi (1903–79), an ideologist of global Islamism held that all Muslims have the right to rule or constitute the executive system of government and, at the same […]

Joan Miro’s Self Portrait I

Introduction A self portrait encompasses an artist’s representation of himself. This paper’s major subject encompasses a 1917 self portrait by Joan Miro1. This portrait encompasses one of his earlier works that were produced before his first exhibition in 1918. The identification of themes is essential before the painting of a self portrait. The painting’s major […]

International Cooperation between China and US

Introduction International relations study focuses on the way that the world works. This is not easy, and no single theory can offer a comprehensive explanation1. The aspect of international relations is growing increasingly complex by the day. The world has witnessed significant changes in the balance of power over the past years. Notably, the world […]

Flexible Work Schedule and Work-Life Balance

Introduction Work-life balance is a top agenda item for human resource managers of most multinational and large organizations. It is even the top priority issue for employees everywhere. Whether to adopt work-life balance or flexible schedules remains a contentious issue especially with times of great business economic threats on one hand and increased family pressure […]

Are we living in an Age of Empire?

The term “Empire” has a common meaning of the notion of a state headed by an emperor or a monarch together with culturally distinct people. The most salient political in the empire were customarily between noble elite and the lower. An Empire is a systematically organized governing organ that formulates and amends state’s policies. Empires […]

Cognitive Dissonance

Introduction The term cognitive dissonance which is associated with Leon Festinger came into existence in 1957. It is used to describe a psychologically disturbing state or imbalance that occurs when there is inconsistency about various cognitions on a thing. The most common examples of inconsistent cognitions are the awareness that smoking is harmful to the […]

Northanger Abbey

Summary of the “Northanger Abbey” From the provided excerpt, it is evident that Tilney invited Catherine to spend several weeks with her and she was to stay in Northanger Abbey. Unfortunately, Catherine could hardly sleep due to strange illusions that engulfed the fateful night discussed in the passage. Initially, she thought Northanger Abbey to be […]

Management practices and behaviors

Introduction In every organization, the productivity of employees is significantly determined by the organization’s ability to motivate them. In order to motivate their employees effectively, it is important for an organization to employ the appropriate management practices and behaviors. Management practices and behaviors is one of the most appropriate tools which can be used to […]

Electrical and Electronics Importing In Canada

Canada is a country found in North America. She consists of ten provinces i.e. British Columbia, Newfoundland, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Alberta and Labrador, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan and three territories: Northwest Territories, Nunavut territories and Yukon. Canada is located between the Atlantic, the Pacific and lies on the north, it boarder […]

Civic Education

Abstract Civic education is necessary for every citizen to be able to perform the required obligations in a democracy. However, the teaching of civic education in schools has declined. This discussion aims to shed light on the current situation of civic education in the United States. The reasons why the teaching of this subject is […]

Reflection on Malcolm X

The Pan-African movement played an invaluable role towards the emancipation of the African Americans. Various African American leaders played significant roles towards the achievement of this goal. Malcolm X was a prominent figure in the Pan-African world. Based on this notion, this paper is structured by highlighting how the early life of Malcolm X shaped […]

Overture To The Flying Dutchman

Richard Wagner (22 May 1813 – 13 February 1883) fruitful musical output was confined to the composition of operas only and he is remembered for his significant contribution in bringing the opera to new and unreached heights of dramatic splendour, theater, and spell bounding music, which were notable for their complex texture, rich harmonies, elaborate use […]