All papers submitted by Omar Chase

Omar Chase studied at Portland State University, USA, with average GPA 3.69 out of 4.0.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology Project

Introduction IOPP is a research organization, which deals with researching the problems that face different companies. The organization’s aim is to improve the general working environment of employers and employees, by identifying problems, and giving possible solutions to the problems (Kelley, 1992). As members of the organization, we have been working with the retail chain, […]

Gambling Addiction Online

Introduction Gambling can be defined as bets that result to material or monetary gain or loss. Also defined as a game whereby the player takes risk hoping to gain material or monetary value on an uncertain outcome. It entails taking risks on uncertain events outcome to make a gain (Smith, 2001, p. 1). A person […]

Perception of Organized Crime

Organized crime, in my view, occurs when two or more persons form a rational, ongoing conspiracy to commit crime for reasons such as the desire to make a profit or religious and political extremism. The term can therefore be described as a continuing criminal undertaking that rationally works to benefit from illegal activities through the […]

Egyptian Political Organization “The Muslim Brotherhood”

Introduction The Muslim brotherhood is an Egyptian political organization that was founded in 1928 (Laub, 2013). During the founding days, the organization was constituted as a religious and social movement that did not have political agendas. It was founded by Hassan al-Banna, an Islamic scholar (Wickham, 2013). The popularity of the organization grew rapidly after […]

Freedom of the Will

Not guilty Robert Blatchford in his essay “Not Guilty” maintains that the existence or nonexistence of a free choice is the point that free will discussion triggers. He acknowledged that people make choices but wondered the motive behind those choices. In his arguments, he emphasized that the will to choose is not free rather it […]