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Mohammed Stark studied at Saint Louis University, USA, with average GPA 3.43 out of 4.0.

Child Labour Practise

Introduction Child labour is an illegal practise that has been in existence for a significant period. Many companies, including renowned multinational corporations, still practise child labour, despite the negative connotation associated with this practise (International Labour Organization, 2010). The practise is rife in the developing world where regulatory frameworks are feeble and poverty levels are […]

Frank Conroy’s Memoir: Life Experiments

The life events and situations which can be discussed by some persons as minor or insignificant often influence the people’s life more obviously than any other important and serious event because minor details can provoke people’s thinking of their life, personality, intentions, goals, and visions of the world. Frank Conroy’s memoir Stop-Time (1967) includes a […]

Middle Childhood student. Study on Concentration

Abstract The main purpose of this study was to determine if middle childhood students do have smooth concentration in class work. In this regard, a middle school student selected randomly among his peers was examined for an extensive period of time using several data collection methods. The observed results showed that there is no way […]

Holly Farm Case

Introduction Holly Farm is a business that is jointly owned by Charles and Gillian Giles. In the year 2003, the Holly Farm extended its operations and was opened to the paying public due to the reduction in the revenues from milk and cereal activities. Charles and Gillian invested the whole of their savings to construct […]

International Marketing: Market Entry Plan

Introduction As domestic markets mature and competitive activity intensifies, foreign business expansion is becoming an increasingly important component of most business enterprises across the world (Miller, 1998). Future growth in international market activity is apparently expected to accelerate because of unprecedented opportunities that are presented by emerging markets. As observed by Miller (1998), emerging economies […]

Why the Modern Project Manager Needs to Comprehend Business Models

Introduction Strategic management literatures have shown the increasing need for corporations to realize the prolonged competitive advantage in the current unpredictable and turbulent business environment. In fact, most discussions and analyses show how modern economies and technology have altered the nature of traditional business models in most companies that range from product to technical corporations. […]

Breitt, Starr & Diamond LLC

Summary of the Case The growth of BS&D encouraged the three partners to hire a general manager of operations. This move was undertaken because the partners had been forced to solve various managerial issues and problems. The agency also hired a web designer, two salespeople, a graphic artist, a human resource (HR) manager, and a […]

Women’s Identity Development in Educational Leadership

Introduction In this text, the author, Barbara Curry, examines the leadership traits of women who have taken up leadership roles and the challenges they face in their ascendancy to leadership positions. Through a dynamic approach, the book analyses the sociological, philosophical and psychological factors that define women leaders and the aspects of effective leadership. This […]

Standards, models, and quality: Management

Introduction Hinkle (2006, p. 6) describes a standard as a set of guidelines and best practices that can be used as a reference point in business management. The set of guidelines may be voluntary or mandatory. A model is a set of components that helps users and developers to understand, analyze, improve or replace a […]

Analysis of experience: Clifford and Chance

Introduction Organisations consist of different individuals that deal with disparate aspects that institutions require in order to increase profitability and ensure the smooth running of operations. In order to ensure there is order in the performance of every day tasks, most institutions set up an administrative hierarchy. The essence of the hierarchy is to facilitate […]

How do religion, culture and ethnicity affect the success or failure of a global enterprise in China?

There are many factors that would tend to have a significant impact to the success or failure of global enterprises or businesses operating in international scenes. As a matter of fact, these factors are highly regarded in every segment of the modern business world, considering their significant impact on businesses. These factors would tend to […]

Recruiting in Al-Andalus School

Introduction People know the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a strict and traditional state. While this ideology may be true, Saudi Arabia is also a rich country with a diverse cultural heritage that suffices through economic, political, and social processes. Therefore, while many people appreciate that Saudi Arabia has a wealthy and robust financial system, […]

Stress Management in the Workplace

Introduction Stress is among the major costly and significant cause of health troubles and mental agony. Stress at work place is considered the major primary stressor. Work stress is thought to affect individuals psychological and physical health as well as the organizations effectiveness in adverse manner. Work stress is one of the ailments that are […]

Real Estate business proposal

Executive summary Real estate refers to the assets that include things like land and construction on it and the entire natural and man made resources found in the piece of property. Therefore, a real estate business consist of all the activities that take place in the acquisition of these resources and include buying, leasing, selling […]

Design a professional development plan

Introduction In a differentiated instruction, the teacher plans tactically in order to satisfy the needs of all students. This method of instruction is based on the belief that there exists a degree of differences among groups of learners and the teacher will change the instruction method to fit any particular group (Tomlinson and Allan, 2000). […]

Strategy And Controls In Information Security

Strategy and Controls For Dealing With Malicious Attacks and Vulnerability Every organization must focus and invest on countermeasures to deal with computer attacks and vulnerabilities. According to Beard and Wen (2009) an organization ought to balance its resources against the value of its information assets and any possible threats against them. These would work in […]


