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Meg Whitman’s Leadership at eBay

Today’s extremely arduous business environment compels leaders to implement radical changes within their organizations. For instance, to promote the company’s steady development, Meg Whitman, the former president and CEO of eBay Inc., initiated transformations that corresponded to the organization’s objectives and market-associated challenges. This paper will discuss Meg Whitman’s leadership and measures undertaken through the […]

Theoretical Essay: Why Employees Should Be Compensated for Good Work

Introduction There is extensive research on the impact of effective compensation strategies on employees’ motivation and performance. Researchers have considered a variety of options including monetary compensation as well as non-material awards. It has been acknowledged that rewarding employees for good work has a positive effect on their performance as well as performance of the […]

Change Management in Nokia Company

Company background Nokia Corporation is an international communication firm whose headquarters are situated in Espoo. The company is popular for manufacturing mobile phones. In addition, the company manufactures other consumer products like mobile networks, set-top boxes, and apparatus for broadband internet. Moreover, Nokia Corporation supplies the motor industry with car speakers (Kautto 2009). Currently, the […]

Institutional Accountability: Dispersion of Power and Delegation of Responsibilities

Introduction Governance and accountability is a critical concept to the development of states. Accountability in governance is a vital practice. It encourages effectiveness in discharge of duties and equitable allocation of resources. Accountability in different institutions has a close link with the way power is distributed in organizations. The loci of power in institutions are […]

Strategic Analysis: A Case Study of Woolworths Ltd

Executive Summary This report analyses in detail the overall environment in which Woolworth supermarket operates with a view of identifying particular areas where the management needs to put in measures that can enhance growth and performance. Woolworth is a retail chain established in both Australia and New Zealand and which mainly deals in foodstuffs. The […]

Knowledge Worker Information Systems-Infrastructure and Layers

Introduction There are four key phases of evolution of infrastructure. The stages include connection, communication, conversations and collaboration. The four stages are decisive in the management of knowledge. Information system is a vital asset in any organization since it enables the organization to boost its performance (Maier, 2011). Connections This stage enables anybody in the […]

Information System Strategy

Several decades ago, the UAE telecommunication market used to be widely criticized for its slow development, the exceeding extent of the governmental regulating power, and the high cost of the offered services. However, the situation seems to have changed significantly with the appearance of the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company that has become better known as […]

Review of Wordfast: Strengths and Weaknesses of This Translation Memory Tool

With the recent advancements in the sphere of computer technologies and the advent of ICT translation productivity tools, translation can be regarded as not only craft, but also a rapidly growing industry. Whereas the translations are paid by the word count, the translator’s productivity is defined as the greatest number of words translated at the […]

Educational Policy

Introduction Education usually takes place in many forms depending on the purpose through the many institutions. Educational policy is meant to guide reforms or programmes in the education system of a nation or an institution. Education policy therefore is a collection of laws as well as rules intended to govern the processes of an education […]

Carbon Footprint

Introduction Irregular climatic conditions remain the prime (environmental) challenge that the globe is facing at present. The consumption of fossil fuels by the energy infrastructure is one of the greatest sources of greenhouse gases which are responsible for recent global warming and climate change concern. The ministry of the regional municipalities and water resources’ should […]

Effective Recruitment and Transnational Managers

Effective recruitment is an important aspect in any organization as it separates different available talents creating a balance in an organization’s operations booming the market. With the global business nature, the organizations have implemented precise and efficient recruitment strategies that enhance deep reservoir to staffs both globally and locally. For instance, one of these strategies […]

Isolation and Capital Punishments

Isolation and capital punishments are both social evils. Isolating people deprives them the right to stay with their families, and limits their freedom of movement (Samaha 418). Besides, isolated persons seem to acquire brain disorders in the end and they become obliterated socially. On the other hand, capital punishments such as deaths deprives of people […]

Wireless Power Transmission Implication for the Environment

Wireless power involves the transmission of power without using wires or cords. Use of Wireless power transfer technology can lessen or eradicate the need for batteries and wires. Although wireless power has several benefits to the community and the environment, it, also, has negative implications. This paper will focus on some forms of wireless power […]

The Industrial Revolution and Beyond: Culture, Work, and Social Change

Overview The Industrial Revolution is the era of massive enormous technological advancements and social changes, which affected people to the extent which is often contrasted to the change from hunter and gathering to agriculture. Development of machines increased production and enhanced the economy that had initially relied on skilled labor. The exact dates are an […]

The Koryo Dynasty

Introduction The Koryo Dynasty (918-1392) of Korea developed from the need of protecting kingdoms of Silla, Kokuryu and Paekche Koryo from internal conflicts and attacks from China and Japan. This dynasty based on a military structure was generally damaging to the citizens for the following reasons. To begin with, although the system was run by […]

History of the Christianity Contributions to the Western World

Christianity makes a lot of contributions to the Western world because the history of Westerners is closely associated with the development of Christianity. From this point, many religious aspects which are characteristic for Christianity are reflected in the social and political orders of the Western states, in morality and philosophy of the Western people. It […]

A Child and Society; the Role of the Society in Enhancing Sustainable Development through Childhood Education

Introduction Currently, there is a need for an Education aimed at sustainable development (meeting current and future societal needs without compromising the environment). As Deiner (2009) notes, education that does not equip people with the ability to mitigate life’s challenges does not have its place in our society. A child is more of a ‘clean […]