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Porter G. studied at The University of Oklahoma, USA, with average GPA 3.68 out of 4.0.

Asians Seeking U.S. Education

The paradox There has been unending anticipation and search for enhanced education in the recent days with learners traversing nations for the same reason (Benavot, 2012). The United States continues to report a persistent influx of new elementary and high institution learners from other nations, with the Asian students comprising the majority of these students. […]

Classical Management Function and Managerial Work

This part provides an introduction into Fayol’s classical management functions and sets the stage for the rest of the paper. Classical Management Functions Several decades ago, English speaking managers and academics were introduced directly to Henry Fayol’s ideas about managerial work. His article, General and Industrial Management, in which he outlined the key functions of […]

Comparison of Adam Smith and Albert Carr’s Views on Business Strategy

Introduction and Meaning of Business Ethics The term ethics means inquiry into the state and basis of morality. Primarily, morality refers to right decisions, principles, and rules of demeanor. In some cases, ethics has been termed as the discipline that deals with the human behavior, with an emphasis of verifying right and wrong. The distinction […]

What is Critique?

“It seems to be condemned to dispersion, dependency and pure heteronomy” (Foucault, p.42). It is therefore a reaction to an external force. But it has to be pointed out that this force must be significant and powerful enough to create discomfort and by creating this high-level of unease people learns to be critical This supports […]

Overall Organization Effectiveness: Toyota Motor Corporation

Apparently, the Toyota Motor Corporation is an effective organization in terms of balance in the systems, corporate culture, and organization behavior. This is summarized in the table below. In terms of the people sub-system, the Toyota Motor Corporation has endeavored to balance the aspects of employee training, performance, and feedback to guarantee sustainable business operations […]

Addicted 2 Football

Introduction to the Addicted 2 Football (A2F) Business Plan A2F (Addicted 2 Football) is small business that provides a photography and filming service. My focus will be on helping young talented football players to get a spotted or even a contract by a professional club. I will also be taking individual photo shots and team […]

The Retail Clinics

Introduction The development of retail clinics has been in the increasing end in most jurisdictions. The retail clinics provide convenient, cost effective, timely and quality medical services that satisfy patient’s needs. However, the concept has been receiving criticism from doctors and nurses who doubt its credibility. This explains why institutions, such as US pharmacy chain […]

Rational Choice, Pluralist and Marxist Theories’ Contributions to the Study of Public Policy

Introduction Making of Public policies can be theorised in a number of way among them rational theory, Marxists theory and pluralist theory. With regard to Cope and Goodship, the drafting of a public policy is not just a task of the government. Instead, it should be viewed as a complicated process that requires the input […]

Economy for Labor and Interest

Introduction Definition of the term “capital” denotes money. Money plays a key role in the growth and expansion of an economy. However, economic expansion is not directly related to money, it is related to the value of money over time. When the Time Value of Money is diminished, capitalist systems encounter minimal growth. In extreme […]

Strategic management for the business entity

In the course of operating a business entity, it is essential for an organization to ensure that its operations shall be sustainable in the market. Thus, every business entity strives to achieve a sustainable level of operation in the short run and in the long run. The economic growth that has been experienced in the […]

Shapiro’s Definition of Plan

From a simplified point of view, Shapiro does not provide a clear cut definition of plan but rather engages the term throughout his argument to an extent that the definition of the term is relatively dependent on certain variables such as the level at which you are using it. This kind of engagement is brought […]

Houston Water Supply

Introduction Water is one of the most important resources on earth since it is not only used by the human population but also other living organisms. In the last decade, the populations of most American cities have significantly increased. Additionally, these cities have recorded a remarkable increase in industrial activities. Consequently, the demand for water […]

Business Policy Seminar

Online college studies have become the latest trend with many students preferring to enroll for courses in these colleges as opposed to attending the conventional classes. Most people benefiting from these colleges are home staying mums, distant learners who live far from colleges either in the country or abroad and people who are just too […]

Environmental reporting guideline

Introduction An environmental reporting guideline is an episodic publication of environmental reporting involving organizational activities as well as the status of their environmental effects and the environmental contemplation. The guidelines are prepared for organizations preparing for their first environmental reporting publication as well as organizations which have already published one. The guidelines also provide organizations […]

Friedman’s Defense of the Free Market Theory

Introduction The free market theory refers to the ethical perspective that the sole responsibility of business executives is to maximize profits by engaging in legal activities. A free market is an economy in which buyers and sellers engage in trade based on the forces of demand and supply with no government interference through taxation, subsidies, […]

“Lord of Flies” by William Golding

Introduction The author uses a rational narrator. It can be seen when Simon, Ralph, and Jack reach the top of the mountain and they are filled with excitement. The narrator expresses that “the cause of their pleasure was not obvious” (Golding 35). They are happy without a real reason. Levinson argues that it is necessary […]

Communications: McDonald’s

Introduction Corporate environmental responsibility has of recent years played a pivotal role in shaping many business agendas and a central ingredient of many organisations social responsibility endeavors. Although it is difficult to understand by one general definition limit what corporate environmental responsibility can be taken. A crucial importance is that most companies are embracing the […]

The British Empire and International Affairs

Even before the American revolutionary war, which occurred from 1756-1763, Britain had already begun maintaining its global openness. Great Britain began reducing its trade barriers during the 1820s. Its international supremacy rose during this time. Even though, Britain lost most of its colonies during the American Revolution and the Napoleonic wars, its economic policies rose […]

Atrophy of the Muscles

Atrophy of the muscles is a condition that occurs when the muscles have been in an inactive condition for a long period of time. The cast on the leg is the major cause of muscle atrophy. It reduces muscle activity and causes loss of the tissues. The major effect of the cast as indicated in […]

Social Security Agency

Social Security Agency was formally established in the United States of America in 1935. Through a parliamentary act, the agency was enacted to foster general welfare among workers. The federal government in America wanted to foster economic security among older workforce. Previously, citizens were prone to uncertainties caused by unemployment, illness, death, disability and aging. […]

Andrew Marvel Poetry

“To his Coy Mistress” refers to a poem drafted by English novelist Marvel Andrew during military government of Cromwell Protector Oliver in England. Indeed, “To his Coy Mistress” was one of the best pretty and premium poems of Andrew, the greatest renowned Carpe Diem rhyme in the State. The poem was composed in 1650s when […]

Stanford Prison Experiment

Introduction The unsettling aspect of the experiment was that it seemed to prove the pervasive behaviour of the prison guards and prisoners was due to an aspect of human psychology, deeply embedded in the human nature, rather than an acquired ill reasoning. However, there are arguments as to whether the experiment used the right procedure […]

How Globalisation has affected the growth of international business

Introduction Globalization is a term used to describe the integration of regional economies, humanity and culture through political treaties and understandings. As the world turns into one global village, it becomes important for the various governments to work together with the common goal of reaping the positive benefits of globalisation. This means that the respective […]

Child Abuse Issues

Child abuse is an act where the rights of a child are violated for a particular reason. Child abuse ranges from several acts which can be summarised as: denial of the right to education; denial of the right to basic necessities; Inflicting pain by form of beating or any other type that can be considered […]

United States Arm Control

United States arms control since 1970s to the fall of Soviet Union, was done through strategic Arms Limitation Talks Agreement 1 and 11. These are two times of talks between the United States and the Soviet Union that are the cold war superpower. These negotiations started in Finland in the year 1969. The main aim […]