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Nathaly G. studied at Brigham Young University, USA, with average GPA 3.04 out of 4.0.

George Washington: Biography and Achievements

American history saw a lot of truly inspirational people who not only influenced the lives of American citizens but also changed the way we think about fundamental political values. George Washington is the perfect example of the person whose contribution to the history of America is hard to overestimate, as scholars note that “Washington was […]

Tourist Destinations in the Mediterranean Region

Introduction The economic development of the Mediterranean region is strongly dependent on the inflow of tourist. In various countries such as Italy, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, or Greece, many people are employed in organizations that are directly or indirectly dependent on the flow on the degree to which a certain destination is attractive to travelers. At […]

American International Group, Inc. Minimizing Credit Risk

Introduction The business environment is characterised by various risks that may handicap an organization. Organizations extending credit to its clients expose themselves to credit risks. Such clients (especially the first timers) may not make the necessary repayments and this would count as losses to the company. Therefore, organizations need to have information about the ability […]

Key Determinants of Customer Segmentation

Introduction This paper analyses different customer segmentation concepts and its implications to organizations. Key determinants of customer segmentation are identified; consideration of high customer segmentation and its impacts are also discussed. Lastly, consideration of the high and low customer segmentation approaches and its implications to the organization’s market mix are discussed with relevant examples. Customer […]

Earth Science and Environmental Education

The most exciting experience for me during the first year of school was learning about nature. I was five-years-old at the time, fascinated by the natural environment surrounding us. So was our science teacher, Miss Asma, who valued wild plants and small animals. She adopted pedagogical approaches that aimed at getting the children involved and […]

Relationship between Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Business ethics and social responsibility have been topics of heated debates since the middle of the 20th century. In the 21st century, the discussion is still relevant as organizations are trying to adjust to the changing environment and remain competitive in the market. Researchers, business people, customers have agreed that companies cannot focus on their […]

You Cannot Live Without Mobile Phones

While communication technologies have penetrated to the lives of contemporary society, it does not positively contribute to its adequate cultural, psychological and social development. Ladies and gentlemen, today my team plan to prove the affirmative speaker’s argument is not well-grounded because it distorts the current data on negative influence of mobile phone use. My argument […]

Malcolm Baldrige Award

Malcolm Baldrige Award Malcolm Baldrige Award refers to the highest level of recognition that a US company can receive in terms of performance. It is the only formal body, which recognizes excellence in performance by US companies in private and public sectors. The president of the US gives the award to the best performing company […]

The Procini’s Pronto Company Quality Management

Introduction Quality management refers to an organization-wide strategy that enables managers to understand customers’ needs and to consistently design solutions in a manner that is cost-effective, timely, and has minimal harmful effects to the society. Effective quality management involves four processes namely, planning, control, assurance and consistent improvements. Quality management focuses on services or products, […]

The Walt Disney Company: Human Resource Strategy

Introduction Founded in 1923, Walt Disney has grown to be the world’s largest animation company (Watts, 2013). From the humble beginnings of an entertainment company that started in the 20th century, Walt Disney has been able to develop a reputable brand in the family entertainment business. Certainly, for more than nine decades, Disney World has […]

KFC Company

Introduction KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a chain of fast food restaurants. It is based in Kentucky USA (KFC 6). The company specifically sells chicken pieces, salads, wraps and sandwiches. On the other hand, it deals with roasted and grilled chicken products. In addition, it offers desserts and side dishes. As a matter of fact, […]

What is Strategy by Michael Porter

Michael porter has outlined strategy in a broad way. His work is based on research into various companies and industries. In his discussion, he has managed to put together a variety of ideas that have helped him come up with tangible definitions of strategy and management issues. This essay defines strategy according to Porter and […]

Managing students with disabilities

Introduction Disability is one of the challenges encountered by teachers when delivering there services to students. It should be noted that nearly all the students could achieve their academic objectives if the right teaching and learning techniques are applied that take into account the individual student needs. Different students having different learning abilities prompting for […]

