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Reece Diaz studied at Marquette University, USA, with average GPA 3.41 out of 4.0.

Economic Advisor’s Role

Introduction Property tax is a potential source of government revenue that is received through the levy imposed on the value of a property. Property tax may be imposed by various jurisdictions in the country depending on the established laws on tax assignment and the autonomy of the regional and local governments of the nation. Tax […]

Saipo The Project Identity

Mission The mission of Saipo Company is to provide people in developing regions with the products of the soap recycling process because of the observed lack of inexpensive hygiene products in many countries globally. Thus, the practical goal of the company’s work is to cooperate with soap producers round the world to recycle the leftover […]

Understanding of Contemporary Labor Market by Marxist Concept of Exploitation

Introduction The labor market is equivalent to any other market. In fact, it is where labor is traded for wages. Inherently, there are assumptions that guide the labor market. For instance, there is a direct correlation between human resource (labor) and income distribution (wages and profits). Hence, different theories have been advanced regarding labor markets. […]

Negotiation: School Boundaries Proposal

Introduction The Miami School District has announced that it will redraw its school boundaries due to unexpected increments in enrollment. As a result, parents have raised their concerns on several matters. This is a plan to address stakeholder’s concerns with the aim of identifying stakeholders, developing a negotiation strategy, and determining how ethics and culture […]

Analysis of Hidesign Company

Hidesign is an Indian company started in the year 1978 by Dilip Kapur (Kachru 2011, p. 131). The company has been manufacturing affordable luxury leather goods for the last 30 years. As such, the company produces extensive collections of leather products such as belts, bags, and other leather accessories. Ways Hidesign should have explored further […]

Saudi Arabian Monitory Agency Analytic Report

Introduction Currently, I work with the Saudi Arabian monitory agency (SAMA) in Saudi Arabia, as a banking inspector in the inspection department. SAMA essentially operates in the country as a reserve bank, whereby its responsibilities involve monitoring banks and other relevant banking tasks in the region. The inspection department has five teams, and each has […]

Argos Retail Ltd Strategic management

Executive summary This is an individual report that focused on analysing the external factors that could impact the performance of Argos Retail Ltd in the UK. Our team members agreed that the firm is based on a strong platform that has been instrumental in gaining significant market share. An analysis of the various strategic models […]

Strategic Management: Air Arabia Company

Executive Summary There are many ways of how a company may become more successful and recognizable in a particular market. It is crucial to pay much attention to strategic management, as a “set of managerial decisions and actions that determines the long-run performance of a corporation” (Wheelen and Hunger 5). Therefore, a properly organized strategic […]

The Nationalism and Islam in the Middle East Region

Introduction The Middle East can be defined as a region that includes part of the Asian continent and Northern African region. Arabs are the main inhabitants of this region. However, there are ethnic groups in the Middle East. The main religion in the Middle East is Islam. Nonetheless, other religions such as Judaism and Christianity […]

‘Animal Rights’ Activists and Racism

One of the post-industrial discourse’s foremost aspects is that, as time goes on, more and more people in Western countries declare their formal willingness to cease assessing the significance of the surrounding reality’s emanations exclusively through the perceptual lenses of euro-centrism. Nevertheless, there a number of good reasons to think that the people’s endowment with […]

SWOT analysis of the Environmental Agency of UK

Introduction SWOT analysis which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, is an essential tool in organizations and business decision making. SWOT analysis is used in strategic planning, evaluation of a competitor, product development and marketing. Normally, the SWOT analysis template is in form of a grid with four sections, each one consisting one of […]

Benefits, Implementations and Problems of Electronic Tendering in Public Sector

Abstract Through a review of existing literature, this paper identifies the benefits and problems of electronic tendering in the public sector. The paper also looks at the implementation of e-tendering, and issues that come up during the execution process. Specifically, security and legal issues that hinder a wider acceptance of e-tendering by stakeholders in public […]

Leading and Managing Change

Introduction Change is inevitable due to environmental dynamics that organizations operate. Change is an inherent factor in any organization that wants to keep up with the ever-changing consumer needs. The process of managing change involves planning and involvement of key stakeholders in the change process to ensure successful transformation in an organization. Successful organizations have […]

Method of Evaluation and Development Plan

Method of Evaluation Learning as a function in any institution or organization is a systems level phenomenon that is implemented by the organization and remains on a perpetual basis in the organization despite the changes in the organizations structure. This research will therefore embrace learning as a task with equal regard as other tasks such […]

Ned Kelly as an Iconic Figure

Introduction The life of Ned Kelly continuously attracts the attention of Australian historians, anthropologists and even sociologists, because to a large extent, this person has become a part of the national culture. This person has become a cultural icon for the struggle against social injustice, oppression, or poverty. He became to be viewed as a […]

High Turnover of Nurses on General Surgical Floor: Qualitative and Case Study Research for Business Analysis

There are three types of qualitative research that are most suitable for DBA research, namely, case study method, grounded theory, and phenomenology. Their use has become very widespread for different reasons. For instance, grounded theory is an approach that enables a researcher to formulate a hypothesis on the basis of observations, interviews, or surveys (Creswell, […]

Stock Market Prices

The prices of stocks which are purchased and sold in the secondary market are mostly influenced by demand and supply. Typically, the price of stocks depends on the number of shares that are offered in relation to the demand of the stocks. The price of the shares are often high when there are few shares […]

Managerial Practices Found in the Contemporary Technology-Intensive Enterprise

Managing Teams across Borders As indicated by Thanlain (2005) there are four characteristics that are in demand within a technology-oriented enterprise, namely: high market responsiveness, fast developments, low cost, and finally high levels of creativity, innovation and efficiency (Thamlain, 2005). What must be understood though is that such characteristics are dependent upon the type of […]

World Wrestling Entertainment

Problem Statement Since World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) was developed, it has faced competition from other wrestling companies. When it was bought by Vince in 1982 it faced competition with each competitor not encroaching on each other’s territory. Although Vince paid local television and did away with most of his competitors, completion still existed. The competition […]

Service Failure and Customer Satisfaction

When customers exhibit signs of dissatisfaction regarding the services of a particular organization, it is crucial for the organization to take corrective measures. Always, customers expect to get value for their money. The failure to address service failure may drive away customers and adversely affect an organization’s reputation as dissatisfied customers tell potential customers about […]

Policy Mechanisms for Trade Reform in a Democracy

The article “Escaping a Protectionist Rut: Policy Mechanisms for Trade Reform in a Democracy” by Blanchard and Willmann published in Journal of International Economics in March 2011 offers a two period overlapping generations (OLG) model for discussing the mechanisms of trade liberalization and the main influential factors affecting them. The authors distinguish between the two […]

The Importance of Human Resource Management in Today’s Business Environment

Introduction Human resource management (HRM) is a fundamental function in today’s business environment. It entails a wide array of functions, key among them is making assessments on how recruitment desires can be met through: whether using service providers or employing employees to achieve this objectives, conscripting and training the very finest of staff who are […]

Freud’s View On Human Nature. Research on Sigmund Freud’s Theory

According to Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic investigation, human nature comprises some deep characteristics which yearn to satisfy particular needs and impulses such as aggression, the ego that drives him towards pleasurable experiences, the need for love and avoidance of pain in all areas of life. The impulses are considered to lead either towards good or evil, […]