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Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Introduction In Ralph Ellison’s novel The Invisible Man, the protagonist narrates in the first person about his invisibility. He, as he refers to himself without considering his person a subject while being a real person, is made «of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids».1 He describes how people around are looking through him. The problem […]

Quality Case Study

The business environment has become highly competitive over the last couple of decades. Consumers’ demands have increased and the pressure on business organizations to meet these demands has continued to pile. In addition, more business organizations are coming up and competing to get the best share of the market in terms of number of customers. […]

Abraham Lincoln Biography

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most acclaimed presidents of the United States of America. He is commemorated for his determination and perseverance in leading the nation. The main accomplishment of his Presidency was the civil war that took place in 1861-1865. During the war, eleven nations withdrew from the union, and Lincoln strongly believed […]

Principle Values in Social Structures

There are varied principal values that govern various activities undertaken by people in different social structures like the school, health care systems, mortuary and boot camp. From a school perspective, students are taught many lessons ranging from the formal elements of the curriculum to the informal elements related to the student’s behavior, dress code, body […]

Mexican Drug Cartels and Human Trafficking

Mexico is located in Central America and this geographic location has made it a favorable staging and transshipment point for drugs and human trafficking to US from Mexico, South America, and elsewhere. Mexico has been a major supplier of cannabis and methamphetamine, though it also traffics other drugs like heroin and cocaine to US. According […]

Intelligence Reforms in the USA

The term “intelligence” in the context of national security refers to analyzed and refined information that is useful in the decision-making process of policymakers. The US government has developed several strategies aimed at bringing reform to intelligence in the verge of improving national security. Such reforms include the creation of the DNI (Directors of National […]

Challenges/Threats to National Security: Turkey

Introduction The current civil conflict in Syria that continues to upsurge every day is damaging the good relationship between Turkey and Syria. It is terminating the impressive bond between the Turkey’s ruling party, Adelet ve Kalkınma Partisi (AKP), and the al-Assad’s government that has existed for almost a decade. Turkey’s Prime Minister in cooperation with […]

The Generation X Leadership Style

The Generation Xers are the people born after the 1980 and before 2000 They are the generation that enters into leadership position, succeeding their predecessors, the “Baby boomers”. The generation Xers have already entered into the leadership position, especially in the middle level and the some in higher-level of management. Hence, it is important to […]

Grip Golf Glove – Pricing an Innovative Product

Characteristic of the target market Competent company executives always strive to provide leadership that enables the marketing staff to clearly identify the characteristic of the target market and enable them to provide tailor made products and services that are suitably aligned to the needs of the current and prospective buyers. In Target Market’s (2004, p.2) […]

Teaching Arabian Students English with the book “Flying High for S.A Student Book”

Introduction Background of the Study English is fast becoming an international language and the Middle East is embracing its usage in various activities. This means that it has gained popularity and learning institutions continue to diversify their curriculums by introducing this language in their programmes. Saudi Arabian students are embracing the need to pursue higher […]

Proposal for Advertisements Strategies for Introduction of a New Product into the Market

Introduction E-reader technology is growing at a fast rate, whilst its consumer base is increasing as new technological advancements come up. In the next couple of years, colossal amount of income is expected to originate from digital published-related business. Among the most popular digital publications are the electronic books. These books contain both graphics and […]

Cell Phone Negotiations

Introduction Negotiation is a skill of bringing people together who have differences into a common platform where they can solve their disagreements. There are many dynamics especially in business negations which prevent people from coming to an agreement. These dynamics may include cultural differences, difference of gender, culture, perception, cognition and emotional differences. This paper […]


Introduction Paweł Zieliński’s report is titled ‘Bilingualism’ and is a brief analysis of bilinguals and who they are. It also helps readers to distinguish a person who is a bilingual from one who is not. According to the Encarta Dictionary (2011), a bilingual refers to a person “able to speak two languages easily and naturally.” […]

The Hydrologic Cycle and Water on Earth

Introduction The amount of water molecules in the earth is constant although the motion of water is continuous. This motion supports processes such as water purification, replenishing the land through precipitation, and movement of minerals from one location to another (Kalman, 2009). This paper will discuss the hydrologic cycle and the process that it triggers […]

Data Communication and Networking

At present computers exist in most offices and several homes. Hence there is a call for sharing information and programs amid diverse computers. With the development of data communication services the interaction amid computers has augmented, therefore extending the supremacy of computers outside the computer room. At present a user operating from one place can […]

The Development of an Effective Marketing Plan and Its Management

Introduction Marketing management entails the utilization of ample business strategies that can lead to organizational success, performance, as well as productivity. This entails an integration of marketing mix strategies via appropriate business planning with an intention of enhancing business sustainability. The facilitation of marketing management entails conducting a situation analysis by market researchers, aimed at […]

Shaykh Abd al-Aziz Bin Baz

Introduction Shaykh Abd al-Aziz Bin Baz was among the highly ranked scholars of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was referred to as the Grand Mufti from 1993 to 1999. He also headed the prevention of vice and virtue propagation committee in Saudi Arabia. The committee advocated for the things that are proper, permissible, correct, […]

Can Educational technologies improve learning?

Introduction Following hefty improvement in production technologies and technological knowhow, personal computers became largely affordable. Many people thought that education could evolve and get enhanced better leading to the emergence of a super smart population. The global society may not have precisely accomplished this. However, technologies that are available to students and teachers have rapidly […]

Review of ethics of Wal-Mart

Introduction Ethics involve the morals that govern the conduct of individuals. It is a question of what is right or wrong. Business ethics involve the components of good or bad in the character of the employees or a business. Businesses have ethical policies that govern the relationship among the various business associates. For instance, if […]

AMSC Case Study

The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) CAPM is a financial formula used to compute the anticipated return on an investment. The formula considers three variables. These are the Risk Free Rate, Expected Market Return and the Asset Beta. The Asset Beta is a proxy for the variability in the investment’s returns. The CAPM formula is: […]