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Causes of the Breakup of the Former Yugoslavia

The breakup of the former Yugoslavia has been discussed at length by leading historians, political analysts and other theorists. A number of perspectives have been fronted in an attempt to offer explanations as to why the Yugoslavia federation disintegrated. Through a critical evaluation of the primordial argument and the Constructivist perspective, this paper aims to […]

The Required Skills for a Sales Manager

Introduction and Summary In sales jobs, sales managers normally play a very crucial role. This is majorly based on the fact that they act as intermediaries that link an organization to its potential clients while offering proficient leadership in the management of sales. It is based on this reason that these sales managers have to […]

Trade and Economic Policy Reform in United Kingdom

Introduction The United Kingdom has been undergoing comprehensive trade and economic reforms that have shaped its economic position in Europe. Trade and economic reforms are central to social, political, and economic progress thus imperative for sustainable development of a nation. Wave of globalization in terms of democracy and economy has compelled the United Kingdom to […]

Performance Appraisal as a Tool for Achieving Organizational and Employee Development

Overview of RMRDC The Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) promotes the development of industrial raw materials in the Republic of Nigeria. It also oversees the utilisation of the same minerals, while its activities are considered part of the Nigerian government on a federal level. The organisation started in 1988 and has grown to […]

The Use of Video Surveillance Cameras in the Workplace Should Be Abolished/Reaffirmed

Introduction The use of video surveillance cameras in the workplace is a controversial issue that has elicited mixed feelings in different people. The issue has both opponents and proponents. Opponents claim that the use of surveillance cameras in the workplace is unethical because it violates the right of employees to privacy (Weckert, 2005, p.35). In […]

Iconic Brands and Materiality: Lenovo

In his works, Daniel Miller develops a theory of materiality according to which individuals tend to express their values or attitudes through the acquisition and manipulation of material objects (Miller ac cited in Borgerson 2005, p. 440). Normally, they do it by buying the so-called iconic brands that are a part of a certain culture. […]

Branding and Marketing Positioning

Abstract The performance of many businesses nowadays depends on their competitive advantage. Businesses can achieve competitive advantage through its strategies by identifying their roles and that of their rivals. The roles played by businesses in an industry are classified into three groups namely: market leader, market challenger, market follower, and market “nicher”. The paper explores […]

Comparison of Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are two of the most important processes for achieving set goals and objectives when working through people. The two processes ensure that an individual is able to effectively and efficiently utilize human resources in various contexts to achieve increased productivity. A person possessing good leadership and management Abilities is able to increase […]

Managing Complex Employment Expectations

Abstract The traditional expatriate package provides benefits such as housing allowance and ensures that employees’ salaries are not reduced when they take international assignments. However, it cannot be sustained due to its high costs. The local international policy reduces costs by reducing the expats’ salaries and benefits. However, the application of the policy is limited […]

Events Management

Introduction Globally, it is known that fashion shows are ways of introducing clothing lines, which are exposed to the general public or the community at large. Basically, it is also the best way of triggering an interest among buyers by just placing the clothing line in boutiques or beauty shops. An organizing manager planning for […]

Practical Book Review: “Why Don’t We Listen Better? Communicating & Connecting in Relationships?” by Jim Peterson

Introduction Most people are not good at listening. While other people are talking, we concentrate on our thoughts, instead of concentrating on what they are saying. Not many people know how much listening can enhance our lives. Jim Peterson states that the very skills that are applied in good communication are applied in organizational offices, […]

Reading Acquisition Theories

There are three main reading views namely: traditional, cognitive and metacognitive reading views. The views shares some similarities and differences, this is because cognitive and metacognitive views are developed theories from traditional reading view. The shifts have resulted from changes in scientifically research developments and growing different uses of read information. As a result, several […]

Empirical Research on Individual Conformity to Group Pressure

Introduction Human beings are social and interact with others in different social arrangements. Many times the associations take place in group settings that require individuals to work jointly to meet set goals. At the work place, groups are commonly formulated to complete tasks meant to grow an organization. With the advancement in technology experienced globally, […]

Industrial Relations: Conflict and Cooperation

There is no doubt that both conflict and cooperation are part and parcel of employment relationships. There are different forms of industrial conflicts. These include: Overt (boycotts, pickets, sabotages, strikes, bans, etc); covert (absenteeism, work to rule, theft, go-slow, indifference, etc); individual or collective conflicts; and proactive conflicts. There are several reasons suggested to explain […]

Self Evaluation and Management

Self evaluation and personal management have become some of the important components that assist to develop self esteem, identify performance abilities and establish better relationship with other people. Studies indicate that self evaluation goes beyond the view an individual has himself or herself to a continuous and constant determination of progress and personal growth. Calás […]

The Relationship between Emotion and Cognition: Imposed Emotions and Brain Imaging Investigation

Introduction The direct interdependence between emotion and cognition is discussed by researchers as the stated phenomenon. Emotion affects attention, memory, and reasoning (Dolan, 2002). The researchers study the effects of emotion on the person’s cognitive processes with the help of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and there is the supported argument that emotion can affect […]

Technology to address challenges for intelligence agencies

Introduction After the terrorist attacks directed towards the United States on September 11, 2001, intelligence agencies shifted their attention to sealing hidden weaknesses in the existing defense measures. Over the years, there have been increased attempts to analyze security weaknesses and develop strategies to deal with emerging challenges. This has led to the establishment of […]

Macroeconomic Analysis Using an Article

Introduction Macroeconomics is a variable topic centred on the economy and factors that influence its overall development. Governments and businesses apply the concept of microeconomics to articulate general growth and development of their economy an how to implement policies that would generate maximum returns to support their overall development. It tracks the behavioural pattern of […]

Induced beauty as a Social Problem

Literature indicates that the connection between a thin body image and extreme prettiness amongst the majority of American women has culminated into an undesirable consequence on their self-esteem and dieting parameters. Concurrently, women are striving to attain the beauty associated with a thin body to an extent that it ultimately becomes a vice. It is […]

Managing In an Inclusive Environment: Discrimination

Introduction The use of machinery was developed to replace human resource in the industry, however, despite the development; human resource is inevitable because of the various operations that cannot be handled by the machines. Thus human resource is an important aspect of the business organization which should be carefully handled if at all the organization […]

Tips On How To Make First Day of Class Productive For New Teachers

Introduction According to Cooper (2010), the process of teaching is rewarding and gratifying. Indeed, the teaching profession is a noble one. Many teachers take pride in helping students discover an effective learning process in school. New teachers however need to learn how to deliver more effective teaching strategies and approach as they begin their journey […]

Women in US Armed Forces

Abstract The role and involvement of women in the US armed forces has increased over time since World War 2. The role has changed from being mere supporters in nursing those injured during the war to taking senior positions in the military like General and Flag Officers. Initially women were not allowed to undertake combat […]