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Mephistopheles studied at Clark University, USA, with average GPA 3.75 out of 4.0.

Print media is dead

Introduction Since the invention of the creative industry in the world, mass media has been an important industry in propelling creativity through the spread of information within this industry (Campbell & Park 2008). Central to fashion and design, which form an integral part of the creative industry, the media have significantly improved the visibility of […]

Marketing Plan: Educational Product

Economics Because the business is a start up, we intend to do much of our operations in Montreal, Canada after which we will weigh the prospects of operating in other destinations. We settled on Montreal because of its high population of at least 3,859,318 people. Moreover, a number of its firms deal in aerospace, nanotechnology, […]

Women of Middle East

Discussion on whether or not participation in militant/national movements and/or political struggles will bring about women’s rights and empowerment for women in parts of the Middle East Since time memorial women in the Middle East have experienced denial of formal voice and office where they could express their rights. They have got no place where […]

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

William Blake is arguably one of the most controversial poets of the Romantic Age. As a child, Blake claimed to have a vision of a tree that was filled with angels (McGann 130). This was just the beginning of controversy for this prolific eighteenth century philosopher. During the course of his life, Blake claimed to […]

Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire in the workplace can be very disastrous because of the losses it can cause. The losses here can be regarded to the terms of property damage and loss of lives. However, most people do not worry about material loss because they are easy to replace; life is the most precious thing. In most situations, […]