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Patricia York studied at The University of Arizona, USA, with average GPA 3.35 out of 4.0.

Advantages and disadvantages of wind energy

A source of energy can be described as a system from which electricity can be extracted or generated. There are a number of sources of energy, each with its characteristic advantages and disadvantages. Among the many energy sources is power generated from turbines tuned by wind. Wind energy is classified as a renewable source of […]

Warehousing and distribution

Introduction Warehousing refers to the physical functions and administration of a business enterprise that is primarily concerned with the storage of commodities. Apart from supporting storage functions, warehouses normally serve as points of distribution for the business enterprise (Bunch 2007). As such, it is imperative for the physical outlook of the warehouse to put into […]

American Society Affected by Substance Abuse

Abstract Substance abuse is still a major social problem in the United States given that it affects individuals, families, and society in general. Normally, people abuse illicit drugs and misuse prescription drugs so that they can achieve alteration in moods for pleasure and recreational purposes. Evidently, the drugs that people abuse most in the United […]

Museum of the Original Art Show

The Original Art Show enables viewers to look at the best illustrations of children’s book. This paper is aimed at discussing some of the works showcased at this exhibition. They illustrate a variety of techniques used by modern artists. Overall, this exhibition may be visited by people who take interest in art or design. Moreover, […]