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Consumer and Decision Making Behavior: Contrast and Similarities Between the Two Companies

Qantas and virgin Australia share many similarities since they are in the same industry. Both companies make sure that services offered to their customers are paramount hence making them acquire individual market share. This is done by these companies making sure that their airlines have records of safety. Consumers prefer travelling with airlines with a […]

The Fall and Demise of the Soviet Union

Introduction The Soviet Union was a social state that was established in 1922. The state’s capital city was Moscow and it was ruled under a Communist party. Some of the countries that formed this union were Russia, Ukraine, and Transcaucasia. Even though this was among the strongest unions in the history of the world, the […]

How was independent statehood won for India?

The Indian independence movement is now widely studied by historians and political scientists who attempt to understand how and why various groups managed to reduce and eventually eliminate the dominance of the British rule. This paper is aimed at examining the way in which independent statehood was won for this country. It is necessary to […]

British Petroleum Crisis Analysis Report

Introduction British Petroleum (BP Plc) is a multinational firm that deals in the exploration, production, as well as marketing of fuel. The company was founded in 1909 as Anglo-Persian Oil Company with the main aim of exploring the Persian oilfields, the present day Iran. The firm’s production and marketing activities spread over several countries in […]

The Process of Curriculum Design and Implementation

Curriculum development entails an organized preparation of activities that guide the learning process of learners. It creates an inclusive curriculum with instructions and methods of content delivery to students. Since curriculum development is a process, it remains a continuous activity that relates to the environment where it takes place. Curriculum development, therefore, remains a key […]

Bob Knowlton

Effective leadership is an important aspect to speak about the progress of modern organisations. However, there are often cases when weak leaders lose their opportunities to contribute to the organisational development in order to create the effective workplace environment and achieve set goals and objectives. Bob Knowlton was appointed to be the project head in […]

Analysis of Knowledge Management Models

Introduction Knowledge management is a critical aspect that is greatly considered by individuals working in organisations and whose roles mainly entail the gathering of information, documents, as well as professional experiences and general understanding at the corporate level. Nonaka and Takeuchi have contributed immensely towards the understanding of this area, providing contributions to help in […]

Durable Vinyl Siding

Adapting towards changes is not an easy task, especially in the XXI century, when a company must keep in pace with both technological and business innovations. At present, it seems that DVS is facing three key issues, which are sourcing, procurement and the problem of overcrowding. Despite the fact that the three concerns mentioned above […]

Organizations as Machines and Systems of Political Activity

An effective leader should understand major principles of organizational change, development and behavior. Morgan (2006) introduced (and provided an in-depth analysis of) certain metaphors to use to evaluate organizations’ effectiveness. These metaphors help analyze effectiveness of the organizational structure and behavior; it can also help evaluate performance of the company and each employee (Renz, 2009). […]

Three Abbreviated Research Plans

Introduction Quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods have been used in various studies by different scholars. Therefore, this paper examines the strengths and weaknesses of each of the research methods. Besides, this paper provides an abbreviation for each of the research approach. Finally, it includes an introduction, a purpose statement, research questions and a research […]

Advertising, Publicity, and Public Relations

Introduction The ultimate goal of every business is to sell its products to as many customers as possible in order to make high profits. To achieve this goal, businesses employ various strategies, which include advertising, public relations, publicity, and direct salespersons to market their products. This paper will discuss the importance of each of these […]

Media Ethics

The author of the case study discusses a popular television series Beavis and Butthead. In particular, the writer examines the possible influence of this behavior of children and adolescents. For instance, one can mention that this show has affected the language of many Americans because it gave rise many new words that can be viewed […]

Decision-Making in Management

Making decisions is a difficult task since several interests are at play. Towards developing a sound strategy, executives need to follow a disciplined approach in order to arrive at the right choices (Kahneman, Lovallo & Sibony 2011). In this regard, observing a good decision-making process is desirable as opposed to putting trust in genius decision […]

Critical analyses of the Climate of Fear report from southern poverty law center

Introduction The climate of fear report was a report prepared by the southern poverty law center following a pattern of hate crimes against Latino Immigrants in Suffolk County. This report revealed the continuous hatred and prejudice against the undocumented Latino immigrants culminating in the murder of Marcelo Lucero. The report also revealed how this pattern […]

Naked Photo Revolutionary

Introduction Social networking sites are online sites through which people build social relations. These sites allow people to share interests, activities, photos, ideas and events within the network. Through these sites, people can interact via e-mail and instant messaging. Some of the most popular social networking sites include Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, among others. A […]

Implementation and Conclusion of the Wal-Mart Company

The Wal-Mart Company has achieved a lot since its founding. The company uses competitive and innovative approaches in its sustainability strategy. The company has boosted many green products at its peak. However, it needs a new game changer in order to become more sustainable than ever before. The company needs to integrate systems to enable […]

Foreign Direct Investment in Internet Service Provision

Executive summary Kamuga Internet Providers is an internet service provider that seeks to begin its operations in partnership with Jamii Telecom in Kenya. A team comprising of a regional director, marketing manager, operations manager, and human resource manager will oversee the management of the company. The objective of the venture is to exploit the vast […]

Book Review -Tesla’s Turbine Engine

Introduction Science and technology play a critical role in transforming society, particularly in the transport and communications sectors. Approximately two-hundred years ago, the rate at which changes in technology and science were experienced in the western societies was alarming because it was so intense. The development of the wind power, the emergence of water, and […]

Definition of Sustainability and Its Underpinnings in Tourism

Introduction Sustainability has become a buzzword in contemporary tourism research and practice. Thousands of businesses claim themselves to be sustainable, because they provide their services without damaging the environment. More often than not, sustainability is understood in the context of environmental protection and community development. Sustainable tourism is expected to be able to balance its […]

Strategic Market Entry Modes

Introduction With the rising levels of internationalization and globalization, business executives are faced with complex strategic decisions. One of the most difficult decisions that they are left to grapple with is the mode of entry that the firm will use to explore their target foreign markets. Studies show that as many businesses seek to exploit […]

The Important Harassment and Employment-Related Laws and Regulations

Introduction The implementation of the labor laws and regulations in an organization is imperative as it leads to increased productivity. This ensures that there is low employee turnover due to worker satisfaction as well as motivation. The work environment should foster productivity through dealing with issues that affects workers motivation and productivity. The employment policies […]

Media futures and new technologies

Researchers have been discussing distinctions between new and old media for two decades. Many researchers note that the term ‘new media’ is quite irrelevant as the Internet and related products were used as far back as the late 1970s (Stafford 2005). Some claim that there is no competition at all and all types of media […]

Understanding the Linkage between Aggression & Personality Disorders: A Critical Analysis

Introduction Extant epidemiologic studies and laboratory research consistently demonstrate that aggression is a developmentally salient behavior, which is mostly triggered by situational factors such as the presence of violent cues, parental conflict and divorce, poverty, provocation, and the quality of parent-child relations (Bettencourt et al. 751). Another strand of existing literature (e.g., Daffern et al. […]

The word ‘like’

Introduction Patricia O’Conner through her article proved that grammar is simple and entertaining. In an article she wrote, she comes out clearly explaining the use of the word ‘like’ and proves that it is actually not grammatically wrong as perceived by many people. This essay is a short summary of that article she wrote. In […]

Meetings and social better for business

Introduction Technological advancements in many fields have continued to revolutionize our day-to-day lives. Communication is one of the most advanced items in terms of technology. In the space of a few years, people have greatly changed the way they communicate be it in the social or business circles by embracing technology. This has largely been […]