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Nathalie Hawkins studied at Purdue University, USA, with average GPA 3.41 out of 4.0.

Performance and Employees’ Management Tools

Forced rankings define controversial employees’ management tools that evaluate workers’ performance by using employee-to-employee comparisons. These systems of ranking have gained popularity among large corporations of the size of fortune 500 companies. This has been attributed to a number of advantages which presumably outweigh the disadvantages associated with adopting and implementing the use of these […]

Detection and Prevention of Wireless Intrusion

Abstract This research shows elements of wireless intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. It shows the main areas of wireless intrusion and detection together with advantages and challenges of using a wireless intrusion and detection systems. Overall, the research concludes that a wireless IDS offers many advantages than challenges it may present to users. Wireless local […]

The Crusaders and the Church

The crusades were religious wars in Europe. The wars began because the people in West Europe wanted to take back Holy lands that hand fallen into the hands of the Muslims. The crusades resulted from religious revivalism in Europe. The religious wars lasted for a period of two hundred years with eight crusades. Historians say […]

Characteristics of Malls

Every society is comprised of different groups of people with their unique characteristics. There are different activities that take place in societies on a daily basis; hence people are found in different places. Every activity in any society involves interaction among different people because without them, there is no society. Similarly, people are found in […]

Policy Setting in Job Training Programs

Introduction Employment and Job training program is a valuable tool for ensuring organizations, and even nations at large, gain in terms of increased workers’ productivity. From the dimension of the workers, employment and the on-job training programs are beneficial in the sense that, they result to investment in workers’ abilities and careers, often improving them […]

Media Arts: “L.A. Noire” Videogame

When Nintendo first burst onto the scene with their Nintendo Wii motion gaming console, video gamers heralded the coming of a new age of game playing. One wherein the player is not merely tapping away on the control pad, but actually participating in the action sequences of the game. It was role playing taking to […]

Land Rover: Organizational Behavior

Executive Summary This report involves the identification of the issue faced by Land Rover, which is a well-established automobile company. Despite its market existence for a considerable duration, the Land Rover Company has experienced a major increase in customer complaints over the past two years due to the quality of some of its automobile products. […]

Race Relations in the United States

Introduction Race relations in the United States reflects the colonial and slave era when discrimination against some races was prevalent. The issue of prejudice against Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans, and African Americans has taken place over the years. The marginalized groups do not exercise their basic rights, which include civil, social, economic, and […]

Business Management and Social Innovation

Introduction The current global business platform comprises of competitive merchants; all of which implement varied policies and strategies in a bid to not only get clients but keep them too. Quite a number of business institutions are faced with tough setbacks that require only rational and unequivocal decisions to put them at the helm of […]

Tracking Infant Development

Human beings go through different stages of development, from birth to when they attain maturity. There are several ways through which the development of an infant can be measured. One of the most common methods of measuring development in infants is by use of milestones. It is common knowledge that growth and development among children […]

The President’s and Congressional Committees’ Responsibilities Regarding National Security Policy

The US constitutional principles determine procedures for separating powers for the purpose of avoiding the concentration of political power. Limiting the exercise of power by every branch is one of the central issues of the national security strategy. The restraints of power have both positive and negative consequences on the US national security establishment, complicating […]

South Korea’s Economic

Introduction South Korea is one of the Asian economic giants. The country’s economy is structured around a market economy. Currently, the country is ranked 15th in the world by its nominal GDP and occupies a slot among the G-20 major world economies. By many standards, South Korea qualifies as a high-income economy. The country’s journey […]

Theorists’ beliefs, and assumptions and the theorist are helping style

The major assumption of Albert Ellis’ rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) is that the origin of people’s psychological problems is the people themselves, and how they interpret situations and events (Corey 2009). Another assumption of the approach is that behaviors, emotions and cognitions are interrelated and, as such, they tend to interact. The relationship is […]

Social Media Marketing/Promotion

Many people consider social media as a new marketing tool. An organization can utilize online social platforms to either market or promote its goods and services. Online social platforms centre on relations with friends, prospective clients and existing clients. Basically, when an organization begins to embark on social platform, it is unsure where to begin. […]

Feminist Movement: The National Organization for Women

There are many definitions for such phenomenon as a social movement. Many scholars define it differently. However, all of them agree that social movements lead to changes in societies. For instance, Chesters and Welsh (2010) point out that the social movement is always aimed at certain social changes. Johnston (2010) also shares this opinion. However, […]

The Problem of Corporate Responsibility and Ethics in a Business

In the light of the globalization, the problem of corporate responsibility and ethics in a business problems have come to the fore. In order to promote corporate responsibility in a business balance, it is necessary to strike the balance between compliance-based and integrity-driven approaches. In particular, managers should pay attention to the way employees adhere […]

Partisan Demagoguery

The difference between socialism and active state liberalism Socialism is viewed as a complicated system since it entails diverse implications, as far as freedom is concerned. Socialists believe that, the idea of individual freedom is not appropriate because it overlooks many fundamental aspects. Since proponents advocate for freedom that jointly affects the entire community, other […]

The Library’s Important Contributions

The library remains the nerve center upon which the world of academia is anchored. It is the central point where intellectual nourishment dwells. In a well-stocked library, one can access a great number of pieces of very important information and gain a needed experience. These issues are important in data collection and analysis. In fact, […]

“The King of Masks” by Wu Tianming

Introduction The King of Masks and its fundamentals While discussing the major theme of a Chinese film The King of Masks directed by Wu Tianming, it is necessary to consider some basic issues concerning the plot of the production. First of all, it must be pointed out that The King of Masks can be regarded […]

Organization Operating with short-Horizons

Introduction Conventionally, it is believed that managers should have visionary characters that enable them to establish, ratify, and embrace long-lasting solutions to various business problems witnessed in different organizations. Nonetheless, this has not been the case as evident from some previous instances, which unveiled that most organizations operate with very short-horizons (myopic) and are only […]

Domestic Violence against Women

Introduction Domestic violence against women refers to “any act of gender-based violence that results in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, and mental harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts as coercion” (Renzetti and Bergen 32). Domestic violence against women is one of the oldest social and public health problems […]

Strategies for Motivating Students

Introduction Education is widely regarded as an integral feature for the success of the nation. All governments therefore invest significant resources to their educational institutions and students are exhorted to excel in their academics. In addition to the personal aptitude of the student, other factors that affect the performance of the student in school exist. […]

Software Documentation

Introduction Software engineering is a concept that has received significant recognition as a result of the massive increase in technological advancement around the world. Many engineers engage in processes of designing software that is essential at both individual and corporate level. Some of these processes call for particular approaches in ensuring that the specifications of […]