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Perla Erickson studied at Colorado School of Mines, USA, with average GPA 3.54 out of 4.0.

History of Egyptian Revolt in 2011

Introduction The Egyptian revolt, regularly referred to as the Revolution of 25 January, was an uprising that culminated in a series of revolts all over Egypt that began on 25 January 2011, the climax of which was a protest of more than 2 million people in Tahrir Square that finally led to the stepping of […]

Fawville Public Library Efficient Director

Defining the problem The key problem identified in this case is the inability of Fawville Public Library trustees to find a person who would be act as an efficient director of this organization. At the moment, they have already tried several candidates: one of them, Sam Grillo, proved to be entirely unsuitable for this position […]

The Origin and course of the Indian Revolt of 1857

The British East India Corporation in the financial year 1857 managed over 1.60 million subcontinent-squared miles of the territorial land. These included controlling the freshly invaded nations such as Punjab and Sind in the fiscal 1849 and 1843 respectively. These areas were under the protection and control of equal, but huge military forces comprising of […]

Music Therapy Effectiveness

Music therapy is “clinical and evidence-based use of music intervention” to achieve certain goals within a therapeutic relationship by a certified health expert who has successfully completed an approved music therapy course (American Music Therapy Association). Music therapy is a well-established medical care vocation in which highly trained and qualified healthcare experts use music to […]

Change, Creativity, and Innovation

Reflective Observation There is no need to elaborate the fact that our community and our county is in dire need of creative people. Creative individuals are sources of innovation and creative solutions that can enhance our way of life. Without them culture and society will stagnate and the world will be overwhelmed with problems and […]