Change Management, BPR and successful ERP implementation

It is a challenging endeavor to implement an ERP system since the process involves external and internal entities. Thus, the implementation of an ERP system necessitates change management and business process reengineering. Business process reengineering (BPR) The successful implementation of an ERP requires the involvement of certain level of business process reengineering. This is to […]

Entrepreneurship: Snog

Introduction Rob and Pablo, the co-proprietors of SNOG (a chain of U.K. based yogurt shops), mention that the secret behind their success lies not only in the type of product they sell but rather in the way in which they make each transaction an “experience” for their customers. What these two entrepreneurs are referring to […]

Intellectually Gifted Children

Abstract Many of us can concur that in a class there are those students who are exceptional performers. Some of us also belong to this bracket of intellectually gifted. What makes these differences between intellectually gifted learners and peers of the same standing in such a way that it’s like we do not belong to […]

Integrated Supply Chain Management

Executive summary In the line of production, a company requires raw materials and other goods for the process. These goods are derived by suppliers whom the business have limited control over. A supply chain management takes into account all logistic involved in the supply of goods and service to/from a company; it covers inward logistics, […]

Desiree’s Child Analysis

Kate Chopin is one of the wonderful representatives of the South American literature; her short stories depict vivid pictures of the life, social and cultural implications of the South, relationships between people and classes etc. The short story Desiree’s Baby is also a great example of what the life in the USA looked like after […]

Definition of Art

Introduction Values are one of the core aspects in any given community. They instill respect among members of a community enhancing cohesion between the various parties of the community. Artists play a pivotal role in the introduction of community values, ideas as well as belief systems. These ideas, beliefs and experiences bring about improvement on […]

Diplomatic Protocols and Privileges

Introduction Barston (2006) defines diplomacy as the administration of interstate interactions. Other variables that may affect any of the states are also included in the interaction. A diplomat therefore promotes their country’s national interests by representing the country in negotiations and doing tasks that promote national interest. The ministry of Foreign affairs in most cases […]

The Arguments by Debra Leach in “Drunken Driving”

Introduction This essay considers arguments by Debra Leach in her article “Drunken Driving”. The debate on the acceptable level of alcoholic content that a driver should take has been an intriguing one in the past decades. In most countries, the governments have imposed restriction on the amount of alcohol that an individual can consume and […]

Diagnosis a Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Introduction Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition distinguished by a reduction in dopamine levels in specific sections of the brain. Signs of the disease include tremor, tautness and the inflexibility of the muscles as well as sluggishness of movement. This paper is a response meant to educate a patient diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease on the […]

Blogging Tips Guru

For those who write facilely and joyfully, the appeal of earning money from doing what comes naturally is nearly irresistible. Even for those for whom writing is a chore, the lure of getting paid to share hard-won insights, innovative ideas, and whatever else populates their mind, is hard to refuse. Bloggers have a number of […]

Christianity: Theological Themes in Jesus Life

Introduction All human beings are religious in nature; both ancient days and in modern times, people pay allegiance to some supernatural beings for the spiritual purposes. To Christians, their religious life is entirely centered and molded in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The whole being of Jesus have attracted much debate especially on […]

Liberalism versus Marxism

In an attempt to offer a better explanation to international political economy, observers in international relations have made use of diverse theories and perspectives. Among the most notable theories include Liberalism and Marxism. The two theories differ with regard to varying factors and components that impact on global integration. They include the thoughts and principles […]

The Problem of Immigrants Poverty in the US

Problem Statement There are two types of immigrants; illegal immigrants and legal immigrants, in 2008 illegal immigrants who comprise approximately 70% of all immigrants were estimated to have reached 11 million peoples by the U.S immigration department. In most other developed countries the challenges posed by immigrants in general goes beyond the issue of their […]