All papers submitted by Niko Bonner

Niko Bonner studied at Stevens Institute of Technology, USA, with average GPA 3.59 out of 4.0.

Cognitive Ergonomics

To do so, a brief description of the product will be made in the first part of this paper, and secondly, ergonomic principles will be applied to the product to constitute the second part of [...]

Case: AES in Nigeria

Before the establishment of AES in Nigeria, the country experienced enormous challenges concerning the distribution of power supply. On the other hand, due to monopoly granted by the government, the body was not able to [...]

Big Drive Auto

In the advertisement, there will be the inclusion of all pricing and non-pricing strategies that Big Drive Auto has adapted. At Big Drive Auto revenues and cost is mainly considered, during price strategizing the level [...]

SABIC Corporation

In this regard, the board monitors the competition in various market segments in order to identify the threats and opportunities. The sharp increase in the price of crude oil and feedstock has led to high [...]