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Ecocriticism Concepts: Interaction Between Man and the Natural Habitat

Introduction Debates on the interaction between man and the natural habitat imply that there are different philosophical arguments by different researchers concerning culture/binary. The natural environment is central to the sustainability of life and the well-being of man. In this sense, man is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the natural environment is well […]

The Post-Colonial Theory of the Large European Empires

Summary The post-colonial theory represents the tendency in the humanitarian sciences which has become urgent since the second half of the XX century. Its area of study encompasses the problems of the interaction between the colonizers and their colonies. It focuses on the social development of nations being under control of the large European empires. […]

The Legal Issues of the Traditional Workplace

Introduction Occupational health and safety laws coupled with human resources laws ensure that the workplace is ideal for the modern-day worker. Such laws guarantee a safe environment that is devoid of any discrimination, which is a shift from the traditional workplace where labour laws did not consider the plight of employees. In this essay, five […]

International Management Current Event

The airline industry Globalization, technological changes, stiff competition, innovation, and changes in customer preferences are instrumental to the current dynamic trends being observed in all industries across the globe. These factors determine the performance of an organization in competitive markets. The airline industry for example confirms how these factors have contributed to its growth. Many […]

The Tribute: Beatles Concert

A Columbia County crowd largely too young to have known the Beatles, stamped and whooped in anticipation of the September 2, 2011 concert by 1964 The Tribute. The band, whose name describes their genre, style, and play list, started promptly, to thunderous appreciation from the fair-going audience. They played everything that Beatles fans love from […]

Ergonomic Redesign of a Tim Horton’s Café Franchise

The safety of workers in the workplace is becoming an important aspect of business. In recent years, the number of employees suing their former employers has been increasing. Many workers sue their former employers for workplace injuries accruing over time. Unlike accidents, the impact of long-term exposure to bad working conditions is difficult to prove. […]

Coca-Cola’s Acquisition of Chinese Juice Company: Understanding Business Environment

Introduction Increasing competition among business organizations cause business organizations to become innovative and to pay keen attention to the trends in the market in order to maintain sustainability and ensure profitability. Many factors within the environment shape business organizations and market dynamics. These factors determine the levels of competition in the market and hence the […]

Association Between Dust Events In United Arab Emirates And Respiratory Diseases

Introduction The United Nations Emirate is a federation of seven emirates each governed by a hereditary emir and the president. UAE has been associated with political, industrial and cultural activities. It is worth noting that UAE is number six world wide in term of oil production having a well developed economy in West Asia (Chen, […]

Health marketing: Positioning and Differentiation

This paper offers an insight on strategic marketing in health care and giving out the information on competitive edge in the health care field. It will highlight the effeteness’ of the strategies used by the two care centers. The approaches include the managed care, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, physician practices and social marketing. Even though, most clients […]

The Importance of Forecasting on Sales Management Decision Making

Introduction In recent times, the business environment has increasingly become more unpredictable. This has made it very important for organizations across the globe to become vigilant when it comes to the issue of forecasting. In fact, for any organization to be successful in today’s business world, its methods of predicting the future in the key […]

Ways of differentiating the content, process, product or learning environment to meet the needs of a highly gifted or under-achieving student.

Differentiation of the content, product or learning environment to meet the needs of a highly gifted or under-achieving student is of great importance in the learning process. This is because it helps in meeting the needs of every child in order to facilitate their learning process. There are several ways that can be used in […]

Current trends in Global Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry contributes greatly to the tourism sector because it acts as a source of tourist attraction for both local and foreign tourists. Social media denotes various technologically backed tools and amenities that facilitate easy communication and interaction through the internet. Social media has a unique ability to share resources and data across a […]

Bandura’s Social Learning Theory/Observational Learning

Introduction The social learning theory as postulated by Albert Bandura stresses on the importance of modeling and observing the attitudes, emotional reactions, and behaviors of other people. As such, social learning theories tries to explain the behaviors demonstrated by humans in the form of uninterrupted mutual contact between behavioral, cognitive, and environmental influences. Bandura was […]

HIMSS Organization Success

HIMSS is an organization that is dedicated to providing high quality and safe health care to people. It also ensures that the activities it engages in are cost effective. Since the organization is a non-profit organization, it adopts information management systems which enable it to provide people with quality and affordable health care. The organization’s […]

Australian Organizations’ Adoption of Sustainability Reporting

In sustainability development, sustainable reporting is defined as the methodology of assessing, revealing and being responsible to external and internal stakeholders for the performance of the company. This performance is aimed in achieving the target of sustainable development. On that aspect, there are different requirements necessary for global sustainability. These include the committed by individuals […]

Drug Courts and Their Efficiency

Introduction The growing rates of incarceration among people, who take drugs, prompted legislators to adopt different strategies in order to address this issue. Drug courts are believed to be one of the solutions to this problem. This paper is aimed at examining the functioning of these institutions and their efficiency. These are the main questions […]

Masculinity and Femininity

Introduction Masculinity and femininity is always influenced by geographical, cultural, and historical location. Currently, the combined influence of gay movements and feminism has blown up the conception of a standardized definition of masculinity and femininity. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly fashionable to adopt the term masculinity or femininity not only to reflect the modern times, […]

Delta Corp Ergonomic Factors

Introduction Ergonomic factors are human factors that affect the psychological and physical wellbeing of workers within an organization. Integrating these human factors together with the philosophies of human resources management into the organizational processes is the best course of action to increase the health conditions of their workers (Nelson et al., 1995). The organization human […]

Historical background of Islamic faith

Islamic faith has evolved in history from the times of Muhammad to present times. The term Islam denotes submission to God’s will. Every object must conform to the will of God/Allah or nature’s law. Reasonable creatures like a human being are free to choose whether to conform or not. The faith teaches that God’s power […]

How We Approve Others

Introduction Many factors come into play whenever and wherever we are called upon to approve others. Mostly, these factors are political, economic, social or even religious. In most cases, people rely on enthymemes when approving others around them. An enthymeme is a tripartite deductive argument, otherwise known as syllogism, which bears an unstated assumption that […]