Introduction It was founded by David Cook in October 1985 in Dallas, Texas. This company has been dealing with matters pertaining to videogames. It has experienced ups and downs and at one time it filed for bankruptcy but it was revived sometimes later. Corporate Level Strategy In order to keep going, the company’s top management […]

Book Critique: “The intentional church: moving from church success to community transformation” by Randy Pope

Introduction Randy Pope is a church leader and founding pastor of Perimeter Church. The church is located in Duluth, Atlanta Georgia. The church has a following of more than 6000 members who are devoted to reaching people in North Atlanta and the whole world who are “unchurched.” Pope’s vision and dedication to train disciples is […]

What Does It Mean to Be Human? What Are the Ethical and Social Implications of This Definition?

For ages, philosophers, poets, novelists, dramatists, and several literati have attempted to device their own definition of humanism and what it means to be human. The humanism of sixteenth century defined it to be the process of learning, discourse, and reasoning. Poets during the Elizabethan renaissance have created extraordinary, thought provoking works that explores human […]

Market Research: Apple

SWOT Analysis New product development, is one of the most intricate organizational tasks that firms undertake in their quest to develop competitiveness (Graf & Saguy, 1999). Apple’s managers are cognizant of the fact that the success of new products in the market is dependent on the effectiveness with which the firm understands and exploits its […]

360-degree feedback

Introduction 360-degree feedback is an assessment evaluation tool that is focused on employee job performance from a multisource perspective. It is also referred as a multisource assessment or a multi-rater feedback since it relies on information from various actors. Ideally a 360 degree feedback assessment is done by evaluating an employee job performance through a […]

Why has it been claimed that students who use English as a second language are more likely to plagiarise?

Introduction The users of English language as a second language especially in schools have a higher temptation of committing plagiarism. ESL students are also not very confident on their original English words especially when they use them in addressing a native English speaker. Some countries where these students come from like China and Japan put […]

The Fall of IBM

History, Development and Growth In early 1970s, IBM was the largest manufacturer of computers in the world. It was able to achieve rapid growth in revenue and market share due to the sale of its 360-mainframe computer model. The 360 model was later improved through the development of the 370-mainframe model. By mid 1970s, IBM […]

The Ottoman military and political organization

The Ottoman army started in 1826 when Sultan Mahmud II destroyed the janissaries. His government was highly centralized with the Sultan as the top leader. Due to the empire’s expansion, administrative problems started. This forced the Sultan to adopt the European model for his military organization. The infantry corps and the trained victorious troops of […]

Managing Innovation at Nypro, Inc.

Introduction Nypro Inc. is a plastic injection molding company which was established in 1955 as Nypro products cooperation and the performance of the company was average, similar to other companies in the plastic injection molding industry. Only when Gordon Lankton joined the company as general manager in 1962 did the company improve in performance and […]

Product Advancement Trend

Relevant consumption trends The onset of mobile technology has transformed the way of life of the modern day society. Every person out there wants to communicate. A cell phone is a convenient way to communicate due to its portability as well as cost. The information age has demanded more than just communication in the strict […]

The Power of Congress: Evaluating the Strengths, Weaknesses and Key Specifics of the American parliament

Party Voting in Congress Party voting promotes democracy and at the same time allows determine a member’s vote. Helping make sure that each of the party members follows the existing policies, party voting is an important element of the Congress clockwork. A Powerful Speaker of the House Representing each his/her corresponding state, every Speaker of […]

Divergent Social Worlds

“Divergent Social Worlds” reflects a culmination of the in depth study of the linkage of race, place and crime. The book brings into light new aspects and advanced analytical approach to research on the cyclic problems of neighborhood, race, and crime. The authors explore and answer lingering questions of how violent and property crimes differ […]

Walmart Canada Company Overview

Introduction Walmart Canada was established in 1994. Its inception was as a result of the collapse of Woolo, a subsidiary of Woolo Canada, which was renovated and given a Walmart banner. In addition to taking its place, Walmart Canada also retained all the former employees of Woolo. This then marked the beginning of operations for […]

The Japanese Medical System and Its Aspects

Introduction The Japanese medical system is the best in the world and is regulated by the government. Medical services are jointly provided by the private sector and the government. These private healthcare agencies are mainly private hospitals and doctors. Private hospitals in Japan are mainly private that are not commercial. There is a mandatory health […]

Professional Issues For Child And Youth Care Practitioners In School Based Settings

Introduction Many questions inquiring on the education system of the youth and children care come by, but one major query is whether the professions are in a poison to meet the education demands today. Beside effectiveness, the credibility of professionals in a school setting is the key factors contributing to child and youth development within […]