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The Greatest Emptiness Concept in Moby Dick

The central contradiction which people have been trying to comprehend for ages is between the good and the evil and life and death. An American novelist Herman Melville analyzes this discrepancy in his novel Moby-Dick; or, The Whale, which was written in the XIX century. The story is considered to be unique because of its […]

Tsunami of 2004

Introduction The tsunami of December 26 th 2004 was a natural disaster that occurred in the Indian Ocean. According to Shibayama (2005), the tsunami was caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake which released 23,000 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs in terms of energy. The earthquake struck the coastal area off northern Sumatra in Indonesia triggering a gigantic […]

Ability to manage stress as the most important skill of effective communicators

Effective communication skills are critical for the functioning of both private and public organizations. In many cases, the exchange of information is vital for decision-making in businesses and their adaptation to the change in external environment. This paper is aimed at showing that the management of stress is the most vital skill of effective business […]

Corporate Social Responsibility is Integral to the Long-Term Success of Five-Star Hotels

Introduction The hotel industry around the world continue to undergo transformation in order attain competitive edge among other destination places. The desire to provide superior services and positive clients experience necessitate the ongoing changes are also necessitated by. The hotel industry has a significant task in developing the appropriate tourism merchandise (Ayuso, 2006). There is […]

Solar Energy Installation Project Management

Introduction Establishment of renewable energy resources to curb global warming is receiving immense support from a majority of the governments (Atkinson 2001). Atkinson claims, “People have used non-renewable sources of energy like coal and petroleum for a long time” (2001, p. 45). These sources have significantly contributed to the emission of greenhouse gases, prompting the […]

Rank Correlation and Statistical

Abstract This study seeks to establish whether the relationship between the numbers of cigarettes smoked and the level of cotinine in the body is linear. Data of randomly selected subjects from National Health Examination Survey in the United States is the basis of this study. The methodology involves determining the strength of the relationship using […]

Strategy Implementation Barriers

Introduction Organisations identify their objectives and goals, which they seek to achieve through a course of action that they draft out. This course of action, the strategy, can only be achieved as intended if every participant acts as required in executing his or her roles (Clemens & Bakstran, 2010, p. 393). As Beer et al. […]

Bonded Wire Strain Gauges

When a piece of conductive metal is under strenuous force, it broadens and decreases in length. If the stresses stay within the elastic limit, then such strip can work as a gauge for measuring physical force. Strain gauge measures stresses from machinery e.g. in aircraft parts (Irwin and Robert 20). Bonded wire strain gauge is […]

Michael Moore’s Documentary “Bowling for Columbine and Elephant”

Introduction Michael Moore’s documentary Bowling for Columbine and Elephant is a quasi-satirical revolving around gun crime culture in America and aggression. The documentary is entirely on the infamous killings that took place at Columbine High School. These killings revealed extreme forms of aggression prevalent in an industrialized society. The killings were among several gun sprees […]

Social Media: Negative and Positive Impacts

It is evident that social media has negative and positive impacts on the lives of many people. MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks have brought changes to the communication industry. This can be attributed to advanced technology and innovation. Equally, many people are conducting research with an aim of contributing to social media. […]

Public Diplomacy and its Impact on Foreign Policies

Introduction Public diplomacy entails the impact of public attitudes on the compilation and implementation of foreign policies. Public diplomacy includes the execution of public opinion by a government to a foreign country. Public diplomacy can also be viewed as the process of communicating foreign affairs and its influence on policy as well as the system […]

Library and Information Science

Introduction Persons with disabilities often need help with the simplest things such as where to find housing that they can actually navigate or how to make sure that a certain test that they’d like to take is accessible to them. Federal, state, and local government agencies provide various services for those with disabilities, and it […]

The Added Value of Procurement

Introduction The dynamic nature of modern business environment, coupled with rapid advances and complexities in communication and technology have resulted in development of diverse business strategies aimed at promoting business competitiveness in the global markets (Bower 2003). Companies are currently seeking positions of competitive advantage over their rivals by strategizing towards the creation of long […]

Constitutional Rights for Campus Newspaper Editors

Colleges and universities all over the world have clear regulations to enhance certain behaviors within their premises. This involves setting certain standards that would govern or control: interactions between students; interaction between the students and teaching staff; and finally, the interaction between the students and the institution’s administration. The code of conduct should always be […]

The Uses of Company Websites

Executive Summery This paper demonstrates the various uses of company websites. The objective is to carry out a broad analysis on the relevance and significance of websites in business operations. It explores the various techniques and tools used in website design and administration. The study is based on comparative analysis of website data on marketing […]

Zara business strategy

How Zara used corporate business and functional strategies Zara is a strong player in the fashion industry because of its value chain, internationalisation, and operational strategies. When a company is selecting a supply chain strategy, Porter’s value chain theory indicates that one can be a cost-strategy leader, a focus-strategy leader or a differentiation-strategy leader. In […]

An Evaluation of How Charter and Public Schools Design their Individual Curriculum to serve the General Population of Students

Introduction Charter and public schools in the United States of America are facing a myriad of challenges and pressure from both external and internal sources. Externally pressure dictates that both public and charter schools show good performance during examinations. Anderson and Holder (2012) carried out a longitudinal study to investigate the ten years annual reports […]

Sociology for Educators

Introduction The issues of racism and male dominance; have lived with us since days in memorial. These issues are central to performance of any venture. It has a unique trait that involves its practitioners being in denial as well as its prevalence being differentiated over time. This affects many sectors; in this paper however we […]