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Values in Workplace

Work is the place where people spend most of their time. Coming there early in the morning and leaving late in the evening, many people work at night and spend weekends there trying to achieve results. Work is the way to become financially independent and successful for many people, others consider work as the way […]

Workplace Diversity in Silicon Valley

Introduction & Background Since the US is the nation of immigrants, it has been a major supporter of the concept of diversity management as an efficient organisational retort to the confronts within the public and private sectors. Many past empirical studies have found that diversified workforce is normally more advantageous to a business as it […]

iClassic Decision Analysis

Market Objectives This analysis takes into account all the objectives that were to be achieved according to the marketing plan. The organisation was able to achieve its marketing objectives for every segment. The sales level per segment can be analysed as shown in the table below Sales, k units Planned Figures Actual Figures Difference Households […]

Kraft Foods Group: Management

Executive Summary Kraft Foods Group is one of the largest food companies in the world. The company has had its success due to a number of factors. For instance, the company has one of the best human resources. It respects its employees and encourages them to give the best to the organization. The culture of […]

Classroom Assessments: the Impact to Teachers and Students

Abstract The main purpose of this study is to investigate classroom assessments and their impact to learners and teachers especially in the contemporary education paradigm. Fundamental to the investigations herein, four research questions will guide the findings and conclusion of this study as follows: To what extent are classroom assessments neglected in the contemporary teaching […]

Tourism and Sustainability: Whale-Watching Industries

Characteristics for Development of Whale-Watching Industries On the social front, it is evident that although the community in the Vava’u area comprises of only 16,000 people, it has been on the forefront in whale conservation efforts and demonstrates a friendly nature to tourists. Additionally, the community has been effective in using promotional material involving the […]

A Sick Medicaid System

Introduction Low-income earners benefit from Medicaid, which provides the means to receive health care. The U.S. federal government put in place measures to ensure that all states complied with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The states were required to secure Medicaid records. Different states adopted different options that they deemed fit for […]

Health Research Literature

Evaluation of Frankenstein Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley is an exemplary written piece in English literature. The novel is influenced by many movements that were prominent in the period of romanticism. This paper evaluates the important motifs of the novel with its cultural roots to the concept of prejudice, character sketch of victor Frankenstein and […]

Business Plan of ABC Fitness Center

Executive summary The purpose of this business plan is to provide a complete planning procedure of a new venture named “ABC Fitness Center”. Fitness and health care services are not new business concept but the basic objective of formulating such venture is to offer unique services. Three young entrepreneurs have initiated to form this ABC […]

Global labour migration and global cities’ labour markets

Introduction Labour (human capital) is a significant provision in countries, which endeavour to progress economically. Evidently, there is a massive migration of labourers from one country to the next in search of appropriate job opportunities and reasonable pay. Global labour migration is a considerable concern in numerous contexts. The situation has bountiful impacts on the […]

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ Issues

The costs of crude oil had fallen into their lowermost ranks from the time when the similar crisis occurred in 2009 worldwide downturn, pounded by the disappearing possibility that Saudi Arabia would decide to decrease the production in order to pause the product’s shifting in the course of the last year. According to the author […]

Teaching of Phonics and Early Reading

Today the problem of teaching early reading at school is widely discussed by scholars and teachers. The main issues which it is necessary to analyze are the questions of the concept of the Simple View of Reading and different modern approaches to teaching reading. Teaching phonics is often considered as the most effective way to […]

Social Media Monitoring

Introduction The emergence of the internet has significantly transformed the business environment. One of the ways through which this has occurred relates to the ease with which businesses can undertake marketing communication. Integration of effective marketing communication is one of the elements that contribute towards business success. There are various mediums of communication which organizations […]

Cross-Cultural Marketing

Introduction Businesses face various challenges and one among them is cultural differences in markets. Consumers from different cultures differ in the way they think and behave. Increased competition in the local markets has also forced businesses to venture into new markets that have different characteristics from the ones they have been serving. This has brought […]

Leadership aspect at Chris company

Many descriptions for leadership exist in the present society but a general explanation for this concept means a process in which a person leads while others follow. A leader ensures the organization of his team to achieve certain goals. Some of these goals include profit maximization, increase sales volume, and improve customer satisfaction as well […]

Public Goods and Negative Externalities: A Real-World Problem

Introduction The growing social awareness and increased attention towards sustainability and the value of public goods have resulted in a profound shift of public consciousness. Private businesses are bound to comply with numerous laws and limit their participation in the economy, in order to reduce the potential harm caused to the nature and people and […]

Crane and Matten’s Business Ethics

This chapter examines the main ethical theories, and analyses their importance and capacity in business ethics. A key argument focuses on the position of ethical theories in business ethics including ethical absolutism and relativism. The majority of traditional ethical theories leans on the absolutism side whereas the contemporary ones are on the relativism side. Nevertheless, […]

Leonardo Da Vinci

Introduction The renaissance was a period in history where Europe underwent a rebirth in its perception of art. It marked the transformation of the continent from the middle ages to the modern era. The renaissance was the starting point for the development of concepts such as individualism, secularism as well as capitalism. In art, most […]

Business Analysis for Cyclermate

Introduction Cyclermate was founded in 1988 by Lewis Llewellyn and Dai Armstrong who were rendered redundant in a steel works. The act that they had worked together in this company made them share a common interest- setting up a bicycle manufacturing business. They were to combine their expertise from their former place of work, Lewis […]

Web Privacy – Reliance on Internet

Introduction Anupam and Lauren (12) argue that increased reliance on internet and digital communications in the present world poses the need to have appropriate measures to guarantee privacy while online. Privacy issues are becoming a primary concern for internet users, whether it is usually from an informed or non-informed consent. This implies that internet users […]