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Mia Sharp studied at The University of Texas at Arlington, USA, with average GPA 3.5 out of 4.0.

Architectural Design of the Autostadt roof

This paper is aimed at discussing the Autostadt roof which was designed by the German firm Graft. It is placed over one of the service pavilion showcased by Volkswagen. This design resembles a leaf that is placed over the landscape1 (“Organically shaped autostadt roof”). To a great extent, it represents the most modern trends in […]

Educator Mentoring in Public Texas Schools

Educator mentoring in public Texas Schools It is apparent that Texas education Agency offers a wide range of services to members of staff in the teaching fraternity and mentors to facilitate mentorship programs in public schools (Anon, 2011). Enormous effort has been put in place to employ teachers and nonteaching staffs whose roles and responsibilities […]

Power Relations in the Oil Supply Chain

Introduction Supply Chain Management [SCM] is a fundamental strategic management element not only in enhancing flow of products and services, but also in assisting organisations to cope with volatile business environments (Lin, Tsao & Lin 2013). Power is a fundamental element in supply chain because it influences various actors. Cox et al. (2003, p. 3) […]

Marketing Strategy for a Multinational Company

Key Approaches Used in Incorporating Branding Activities The Notebook is a new product that is little known in the global market. It is important to find appropriate approaches that can be used to incorporate branding and co-branding opportunities. The first approach that the marketing unit will need to employ is the Social Media Strategy. This […]

Feasibility Study on Children’s Entertainment Centre

Background Information As a leading commercial hub, Dubai is bulging with vast world-class business opportunities that have enabled it to become a major business attraction for both established and upcoming entrepreneurs in the world. As a matter of fact, the UAE business centre provides vast business opportunities to both local and foreign investors planning to […]

The Theory of Connectivism

Educational theory Learning is a crucial activity in the lives of humans and its forms the basis of the educational process (Isman (2011). Consequently, a lot of attention has been paid to the understanding of how learning takes place, leading to the formulation of numerous theories of learning and instruction. These theories have evolved over […]

Assistive Technology Evaluation

This report provides an evaluation of two assistive technology solutions for reading, spelling and writing for students with mild learning disabilities. It describes the purpose and capabilities of each assistive technology, and the way each technology can be applied in the classroom for students learning. Finally, it recommends one assistive technology for a school to […]

iSporty LR Decision Analysis

Achievement of the Objectives According to the expectations that were identified in the marketing plan, it is evident that the organisation was able to achieve most of the objectives. The various objectives can be outlined under following subheadings. Marketing Objectives Isporty LR Product Forecast Actual figures after round 5 Extra in units Not sold Comments […]

Background and Root Causes: the 1987 Palestinian Intifada

Introduction On December 9, 1987, the Palestinian uprising or intifada broke out in the refugee camps at the territories of Gaza Strip and the West Bank where Palestinians lived, and which were occupied by Jewish settlers since 1967. The uprising can be discussed as the non-violent opposition of the Palestinian population to the repressive policies […]

Killing as a culture in Germany

Introduction The holocaust is one unfortunate occurrence in the history of the world. It is a permanent scar left on the face of the earth. Though it took place decades ago the question of who should be held responsible for the worst atrocities ever, has never been answered. Philosophers and scholars have analyzed and come […]

Pricing Factor in Decision-Making

Introduction Pricing is part of the overall marketing strategy that plays tremendously vital role in the company’s success. Good price decision-making helps in boosting up the profitability and or market share of a product. Pricing factors in decision-making can be discussed as either external or internal factors. Pricing Factors in Decision Making Customer Value, Relative […]

Diagnosing Groups and Jobs

Introduction Organizations refer to collective association involving systematic cooperation of individuals in conducting collective activities in relation to the achievement of predefined objectives and set goals. Organizations have specific aims and purposes, which include provision of better quality products at affordable prices and the overall increase in profitability and sustainability in business activities. There are […]

Ethnic Cleansing

Introduction Ethnic cleansing can be defined as the exclusion of an unwanted section of a population. An acknowledgeable example of ethnic cleansing is the dispersal and annihilation of the North American population which was motivated by the desire to gain and secure frontier which involved the cleansing of Indians from their lands and also the […]

Southwest AirLine

Introduction Southwest Air Line is an American company with its head quarters in San Diego, California. The company was established by Herb Kelleher and Rollin King in 1971. Questions Determine how Southwest Airlines’ corporate culture differs from other airlines Corporate culture refers to an organization’s standards, values and ideology. It is reflected through manager’s style […]

Researching Health: Research Proposal for Bissertation

Research Methodology Justification of the research topic Radiation therapy is a critical medical procedure that requires a lot of attention ranging from the medical practitioners, the patient’s commitment and in some cases excessive financial burdens. Radiotherapy in itself does not serve as a preventive approach to the curing of diseases rather than therapeutic (Hall 2002). […]

The Effect of Famine in North Korea

The Asian continent is the world’s largest and most populous located mainly in the eastern and northern hemispheres. The population in Asia is estimated at about 4 billion people representing a whooping 60% of the world’s total human population as it currently stands (Lee 500). The Pacific Ocean borders Asian to the east while India […]

How Historians Study History by Use of Religion

Every discipline has its own subject matter. In the case of the history discipline, the main subject matter is the past (Hepp 5). In the discipline, past facts and interpretations give meaning to the things that shape people’s current way of life. Facts refer to “persons, places, things, and events that people agree are true […]

Websites Mock Up

The development of the innovative technologies has changed the marketing strategies. There is hardly a company which does not offer its services via the Internet. Additionally, many people understand that the Internet is the convenient place where everything may be easily found. However, it is important to organize the Internet website in the correct order […]

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Introduction The terms “cognitive behavioral therapy” are used diversely to capture a number of therapy based either on cognitive therapy, behavior therapy or on a combination of both. The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder was started in the late 1990s. This paper addresses the issues related to the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy for […]

History of the British Colonies

New England and the Mid Atlantic regions had a different economic and government structures compared to other regions. Most of the colonies especially the ones located in the north were very rich in resources. They had an economic structure where they sold raw materials to their colonial master back in England. Each state made its […]

How Socio-Economic and Political Position of Women Changed Between 1880 and 1940

According to Gabaccia, more than 25 million immigrants arrived in the US between 1880 and 1940 (p. 25). Majority of these immigrants emigrated from various Southeastern European countries such as Slovakia, Italy, Poland, and Russia. These immigrants came to America to look for employment opportunities in order to improve their standards of living. Bell’s novel […]

Are all instincts random and arbitrary?

Human instincts are the innate characteristics that determine specific behaviors while instincts are innate abilities of human beings or animals, which enable them to adapt to diverse and changing environmental conditions for survival purposes. Human beings or animals respond to unique environments depending on the instincts that direct them. For example, when a baby is […]