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Research Methodology Concept

Introduction to Background of Research Methodology Research Methodology is a structure or plan for the study that directs the entire process of data collection and analysis of data. Research can be defined as a scientific mode of solving problems through adopting logical steps. Research methodology is valuable in explaining the process and product of scientific […]

“Obsession” Documentary Film

Introduction Obsession is a 2005 documentary film exposing the radical views of extreme jihad activists against the western world. It uses several television extracts from Middle Eastern televisions (which are normally not broadcasted to the western world) to expose the views of the radical Muslims (Clarion Fund, 2011). The movie has caused a stir in […]

Leadership Styles of Yahoo, Blackberry, and Google

Abstract Leadership plays the role of inspiring followers to work collectively to achieve specific goals. Leadership is an organizational practice that not only influences the followers (employees), but also leaders in a manner that ensures that organizational objectives are achieved through change. The current research hypothesizes that leadership styles may influence performance levels for different […]

Comparison and Discussion on Best Practice Suggestions

Introduction Owing to the importance of research in enabling professional educators to think better, develop and understand educational principles, and make increasingly expansive and precise generalizations, there is a mounting need for educational researchers in every discipline to be knowledgeable on alternative research approaches if they are to make informed decisions about which approach to […]

Pricing Strategies in International Markets

Introduction The theory of marketing establishes pricing as one of the major contributors of the marketing mix. Pricing attracts potential buyers and inspire them to purchase goods. Fast food companies distribute and advertise their products using the marketing strategy; they also apply the strategy to retain a desirable business relationship with their clients. Pricing is […]

Information System in Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Introduction The Company chosen for analysis is a manufacturing plant located in Kentucky, Georgetown known as Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky. The organization is appropriate for analysis owing to its use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as a mechanism for continuous improvement. Prior to the use of this information System (IS), the organization struggled with disjointed […]

Protecting natural resources through the integration of marginal concepts

Introduction This paper entails an analysis on a case study that illustrates a number of issues. First, the case evaluates the circumstances that can enhance the development of the coal business by opening up and exploiting coalmines. Secondly, the paper evaluates the significance of the marginal concept and its application in minimising destruction of rain […]

Types of Bankruptcy

Introduction Bankruptcy refers to a federal court process in which repayment arrangements are made to allow an insolvent debtor to clear the outstanding debts. Bankruptcy is often declared when a company or an individual is so deep into debt that starting afresh is the only reasonable option. This paper compares and contrasts the five types […]

Change in Organizations

Introduction Organizations around the world are constantly facing changes in terms of their business processes and their products or services. The increasing interest in the social and economic environment has seen the traditional views on organization development and change shifting focus to a more modernistic approach. Managers have been faced with the prospect of redesigning […]

Green Buildings and Sustainability

Introduction With the increasing concern of human activities on global warming, there has been an incredible attention on looking for mechanisms of reducing its impacts on the environment. One of the proposed mechanisms of addressing this challenge is building houses that are environmental friendly called green buildings. Technically, green buildings refer to “structures designed using […]

Global Capitalism and its Discontent

Introduction At the inner core of the ideologies of free market, there is an associative mode linked to Adams Smith. The mode predominantly points out the profit-propelled market forces, which shape economies efficiently in a manner that permits the realization of plausible outcomes. From the conceptualizations of Smith’s model, these free market forces orient economies […]

Marketing and strategy

Introduction Most organizations are involved in the production of goods or services, with the main aim being to reach the targeted market and increase market share. Therefore, in order to improve the demand of the product, the organization must take appropriate measures to ensure that the product effectively satisfies the needs of the consumers. To […]

How to Decrease Turnover and Increase Retention of Nurses in General Surgical Floor of the Hospital

Problem Statement For a long time, there have been unending problem of high nurses turnover in the General Surgical Floor. Previously, several efforts have been made in the attempt to decrease this turnover without yielding the desired results. Moreover, there have been some strategies that have been implemented in the hospital with aim of helping […]

The Correlation of Low Level High School Readers and the High Level of Discipline

As of today, it became a shared assumption among many educators that the one of foremost keys to ensuring a particular high school student’s reading proficiency is providing him/her with the appropriate set of incentives to strive to excel in reading (Shuman, 2006). In their turn, these incentives are usually being concerned with motivating students […]

Hegemonic Masculinity

Introduction This essay attempts to critically and comprehensively review the concept of hegemonic masculinity. The hegemonic masculinity theory is particularly significant in understanding concepts such as the predisposition of men to violence, the evaluation of social network analysis in relation to hegemonic masculinity and the links between social identity and the occupation that someone belongs […]

Internationalization and Cultural Implications for Joint Ventures in Saudi Arabia

Introduction Brief Overview of the Topic In this literature review, it is necessary to consider the connection between internationalization and cultural implications for joint ventures in Saudi Arabia. This question is especially urgent nowadays due to the process of integration and cross-cultural communication. Due to the fact that the prevalent form of international business in […]

Marketing Manager

Introduction Marketing refers to the “management process through which goods and services are developed and sold to customers”. Marketing activities include product development, setting prices, identification of distribution channels, and implementing promotional strategies. These activities are often executed by marketing managers in most companies. This paper will highlight the marketing principles that can be used […]

GCC International Relations

Introduction Theoretical view represents a set of thinking focused towards scientific or scholarly inquiry widely recognized and accepted within particular discipline. Therefore, global politics can well be analyzed through the study of theories in international relations. Study based on international domain can be understood through underlying principles of realist, liberal as well as radical traditions. […]

Psychodynamic play theory

Play therapy is a way of expressing feelings in children especially where stressful events are involved since children are unable to communicate by mouth as effectively as adults. Thus, they make use of play to express their inner feelings and interpersonal conflicts. Psychodynamic play therapy is utilized where a therapist is involved in listening to […]

No Need to Justify Our Love

Standardization Taking alcohol is a lifestyle (cc). Lifestyle entails many things and is not limited to some aspects of our life. Therefore, cycling, becoming a vegetarian, moving out of geographical locality or being gay is also lifestyle choices (xcc). Lifestyle is does not attract interest (cc). Therefore, it happens to be arrogant to refer to […]

The Apple iPhone: Commodity Chain Analysis

The world economic systems are driven by two main components namely production and consumption. These two components are interrelated through the dynamics of demand and supply relationship. The economic theory stipulates that a commodity once produced has to be consumed. As such an equilibrium between production and consumption has to be established if the product […]

British Petroleum Company Marketing Process in China and the US

Introduction British Petroleum [BP] is a private limited company that operates in the UK oil and gas industry. The firm was established in 1909 and has been in operation for over 100 years. BP has attained substantial growth since its inception. Its growth has arisen from integration of effective growth strategies such as internationalisation and […]