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Humanitarian Reading: A Souvenir from Solferino written by Henry Durant

In this chapter, Joseph Slaughter attempts to develop a method of humanitarian reading that emphasizes both respect and empathy for people who can be affected by war, poverty or other social calamities. The author strongly relies on the memoirs A Souvenir from Solferino written by Henry Durant who was a witness to the famous battle […]

Web-Based Automation System

Introduction Hotel business follows the principles of demand and supply. The demand for services or reservation must be correlated with the supply of services. The services supplied are products of the business process that exists in the organization. With the changes in IT infrastructure, hotel managements can be automated to reduce the challenges faced by […]

Kazuo Ishiguro’s “Never Let Me Go” and Major Ethical Dilemmas Raised

Cloning is one of the most disputable technological advances at present. Experiments with genes started in the twentieth century and people have acquired the necessary tools to create a new life in a lab. Nonetheless, the technology has brought to the fore a number of ethical concerns. The Catholic Church as well as other religious […]

Moldova and Belarus

Statement of the Topic and Its Importance European Union has become a major player in Eastern Europe in terms of economic, political and social activities. The role that European Union is playing in this region especially in Moldova and Belarus is very evidence with improved trades, relation policies and other economic activities. However, Russia also […]

Negative Health Impacts

There are myriads of negative health impacts that millions of people will continue to face as a consequence of climate change. The ill effects of global warming should be addressed with urgency. The earth’s climate is being affected by the disruptive human activities. It is indeed true that the emission of greenhouse gases has immensely […]

Cooper’s Ethical Decision-Making Model

Introduction The ethical decision-making model as advanced by Cooper (2009) offered a way through which sequences of questions can be formulated to provide guidance to the public administrators in a systematic evaluation of identical and challenging moral predicaments. The model has varied features that involve various levels of views concerning ethical apprehensions ranging from expressive […]

Energy Efficiency in the Saudi Transport Sector

Introduction Saudi Arabia is one of the countries in the world that relies heavily on energy to prosper economically. Energy is a very important factor that determines the productivity of economy sectors like the transport industry. Other economy sectors, such as the industrial, health and commercial sectors, also rely heavily on the available energy resources. […]

Kofi Annan Leadership Traits

The Five Virtues of Kofi Annan: Case Study Having sat at the helm of the United Nations for two terms, Kofi Annan exhibited astute and strong leadership skills. Admiration for his ability to bring different warring parties together was unending. He always wished for a world where sufferance of innocent global citizens would end. Among […]

Use of Corporal Punishment in Children Discipline

Introduction Corporal punishment is the use of pain inflicting measures as a corrective tool in children’s behaviour. There are various methods associated with administering corporal punishment on children which may include caning on the palms and the back, pulling ears, pinching on the nose, slapping on the cheeks among others. Corporal punishment has been applied […]

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines, Inc. is one of the fastest growing global airlines. Recent data indicates that the airline is a prolific profit earner (Jones, 2013). It employs over 80,000 workers worldwide and has a turnover of about $ 277.6 billion. The company has many classy and luxury aircrafts. Every year, Delta Airlines expands and gains international […]

Ancient Greek Civilization History

Introduction Greek history is very rich. This paper looks at definitions and significance of terms and names used in Greek history. They include: Dark Age, funeral games, hector, Archilochus, Ionia History, Helots, Cleisthenes and Sacred disease. Dark Age is the period in Greek history between 1200 BC and 800 BC. During this period, the Greek […]

Methodologies and Principles of Project Management in Developing Countries

Introduction A Project constitutes a set of activities, which must go through a harmonious execution within the established standards to realize some final overall objectives. The set of activities normally have time constrains attached to them (Frame 2003, p.51: Johnson 1995, p.41: Lewis 2006, p.7). According to the Project Management Institute (2008), Project management “…is […]

The effects of radio frequency (MRI)

The effects of radio frequency (MRI) Introduction Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a useful medical imaging application utilized by radiologists and clinicians to study anatomical and functional characteristics in healthy and disease states (Elman & Harth, 2011). Scanners used in MRI involve the use of powerful magnetic waves and radio waves that help to create […]

Cross-Cultural Management

Cross- cultural management is a vital skill which all managers need for them to be effective in their duties. A manager who has cross-cultural skills is able to work in a variety of workplace settings without any problems. Attachments which people have to their cultural backgrounds influence the way they interact with one another. Organizations […]

Bottled Water Issue: Literature Review

Introduction The consumption of bottled water around the world is rising by about 10% annually with the United States accounting for the largest market (Gleick, 2010). For instance, in 2008, an estimated 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water were consumed in the United States alone (Zhihua, Morton, & Mahler, 2011). There is a common belief […]

Scramble for Africa

The lecture on the scramble for Africa is both informative and educative. It draws its main strength from the fact that it goes back to the late 1880s to provide a clear review of how things have changed in the period that colonialists entered the continent. This lecture divides into various aspects of the scramble […]

A Recommendation Report on the Problem of Declining Enrollment at Trent University

Introduction Trent University is a liberal arts and science-oriented institution. It is located in Peterborough, Canada. It is a non-denominational and a public institution which had its first intake in September 1964. Trent University offers mainly undergraduate programs but it also offers graduate programs at a master’s and doctoral levels. The graduate programs offered by […]

Lessons from the dreams of peace

Introduction The story is about the Vietnam War and Thuy’s contributions towards peace achievement (Guthrie). The story reflects on a period of high instability as the American troops invaded the South Vietnam city, usually inhabited by poor peasants. She was amongst the few North Vietnamese readily willing to fight for peace (Guthrie). The phrase “last […]