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Ayn Rand’s Anthem: Individualism and Language

Introduction Anthem a dystopian novella by Ayn Rand, originally published in 1938. It tells the story of a man’s struggle with individuality in a society where it is forbidden. The novella’s central theme is individualism, its relation to progress and humanity, framed as a modern version of the Prometheus myth. It also makes use of […]

Skype: All you Need to Know

What is Skype? The word “Skype” underscores a computer service and software application that permits its users to create videos as well as voice calls to someone else at no cost, by means of the Skype network. Nonetheless, some of its features come at a cost (Hanna, 2012, p.241). A number of features of Skype […]

Ecolab Case Study

Ecolab is a major corporation with its headquarters in the US. It manufactures cleaning, food, sanitizing and other products that enhance human safety and hygiene. Ecolab’s mission statement seeks to make the firm a center of global innovation through provision of high quality cleaning and sanitation products. The firm seeks to make its operations in […]

Kirk Franklin and Gospel Music

Introduction Music is hugely regarded as the universal language that traverses cultural boundaries and language barriers. It plays different roles in society including: telling stories, educating, and entertaining. There are various forms of music which are unique to different groups of people. African American Music is one of forms of music which boasts of a […]

Uses of the Internet and Mobile Devices during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Epidemic in 2003 in the PRC

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is considered to be one of the most dangerous biological disasters, having had severe impacts in Asia where its outbreak was reported. The disease emerged in the year 2002 and became a real hazard in the year 2000 when the scale of infection rose to dangerous levels, threatening the […]

Dairy Industry in New Zealand

New Zealand’s dairy products trade internationally accounts for about 35% of the world trade. The dairy industry has been growing and it remains the largest exporter of dairy products (ABARE & MAF, 2008). Its major dairy products are exported in Latin America, China, Japan and the United States. Fonterra is the largest milk production firm […]

SABIC Practitioner Corporate Award

A Brief Summary of the Current Position and Any Risks for SABIC/B&W The role or purchasing and supply chain management in any modern organisation cannot be ignored. Indeed, purchasing and supply chain management form one of the major competitiveness factors that separate one organisation from the other in terms of efficiency, good service delivery, and […]

How did retail giants change and reshape Canadian society?

Donica Belisle (a Gender and Women’s Studies Assistant Professor at Athabasca University) is an internationally acclaimed author of several articles that address Canadian consumerism in the 20th century. In one of her recent book titled Retail Nation: Department Stores and the Making of Modern Canada, the author seems to dwell much on Canadian consumerism. The […]

Critical examination of top-down change management as compared to participative

Effective change management in an organization is important in improving organizational image. Successful change management can only be achieved through understanding business environments and employment of suitable models of change management. In many cases, change management processes have assumed ‘top-down’ models as compared to participatory ones for reasons such as time and resource consumption reductions. […]

The Comparison of the Advantages of Online Job Markets over Traditional Job Markets on Five Characteristics

Today the Internet provides people with a lot of opportunities not only to organize their communication, the search of the information, and entertainment but also to stimulate the process of seeking for the job positions. It is possible to speak about the tendency to use online job markets for the job search oftener than traditional […]

A Review and Comparison of the Personality Tests

Introduction Personality tests are a method by which an individual’s proficiency and ability to be integrated within a corporate setting are evaluated based on their inherent personality attributes (Janda, 2001). The popularity of this method has considerably increased as of late due to the way in which it supposedly enables a company to “weed out” […]

HP Benchmarking Strategy

Introduction Benchmarking is one of the most effective ways of helping an organization to acquire a competitive advantage over their main competitors. Benchmarking allows the organization an opportunity to understanding how the competitor operate. Business scholars emphasize the need to continuously compare performance against the market leaders. Such a measure or attitudes helps towards organizations […]

Theories of Situational and Participative Leadership

Introduction From the early twentieth century, there has been a surge of interest in leadership theory. The leadership models, which were been in existence before, paid attention to the character traits that distinguished leaders from followers. On the contrary, subsequent schools of leadership have focused on the other points, such as the level of participation, […]

Empire Company Limited

Introduction According to Holmes and Davidson (2001), Empire Company Limited is a holding company based in Canada. The company is a family business owned and run by the Sobey Family. The Empire Company Limited is comprised of several companies, as well as corporate investment activities. Business companies that fall under Empire Company Limited include Sobeys […]

Contemporary Globalization and its Impact on the American Worker

Globalization broadly refers to the process through which people and countries integrate economically, culturally and politically into a large community. Initially started during the slave era, globalization has over time brought people and nations together through advancements in technology that erases barriers of time and distance as well as improved flows of information that promotes […]

General Electric’s under Welch

Mission, Objectives, And Strategies Identifying. The mission of General Electric’s was to manufacture goods and prosper compared to other companies that operated into the same market. The main objectives of the company for the decades when Welch was the CEO concerned the initiatives introduced by him and the team of executives while every staff member […]

Syria and United States conflict

Introduction Syria has been engulfed in violent conflict since 2011. This conflict, which started with the protests to overthrow president Bashar al-Assad, continues to devastate the country to date. According to Al-Gharbi (2013), the conflict has led to the death of over 70,000 people and the internal displacement of around 2.5 million Syrians. The international […]

The Second World War Unrest

Introduction The Second World War was the greatest world unrest in the history of humanity. It culminated in the death of over 30 million people. The war brought things to a standstill in the world with reduced or no economic activity being realized between 1939 and 1945. The war came at the time in which […]

Sears’ Mission and Vision Paper

Currently, vision and mission statements have been diluted in the business world to the extent that they have become less significant (Whiteley, 2007). As such, visions and missions have been mainly identified with unenthusiastic connotations. Nonetheless, when utilized appropriately vision and mission statements have proved to be very helpful. Poorly structured vision and mission statements […]

Illegal immigration in the US

Illegal immigration is one of the main disasters of the USA. One of the main problems connected with the immigration is Mexico and its border. The Mexico illegal immigrants remain one of the most devastating problems of the USA. One of the main problems which the USA considers as important is illegal job positions. However, […]