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Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Rural nature has always been a source of inspiration for many American writers. Jon Krakauer is not an exception. Extreme weather and challenging conditions are the perfect backgrounds for exploring people’s psyche. In his famous book Into the Wild, Krakauer studies a story of “a well-educated young man with an above-average intellect and remarkable spiritual […]

China-Certain Measures Affecting Electronic Payment Services

Introduction The UnionPay systems requirements granted the service suppliers to offer payment services using electronic cards to carry out transactions in foreign currencies. Under this system, the Chinese authority categorically stated that the devices used in payment card processes must conform to the entity systems requirements. In addition, it was required that all the cards […]

Relationship Between Body and Consciousness by Jean-Paul Sartre

Introduction According to Jean-Paul Sartre, understanding of the body is obscured by many factors. Moreover, its relation to consciousness is masked. In addition, its problems are concealed. He argues that this is attributed to the complexities surrounding consciousness. For instance, the body has laws that govern it. Moreover, it is observable as matter. Furthermore, the […]

Cultural Diversity Management: Causes, Effects and Strategies

Introduction Cultural difference is a fact that multinational companies have to deal with in their day to day operations given the fact that they operate in different countries. The countries not only have different social orientation but also varying religious backgrounds (Tehranian and Jeannie 2006). Diversity is an inherent characteristic that is found in virtually […]

“The Los Angeles River: Its Life, Death and Possible Rebirth” by Blake Gumprecht

Book review The impact left by industries and urbanization has been the reason for global concern for quite long. In the XXI century, the issue has gained even more significance, seeing how new threats posed to nature and its resources by technology have emerged since recently. Among the most topical ones, water resources and their […]

July At The Multiplex

Introduction Have you ever wondered why criminals are innocent until proved guilty, why people would rather decide to pursue a settlement rather than defend the case in court, or even why obvious criminals are labeled innocent in federal courts? Decision making in the justice system assumes a similar approach as hypothesis testing in statistics (Rogers, […]

Emotional Intelligence

Introduction Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the possession of qualities such as empathy for the feelings of other people, extensive comprehension of one’s emotions and ability to manage them. Emotions are important in life because they determine the actions taken and the decisions made. In addition, they determine the quality of interpersonal communication. Self-awareness, self-management, […]

Social Marketing and Sustainability

Introduction Social marketing involves the application of marketing skills and technology in influencing human behaviours with a view of overcoming certain issues in society. Moreover, social marketing is a powerful tool in influencing human behaviours because it involves the use of downstream and upstream strategies, as well as applying theories of behaviour change to address […]

Standards of medical care at Dr. Christopher’s orthopedic clinic

Changes that could be made to maximize patient throughput, surgeries and revenue without compromising the quality of medical care. There are several changes and options that could help maximize patient throughput and revenue without compromising the quality and standards of medical care at Dr. Christopher’s orthopedic clinic. These options include hiring more surgeons, reducing the […]

Global forces and Western European brewing Industry

PESTEL analysis of Western European Brewing Industry Political factors Unfavorable attitude of European governments toward beer and alcoholic beverages, in general. These products are regarded as demerit goods which means that their consumption has to be restricted. This results in numerous legal regulations on the advertisement, marketing, and production of such products1. Economic factors The […]

How Free Am I: Co-existence of Determinism and Moral Responsibility

Determinism refers to the philosophical principle that all actions are pre-determined by a series of causal events and laws of nature. The theory pre-supposes that human decisions are a product of the conditioning of various factors. This presents several challenges to the concept of free will or moral responsibility. It would appear that, if all […]

Communication Strategy as a Management Tool

Communication is vital for successful attainment of corporate goals in both profit and non-profit making organisations. Any organisation has a noble goal of fulfilling its set targets and attainment of its corporate objective; to attain this goal, the flow of information is essential (Wang, Hult, Ketchen & Ahmed, 2009). Communication in a business context cuts […]

National Differences in Political Economy

Summary International business operations and activities are faced with various difficulties due to political, cultural, and legal differentials amid different countries. Different nations advance their economy at dissimilar rates and thus yield varying economic growth as well as development. Political systems and legal structures in a given country determine how successful and healthy the economy […]

Maternal Depressive Symptoms Timing: Child Cognitive Development

Abstract The development of cognitive capacity in a child is often influenced by maternal depression. The early environment, a child is exposed to, especially the maternal care environment influences the brain and affects the cognitive functioning of the child. Depriving a child of maternal care at an early stage limits improvement even at a later […]

The Importance of Improving the Digital Divide between All Countries of Different Socio-Economic Climates

Introduction Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have emerged as the most important tools for development through their ability to connect people to information and knowledge. Through inventions such as the internet, people’s lives have been transformed and the world has been converted into a global village. Policy makers and scientists agree that ICT can play […]